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2018_MD_Captain20_18102864AFI -- Captain 20 Returns!
Captain 20 Returns!
Everybody's favorite alien, Captain 20, is making a very special appearance at AFI Silver to host a program of cartoons and kid-show favorites from the old days, including ULTRAMAN, SPEED RACER and Bugs Bunny and Friends! There might even be some gerbil races. Do you still have your...
2012_MD_Summit_12101495AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- Spooky Movie Local Filmmakers Summit
Spooky Movie Local Filmmakers Summit:
Moderated by Eduardo Sanchez
The Mid-Atlantic region – home of cult legends John Waters, George Romero, Don Dohler, Jeff Krulik and more – has long been fertile ground for creative independent filmmaking. In the first-ever Spooky Movie Local Filmmaker Summit, area...
2017_MD_Surprise_171008124AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- Surprise Screening of "Butterfly Kisses" (w/Erik Kristopher Myers, Kenny Johnson, Cory Okouchi, and Stacie Jones Gentzler)
"Surprise Screening"
For the first time in 12 years, the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival is hosting a surprise "Secret Screening." Is it a sneak preview of a new Hollywood blockbuster? Is it a rare classic? Is it a never-before-seen premiere? Is it international? Is it local? Is it a...
2012_MD_Sweet_12101457AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "A Sweet and Vicious Beauty" (World Premier) (w/Eric Thornett)
A Sweet and Vicious Beauty (d. Eric Thornett) –
In the town of Harbor Bridge, it is said that when someone dies, his last breath stays in his throat. When the head is severed, the last breath can be taken, and the recipient becomes stronger. Narcissa Sentinel (Bette Cassatt) has been robbing graves to...
2013_MD_Sarcofiguy_13101370AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Bald Headed Blues: A Doctormentary on Sarcofiguy" (w/John Dimes and CW Prather)
“John Dimes brings the same giddiness and joy to horror movies that I remembered him bringing to comedy when we did open mikes together.” – Patton Oswalt
Bald Headed Blues: A Doctormentary on Sarcofi guy tells the hysterical true-life story of...
2014_MD_Cthulhu_14101059AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Call Girl of Cthulhu" (w/Jimmy George)
Post-screening Q&A with filmmakers Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George
Note: Chirs LaMartina was no in attendance.
Inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft, CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU is about a virginal artist who falls in love with an escort, only to realize she’s the chosen bride of the...
2012_MD_Chained_12101273AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Chained" (w/Jennifer Lynch)
Chained -- U.S. Premiere -- Q&A with director Jennifer Lynch
"The MPAA may believe that CHAINED is too real to be seen, but that is EXACTLY why you should see it.” – Sound on Sight
"A movie that will stick with YOU, no matter how many showers you take to ERASE the memory of it." - Dread...
2012_MD_Excision_121010113AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Excision" (w/Richard Bates, Jr.)
EXCISION (d. Richard Bates, Jr.) – "This funny, shocking and soulful power slam of a teen-outsider film stars AnnaLynne McCord, Ariel Winter, Traci Lords, John Waters and Malcolm McDowell and blew no shortage of minds when it launched at Sundance earlier this year." - Film Threat Alienated teen Pauline...
2014_MD_Exists_141010158AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Exists" (w/Eduardo Sanchez, Jamie Nash)
Post-screening Q&A with director Eduardo Sanchez and writer Jamie Nash, moderated by Jeff Krulik
When brothers Brian and Matt Tover secretly sneak out to their uncle's long abandoned cabin in east Texas for a party weekend with their friends, they find themselves hunted by the legendary...
2017_MD_Halloween_171006182AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Halloween Video Mixtape: A Wraith Films Anthology"
Halloween Video Mixtape: A Wraith Films Anthology
From the filmmakers behind THE LEGEND OF COOL "DISCO" DAN and EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN come five tales of suburban terror, just in time for Halloween. Possessions, ancient evils, premature burials, unearthly disturbances and really annoying children...
2012_MD_Ninjas_121014235AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Ninjas vs Monsters" (World Premier) (w/Justin Timpane and cast)
Ninjas vs Monsters (d. Justin Timpane) –
They are back! Bursting with martial arts, carnage, laughs, smarts, and heart: NINJAS VS. MONSTERS is the perfect action/horror/comedy! Produced entirely in the Washington, D.C. metro area, NINJAS VS MONSTERS offers a fresh take on classic movie monsters with a...
2012_MD_Play_Dead_121010124AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Play Dead" (w/Teller and Shade Rupe)
PLAY DEAD (d. Teller and Shade Rupe) – “There are moments earlier in the show that make you wonder if something is going to reach out from the void in your theater and scare the bejeezus out of you! Three and a half stars!” - Film Threat In this film of their off-Broadway show PLAY DEAD, famed silent...
2015_MD_Rocky_Horror_151017189AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (w/Peaches Christ and DC All Star Shadowcast) -- All except performance
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Intro by Peaches Christ and performance by DC All Star Shadowcast
Peaches Christ presents the 40th Anniversary of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW
Underground drag performer, emcee, filmmaker and actor Peaches Christ (who was last seen at the AFI Silver with her wonderful...
2013_MD_Blacula_131019182AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Scream Blacula Scream" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
Closing Night!
40th Anniversary!
1970s exploitation returns to the AFI Silver Theatre! Following February’s sold-out sensation House of Frankenstein and July’s packed house for Phantasm, local legend Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) returns to present...
2013_MD_Goldthwait_131010131AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Willow Creek" (w/Bobcat Goldthwait)
Opening Night!
“A downright scary ride that’s also a ton of fun… careens from the funny to the painful and then back to funny before pouring on the scares and weirdness” – Film Threat
Jim and his girlfriend are searching for Bigfoot. Rolling into Willow Creek, they find a wonderland of...
2012_MD_Zero_Killed_12101243AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival -- "Zero Killed" (w/Michal Kosakowski)
Zero Killed (d. Michal Kosakowski):
“The term ‘hardcore’ regains its original interpretation!”- Splattering Image
Between 1996 and 2007, Polish filmmaker Kosakowski asked more than 160 people to act out their murder fantasies on camera. He then turned the results into a video installation called...
2017_MD_Alien_17070888AFI -- "Alien" (w/Count Gore de Vol)
ALIEN presented by local TV legend Count Gore De Vol!
Local TV legend Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) returns to present another terrifying film in the spirit of the original broadcasts on CREATURE FEATURE, with lots of ghoulish good fun in store. Ridley Scott's ingenious "haunted spaceship" monster...
2010_MD_Evil_100827175AFI -- "All About Evil" (w/Joshua Grannell (Peaches Christ) and Mink Stole)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Peaches Christ
-- Mink Stole
-- ???

In Person: Director Joshua Grannell, Peaches Christ and Mink Stole!
The directorial debut of Midnight Movie impresario (and Annapolis, MD, native) Joshua Grannell (better known as "Peaches Christ"), this film is a...
2015_MD_Decline_15101686AFI -- "Decline of Western Civilization" (w/Penelope Spheeris)
Decline of Western Civilization
Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years
Several years after her trail-blazing documentary on the LA punk scene, Spheeris turned her attention to LA’s booming hard rock/heavy metal scene in all its decadent debauchery, a combination of burnt-out...
2009_MD_Halloween_090627217AFI -- "Every Other Day is Halloween" (w/Count Gore De Vol and C.W. Prather)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- C.W. Prather
-- Count Gore De Vol
-- Jeff Krulik

MARS and Midsummer Night's Scream II Present:"Every Other Day is Halloween" -- World Premiere!
In person: Director C.W. Prather and Count Gore De Vol.
Post-screening Q&A moderated by Jeff...
2011_MD_Obscurity_11061087AFI -- "From Here to Obscurity" (w/Travesty Groups)
From Here to Obscurity: Travesty Films/Langley Punks Retrospective
Including 30th Anniversary Screening of HYATTSVILLE HOLIDAY!
Invited guests: all living members of Travesty Group including the original four Langley Punks
You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll hurl your beer. AFI Silver pays tribute to...
2018_MD_Halloween_181027142AFI -- "Halloween" (w/Count Gore De Vol and Wes Johnson)
Special Features: Show presented by Count Gore De Vol with special co-host Wes Johnson, "The Voice of the Capitals"
40th Anniversary
Genre legend John Carpenter's third feature (which he also co-wrote and scored) ushered in a golden age of American slasher cinema, launched the career...
2011_MD_HMP_11061796AFI -- "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" and "Heavy Metal Picnic" (w/Jeff Krulik and lots of folks)
HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT -- 25th Anniversary!
Invited guests: producers and alumni from both films
In 1986, John Heyn and Jeff Krulik couldn't have imagined that the short film they shot in the parking lot of the Capital Centre before a Judas Priest concert would be heralded as one of the top rock...
2013_MD_Count_Gore_130201174AFI -- "House of Frankenstein" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
Count Gore De Vol 40th Anniversary Celebration!
Re-Presenting the Original Creature Feature: HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN
In person: Count Gore De Vol
TV personality Dick Dyszel introduced his alter ego Count Gore De Vol on Channel 20's CREATURE FEATURE 40 years ago on February 3, 1973. Dyszel, who already...
2016_MD_King_Kong_160409111AFI -- "King Kong" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
KING KONG (1933)
Special Features: Presented by Count Gore De Vol
In the spirit of the original CREATURE FEATURE broadcasts, local legend Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) presents the greatest monster movie of them all: KING KONG. Explorer Robert Armstrong and his crew, including delectable scream...
2010_MD_Flesh_100820163AFI -- "Of Flesh and Blood" (w/Jeff Krulik, Jeff Mentges, Al Breon, and lots of folks)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Jeff Krulik
-- Miscellaneous folks from "Of Flesh and Blood"

20th Anniversary Screening!
In Person: Director Jeff Mentges plus the entire cast and crew, including Al Breon, Dick Bangham, Steve Lorber, Joe Sasfy, Jeanne Keskinen, Jeff Sacks, Dave...
2013_MD_Mickle_13092535AFI -- "We Are What We Are" (w/Jim Mickle)
You and a guest are invited to a special advance screening of "We Are What We Are" with director Jim Mickle!
In WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, a seemingly wholesome and benevolent family, the Parkers have always kept to themselves, and for good reason. Behind closed doors, patriarch Frank (Bill Sage, BOARDWALK...
2017_MD_Wicker_Man_17040176AFI -- "Wicker Man" (w/Dr. Sarcofiguy)
Special Features: Presented by Dr. Sarcofiguy!
A remote Scottish isle inhabited by neo-pagans practicing fertility rites and sexual magic provides the setting for one of the coolest, creepiest cult classics from the 1970s, written by Tony AwardŽ winner Anthony Shaffer (SLEUTH)....
2011_MD_Swell_110620119AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Swell Season" (w/Chris Dapkins, Nick August-Perna, and Bob Boilen)
Chris Dapkins, Carlo Mirabella-Davis, Nick August-Perna 2011
Starring in the 2007 sleeper hit, ONCE, and winning an Academy Award for best original song ("Falling Slowly") was just the beginning of a profound artistic journey for folk-rock musicians Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova....

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