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2010_MD_Dollar_100412137AFI -- "To Catch A Dollar" (w/Muhammad Yunus and Gayle Ferraro)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Sky Sitney (AFI/Silverdocs)
-- Gayle Ferraro and Muhammad Yunus

"To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America":
In Person: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus and director Gayle Ferraro!
Professor Muhammad Yunus never wanted to be a banker and he certainly...
2017_DC_Look2Right_17061769AFI Docs 2017 -- Look to the Right (w/Ann Hornaday and Michael Pack) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
In recent years, conservative documentaries have achieved impressive reach with audiences despite being largely absent from the festival, art-house and TV circuits. Filmmaker Michael Pack (THE FALL OF NEWT GINGRICH) discusses how...
2016_DC_Honors_161204154DC -- Kennedy Center -- Kennedy Center Honors (2016)
Folks shown here are: Sam Moore (of Sam and Dave), Cal Ripken Jr., ???, Lynda Carter, Robert Altman, ???, Gayle King, Albert Small, Carol Schwartz, Patrick Leahy, Bob Seger, Robert Kennedy Smith, Nancy Pelosi, Gabriella Anwar, Chris O'Donnell, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Michele Lee, Vernon Jordan, Yo-Yo Ma,...
2009_DC_HSmith_09031545Env Film Festival (2009) -- Inside Media w/Hedrick Smith ("Poisoned Waters") @ Newseum
Inside Media: Our Water Quality w/Hedrick Smith:
How have 35 years of the Clean Water Act impacted our environment?
Join Emmy Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent Hedrick Smith for a discussion about his new documentary "Poisoned Waters," a revealing look at the fragile condition of the Chesapeake...
2009_DC_NATVA_09031735Env Film Festival (2009) -- "Built for the People: The Story of TVA" (w/Sean and Andrea Nix Fine) @ Natl Archives
BIG Ideas, BIG Projects: Built for the People: The Story of TVA (2008) was produced by Academy Award®-nominated Washington documentary filmmakers Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine (War/Dance). The film chronicles the transformation of the vast and magnificent Tennessee Valley—devastated by flooding,...
2010_DC_Carbon_10032872Env Film Festival (2010) -- "Carbon Nation" (w/Peter Byck and panel) @ Carnegie Inst
CARBON NATION (USA, 2010, 83 min.)
Panel and film screening presented by Booz Allen Hamilton. Panel follows screening.
World Premiere Can we get the upper hand on global warming? The impending climate change crisis is inspiring courageous and optimistic Americans to action. From citizens operating on...
2011_DC_Wilson_11031858Env Film Festival (2011) -- E.O. Wilson @ Natl Museum of Natural History
Lecture by E.O. Wilson, Biologist, Naturalist, Writer, Professor and Environmentalist
One of the world’s greatest biologists, E.O. Wilson has won two Pulitzer Prizes for his pioneering books, “The Ants” and “On Human Nature.” Professor emeritus and honorary curator in entomology at Harvard University,...
2011_DC_Oil_Rocks_11031626Env Film Festival (2011) -- Marc Wolfensberger ("Oil Rocks") @ Swiss Embassy
OIL ROCKS – CITY ABOVE THE SEA (LA CITÉ DU PÉTROLE) (Switzerland / Azerbaijan, 2009, 52 min.)
Winner of the second annual Polly Krakora Award for artistry in film, presented by the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital
Shown as part of the multi-day, multi-venue Energy Film...
2011_DC_Countdown_11032021Env Film Festival (2011) -- "Countdown to Zero" (w/Zia Mian) @ Carnegie Inst
COUNTDOWN TO ZERO (USA, 2010, 91 min.)
A fascinating and frightening exploration of the dangers of nuclear weapons, this film is a wake-up call about the urgency of the nuclear threat. It exposes a variety of present-day threats and features insights from a host of international experts and world...
2011_DC_Journey_11032783Env Film Festival (2011) -- "Journey of the Universe" (w/Brian Swimme, Mary Evelyn Tucker, and Thomas E. Lovejoy) @ Carnegie Inst
Washington D.C. Premiere
Washington, D.C. Premiere One day on a Greek island and your perception of the universe will change forever. The epic Journey of the Universe is a tapestry that draws together scientific discoveries in astronomy,
geology, biology,...
2011_DC_Grabowska_11032018Env Film Festival (2011) -- "Sky Island" and "Ribbon of Sky" (w/John Grabowska) @ Natl Museum of Natural History
SKY ISLAND (USA, 2010, 26 min.):
In northern New Mexico, a range of mountains rises up from the high desert: a wild, rugged land of the Faraway Nearby. The volcanic Jemez Mountains are isolated from all other ranges – an island in the sky, surrounded by a desert sea. Sky Island paints a lyrical and...
2011_DC_Still_Live_Here_11032543Env Film Festival (2011) -- "We Still Live Here" (w/Anne Makepeace and Judi Urquhart) @ Carnegie Inst
Washington D.C. Premiere
Directed by: Anne Makepeace
Presented with: National Geographic All Roads
Washington, D.C. Premiere A remarkable story of cultural revival by the Wampanoag of southeastern...
2012_DC_Dust_Bowl_120325107Env Film Festival (2012) -- "Dust Bowl" (w/Ken Burns, Dayton Duncan and Julie Dunfey) @ Natl Archives
Presented with: Charles Guggenheim Center for the Documentary Film
THE DUST BOWL (USA, 2012, 60 min.)
Special Sneak Preview with Clips The worst man-made ecological disaster in American history, “the dust bowl,” caused by the heedless actions of thousands of individual farmers, encouraged by their...
2012_DC_NRUR_12032193Env Film Festival (2012) -- "Natural Resources/Unnatural Results" (w/Stephen Sapienza, Nadja Drost, Amol Mehra, Daniel Baer, and Jon Sawyer) @ Carnegie Inst
Films and Panel Discussion to Mark World Water Day
Reception Follows Program
PERU'S GOLD RUSH (Peru, 2011, 9 min.) In the Madre de Dios region of Peru, a virgin rainforest is losing ground to unrestricted wildcat gold...
2012_DC_Switch_12031391Env Film Festival (2012) -- "Switch" (w/Harry Lynch) @ Carnegie Inst
SWITCH (USA, 2012, 98 min.)
World Premiere What will it really take to go from the energies that built our world to the energies that will shape our future? Our transportation and housing, food and water, communications, light, heat and cooling – our entire modern life depends on energy. For more than...
2012_MD_Tsunami_120317127Env Film Festival (2012) -- "Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom" (w/Lucy Walker) @ AFI
THE TSUNAMI AND THE CHERRY BLOSSOM (United Kingdom, 2011, 40 min.)
Winner of the Environmental Film Festival’s third annual Polly Krakora Award for artistry in film
Oscar-nominated director Lucy Walker set out to make “a visual haiku about cherry blossoms” in Japan but changed her plans radically...
2012_DC_Watershed_12032457Env Film Festival (2012) -- "Watershed: Exploring a New Water Ethic for the New West" (w/Marc Pachter, Mark Decena, James Redford, Sandra Postel, Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta, Edith Santiago, and Robert Redford) @ Natl Museum of Amer History
World Premiere “Whiskey is for drinkin’. Water is for fightin’,” says Jeff Ehlert, a fly fishing guide in Rocky Mountain National Park, recalling a well-worn saying heard throughout the Colorado River basin. As the most...
2013_DC_EFF_Launch_130307122Env Film Festival (2013) -- Festival Launch Party (2013) @ Warner Bldg Atrium
Join Us to Celebrate the 21th Annual Environmental Film Festival!
* Wine, Beer, and a special FRESHFARM Markets cocktail *
* Contemporary Art and Music * Hors d’oeuvre * Silent Auction *
* Musical performance by Grammy-nominated Carolyn Malachi
* Food by Restaurant Nora
* Tacos by Chipotle
2013_DC_Ocean_130319105Env Film Festival (2013) -- Ocean Health at Risk (w/Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting) @ Carnegie Inst
Ocean Health at Risk: Economy and Ecology at Odds
Presented by: Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
Screenings, Panel Discussion and Reception
Drawing on Pulitzer Center reporting currently in progress for major news media outlets by award-winning journalists, this program will include a selection of...
2013_DC_Matsula_13031749Env Film Festival (2013) -- Selections from Matsula Nature Film Festival, Estonia (w/Tiit Mesila, Riho Vastrik, and Liina Trishkina) @ Carnegie Inst
Selections from Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia
Program introduced by Tiit Mesila, Festival Director, Matsalu Nature Film Festival.

OLD MAN AND THE MOOSE (Estonia, 2009, 36 min.) Harri has been studying moose and their inner natures for more than 30 years. For him, moving around with the...
2013_DC_Chasing_130316204Env Film Festival (2013) -- "Chasing the Hill" (w/Brent Roske, Richard Schiff, Melissa Fitzgerald, Corinne Becker, Tulsi Gabbard, and Jaymay) @ Letelier Theater
Richard Schiff presents CHASING THE HILL (USA, 2012, 90 min.)
This special screening will feature an exclusive edit of the show with never before seen footage.
VIP Ticket-Holder Reception to follow screening with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Emmy-winner Richard Schiff, actors Melissa Fitzgerald & Corinne...
2013_DC_Fruit_Hunters_13032490Env Film Festival (2013) -- "Fruit Hunters" (w/Noris Ledesma) @ Carnegie Inst
THE FRUIT HUNTERS (Canada, 2012, 95 min.)
Washington, D.C. Premiere You can find them deep in the jungles of Borneo, in the hills of Umbria and perhaps even in your own backyard. They are the fruit hunters. Inspired by Adam Gollner’s 2010 book of the same name and directed by Yung Chang (Up the...
2013_DC_Gasland2_13071038Env Film Festival (2013) -- "Gasland II" (w/Josh Fox) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
Special Screening of Gasland Part II and Q&A with Filmmaker Josh Fox
 What: Special screening of Gasland Part II (USA, 2013, 120 min.) Discussion with director Josh Fox and Jessica Ennis, Legislative Representative, Earthjustice, follows screening. 
Who: Presented by the Environmental Film Festival...
2013_DC_Harmony_130321132Env Film Festival (2013) -- "Harmony" (w/Julie Bergman Sender) @ Carnegie Inst
HARMONY - Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
2013 Winner of the Environmental Film Festival's fourth annual Polly Krakora Award for Artistry in Film

HARMONY (USA, 2012, 90 min.) Washington, D.C. Premiere For three decades, The Prince of Wales has worked side-by-side with a dynamic...
2013_DC_Hot_Water_130312110Env Film Festival (2013) -- "Hot Water" (w/Liz and Donald Rogers, Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich, Kevin Flint) @ Carnegie Inst
HOT WATER - Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital:
HOT WATER (USA, 2013, 65 min.) WORLD PREMIERE Join filmmakers Lizabeth Rogers, Kevin Flint on a journey through the American West to expose uranium mining and our atomic legacy for what it really is. Initially they travel to South Dakota...
2013_DC_Lost_Rivers_13031331Env Film Festival (2013) -- "Lost Rivers" (w/Katarina Soukup) @ Canadian Embassy
LOST RIVERS (Canada, 2012, 72 min.) 
Washington, D.C. Premiere Once flowing through nearly every developed city in the world, rivers provided the infrastructure upon which modern metropolises were built. Why did they disappear and how? Could we see them again? In this adventurous and revelatory look...
2014_DC_City_Fixes_14032352Env Film Festival (2014) -- City Fixes (shorts) (w/Mark Decena, Steve Ellington, Bob Nesson, and Mark Kulsdom) @ Carnegie Inst
City Fixes - Shorts Program
Shorts Program shown as part of Our Cities, Our Planet
OUR POWER (USA, 2014, 8 min.) Washington, D.C. Premiere The Navajo people in Black Mesa, Arizona are trying to protect their aquifer from a nearby coal mining plant’s pollution. The cities of Phoenix and Flagstaff get...
2014_DC_MoeR_14032098Env Film Festival (2014) -- Eric Moe Sustainability Film Award Finalists and Winner -- Reception @ Natl Geographic Society
Eric Moe Sustainability Film Award:
Reception following awards.
2014_DC_Moe_140320144Env Film Festival (2014) -- Eric Moe Sustainability Film Award Finalists and Winner ("Amazing Grace") w/Rowan Pybus, Peter Stonier, and David Evans @ Natl Geographic Society
Eric Moe Sustainability Film Award:
Screening of Winner and Finalists
Welcome by Gregory McGruder, VP for Public Programs, National Geographic Society. Introduced by Flo Stone, Founder, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital.

GOOD HABITS IN 60 SECONDS (Brazil, 2011, 1 min.) U.S....
2014_DC_EFF_Closing_14033090Env Film Festival (2014) -- Festival Closing Reception @ Carnegie Inst
2014_DC_EFF_Filmmakers_140322196Env Film Festival (2014) -- Festival Filmmakers Reception @ Jefferson Hotel
2014_DC_EFF_Launch_140313312Env Film Festival (2014) -- Festival Launch Party (2014) @ Warner Bldg Atrium
Festival Launch Party
Venue: Warner Building Atrium
Please join us to celebrate the 22nd annual Environmental Film Festival!
Open Bar with Specialty Cocktails by Alex Bookless, The Passenger and Adam Bernbach, 2 birds 1 stone
* Light Show by DC Night Lights *
* Live Painting by IP Brand *
2014_DC_Mongolia_14032348Env Film Festival (2014) -- Stories from Mongolia @ Carnegie Inst
Stories from Mongolia
Presented in partnership with the Arts Council of Mongolia, this film series features stunning landscapes and traditional ways of life closely tied to nature.
Thanks to the Trust for Mutual Understanding for their support of this program.

SINGER FROM THE TAIGA (Mongolia, 2011,...
2014_DC_EFF_Thankyou_14041538Env Film Festival (2014) -- Volunteer Thank You Happy Hour @ B Too
2014_DC_Chattahoochee_14033021Env Film Festival (2014) -- "Chattahoochee Unplugged" (w/Jonathan Wickham) @ Carnegie Inst
Directed by: Rhett Turner and Jonathan Wickham

Washington, D.C. Premiere The producers of the Emmy award-winning documentary, Chattahoochee: From Water War to Water Vision, provide a new adventure on one of the Southeast’s largest...
2014_DC_Come_Hell_14033087Env Film Festival (2014) -- "Come Hell or High Water" (w/Leah Mahan and Derrick Evans) @ Carnegie Inst
Shown as part of Our Cities, Our Planet
Washington, D.C. Premiere Follow the painful, inspiring journey of Derrick Evans, a Boston teacher who moves home to the Mississippi Gulf Coast community of Turkey Creek, first settled by...
2014_DC_Damnation_14033099Env Film Festival (2014) -- "Damnation" (w/Travis Rummel, Ben Knight, and Matt Stoecker) @ Carnegie Inst
The Documentary Award for Environmental Advocacy, a new award in this year's Festival, will be presented to DamNation (USA, 2014, 94 min.),a film capturing the growing momentum behind river restoration and dam removal. Directors Travis Rummel and Ben Knight will receive the award at the film's...
2014_DC_GMO_OMG_14032365Env Film Festival (2014) -- "GMO OMG" (w/Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich and Joshua Brau) @ Carnegie Inst
Chipotle Food and Agriculture Film Series
Director and concerned father Jeremy Seifert is in search of answers. How do GMOs affect our children, the health of our planet and our freedom of choice? And, perhaps the ultimate question: is it even possible to reject the food system currently in...
2014_DC_ForestR_14031984Env Film Festival (2014) -- "Once Upon a Forest" (w/Luc Jacquet) -- Reception @ Embassy of France
ONCE UPON A FOREST (IL ÉTAIT UNE FORÊT) (France, 2013, 78 min.)
Winner, 2014 Polly Krakora Award for Artistry in Film
U.S. Premiere The director of the Oscar-winning March of the Penguins, Luc Jacquet, takes a spectacular journey with renowned French botanist and ecologist Francis Hallé to the very...
2014_DC_Forest_14031977Env Film Festival (2014) -- "Once Upon a Forest" (w/Luc Jacquet) @ Embassy of France
ONCE UPON A FOREST (IL ÉTAIT UNE FORÊT) (France, 2013, 78 min.)
Winner, 2014 Polly Krakora Award for Artistry in Film
U.S. Premiere The director of the Oscar-winning March of the Penguins, Luc Jacquet, takes a spectacular journey with renowned French botanist and ecologist Francis Hallé to the very...
2014_DC_Uranium_Drive_In_14032136Env Film Festival (2014) -- "Uranium Drive-In" (w/Suzan Bereza) @ Carnegie Inst
URANIUM DRIVE-IN (USA, 2013, 70 min.)
Washington, D.C. Premiere In a boom-bust uranium mining community in rural, southwestern Colorado, a heated battle is raging over a proposed new uranium mill – the first, if approved, to be built in the United States in more than 25 years. This latest film from...
2015_DC_MoeR_15031946Env Film Festival (2015) -- Eric Moe Sustainability Film Award Finalists and Winner -- Reception @ Natl Geographic Society
Eric Moe Sustainability Film Award
Shorts Program
National Geographic Society 7:30pm, March 19th

SEEDING A DREAM (USA, 2014, 15 min.) Sheepscot General Store and Uncas Farm were revitalized into a thriving community food hub by ambitious young farmers. The farmers tackle challenges while bringing...
2015_DC_Bikes_Cars_150317204Env Film Festival (2015) -- "Bikes Vs. Cars" (w/Fredrik Gertten and Margarete Jangard) -- Reception @ Carnegie Inst
Join us to celebrate the Festival’s launch and its theme: Climate Connections.
Traffic gridlock around the world is frustrating people, wasting their time, polluting the air and contributing to climate change. Director Fredrik Gertten (BANANAS! and Big Boys Gone Bananas!) investigates the daily global...
2015_DC_Monsoon_15032779Env Film Festival (2015) -- "Monsoon" (w/Sturla Gunnarsson) @ Natl Museum of Natural History
Monsoon: Winner, Polly Krakora Award For Artistry in Film
This visually stunning meditation on the annual rains that descend upon India explores their alternately disastrous and beneficial impact on Indian society, economy, agriculture and individual lives. Chasing the monsoon throughout the country,...
2015_DC_PlanetaryR_150328215Env Film Festival (2015) and World Wildlife Fund -- "Planetary" -- Reception and Earth Hour @ Natl Geographic Society
Premiere, Planetary Experience and Earth Hour Celebration
Presented with World Wildlife Fund
Join us for the Washington, D.C. premiere of PLANETARY, a stunning visual portrait of our planet, followed by a reception with a Planetary Experience and celebration of Earth Hour, a global annual...
2016_DC_EFF_Benefit_160210362Env Film Festival (2016) -- 10th Annual Benefit Reception @ Japanese Ambassador's Residence
10th Annual Benefit Reception Under the Patronage of Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae and Mrs. Nobuko Sasae Embassy of Japan Honoring:
Wade Davis and Gail Percy
Champions of Endangered Cultures and Ecosystems
DCEFF is pleased to honor Wade Davis and Gail Percy for their work in protecting endangered...
2016_DC_Birth_Of_Sake_160322133Env Film Festival (2016) -- "Birth of Saké" w/Erik Shirai @ Carnegie Inst
The Birth of Saké
Winner of the 2016 Polly Krakora Award for Artistry in Film!
The 144-year-old Yoshida Saké Brewery does things the old-fashioned way: dedicated artisans work in concert with natural forces — the temperature and humidity of the air, the chemistry of the water, the swirling koji mold...
2016_DC_Sherpa3_160315110Env Film Festival (2016) -- "Sherpa" -- Post-screening Reception @ Carnegie Inst
Sherpa - Opening Night Event!
Thanks to the Reva and David Logan Foundation for its support of this evening.
Join us at the Carnegie Institution, as we launch the 24th Annual Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital and celebrate its theme: Parks: Protecting Wild and the DC premiere of...
2016_DC_Seer_160324206Env Film Festival (2016) -- "The Seer" w/Laura Dunn, Jef Sewell, and Mary Berry @ National Geographic Society
The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry
Winner of the William W. Warner Beautiful Swimmers Award!
From a hillside office in his native Henry County, Kentucky, Wendell Berry captures in writing the changing landscape and shifting values of rural America in the era of industrial agriculture. The Seer...
2017_DC_EFF_Benefit_170216223Env Film Festival (2017) -- 25th Anniversary Benefit Reception honoring Flo Stone and Roger D. Stone @ New Zealand Embassy
25th Anniversary Benefit Reception Honoring Flo Stone and Roger D. Stone
Hosted by Ambassador Tom Groser, Embassy of New Zealand.
* Welcome: Ambassador Tim Groser
* Opening: Maryanne Culpepper, EFF Executive Director
* Acknowledgements: E. William Stetson III, Host Committee...
2017_DC_EFF_Filmmakers_170319114Env Film Festival (2017) -- Festival Filmmakers Reception @ Jefferson Hotel
Filmmakers present included (pretty much in sequence) David G. Conover ("Behold the Earth"), Daniel Koehler ("A House Without Snakes"), Anthony Baxter ("Flint"), Steve Ellington ("Instruments of Change: Lessons from the Rainforest"), Niall Doran and Justin Smith ("Sixteen Legs"), Jeremy Jackson ("Before...
2017_DC_EFF_Reception_17032569Env Film Festival (2017) -- Penultimate Evening's Reception @ Jefferson Hotel
Various film folk here: Allison Argo ("The Last Pig"), Jacques Perrin ("Seasons"), and Jill Tidman and Jamie Redford ("Happening").
2017_DC_B4_FloodR_17031878Env Film Festival (2017) -- "Before the Flood" Post-Screening Reception @ Carnegie Inst
Before the Flood
Winner of the 2017 Documentary Award for Environmental Advocacy
If you could know the truth about the threat of climate change — would you want to know? Before the Flood, presented by National Geographic, features Leonardo DiCaprio on a journey as a United Nations Messenger of Peace,...
2017_DC_Sea_Of_Hope_170315122Env Film Festival (2017) -- "Sea of Hope" (w/Robert Nixon, Sylvia Earle, Max Kennedy, and Rob Edwards) @ Carnegie Inst
Sea of Hope: America's Underwater Treasures
Thanks to the Reva and David Logan Foundation for its support of this evening.
SEA OF HOPE: AMERICA’S UNDERWATER TREASURES follows iconic ocean explorer and conservationist Dr. Sylvia Earle, renowned underwater National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry,...
2017_DC_Water_Power_170314138Env Film Festival (2017) -- "Water & Power: A California Heist" (w/Adam Keats) @ Natl Geographic Society
Water & Power: A California Heist
Water & Power takes a look at the incredible drought that has gripped the valley’s of California for years. While the barons of the water profit from the scarce commodity, every-day folk, small communities, and family farmers struggle every day in a state of crisis....
2018_DC_EFF_Filmmakers_180318108Env Film Festival (2018) -- Festival Filmmakers Reception @ Jefferson Hotel
Some of the filmmakers who were present included: Ashley Bell ("Love & Bananas"), David Schumacher ("The New Fire"), Eric Balaz ("Tatra Mountains -- Life on the Edge"), Kate Brooks ("The Last Animals"), Ilana Lapid and Kristi Drexler ("Yochi"), Peter Byck ("Earth Optimism Shorts; Soil Carbon...
2018_DC_Yochi_18031836Env Film Festival (2018) -- "Yochi" (part of Shorts Program 5) (w/Kristi Drexler; Ilana Lapid; H.E. Francisco Daniel Gutierez) @ Carnegie Inst
Showing as part of Shorts Program 5.
Yochi, a 9-year-old selectively mute Mayan boy, guards a nest of endangered Yellow-Headed Parrots in Belize’s pine savannah. When his beloved older brother, Itza, returns from the city, Yochi learns that he’s in debt and has turned to poaching – setting the...
2019_DC_When_Lambs_190316112Env Film Festival (2019) -- "When Lambs Become Lions" (w/Jon Kasbe) @ Natl Geographic Society
*William W. Warner Beautiful Swimmers Award Winner
D.C. Premiere
In a Kenyan town bordering wildlife conservation land, a small-time ivory dealer fights to stay on top while forces mobilize to destroy his trade. When he turns to his younger cousin, a conflicted wildlife ranger...
2013_DC_Girls_Atomic_13031377Natl Archives -- Denise Kiernan ("Girls of Atomic City")
The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II:
The Tennessee town of Oak Ridge was created from scratch in 1942 as one of the Manhattan Project’s secret cities. It was home to more than 75,000 people, many of them young women recruited from small towns across the...
2017_MD_Womens_Balcony_170517121Washington Jewish Film Festival (2017) @ AFI -- "Women's Balcony" opening night
Sponsored by the Jacob & Charlotte Lehrman Foundation
Dir. Emil Ben-Shimon
(96 min, Israel, 2016)
DC Premiere
An accident during a bar mitzvah celebration leads to a gender rift in a devout Orthodox community in Jerusalem in this rousing, gold-hearted tale about...

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New Art Exhibition, 'Iron Cages' January, 2020 Featuring Artwork by Incarcerated Artists This January we are partnering with our friends at the Justice Arts Coalition, a national network providing resources for people creating art in and around the US carceral system, to exhibit works of art created... (Partially reviewed)
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Join us at the Opening Reception for our new Art Exhibition, 'Iron Cages' Featuring Artwork by Incarcerated Artists Join us on January 9th from 6:30-8:30pm This January we are partnering with our friends at the Justice Arts Coalition, a national network providing resources for people creating art in... (Partially reviewed)
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2020_01_25E2_KatzenO40DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2020A Winter Opening Reception (Public)
Folks here include: Luis Lorenzana, Laura Roulet, Tobin Bell, Artemis Herber, Carol Barsha, and Ed Bisese. (Partially reviewed)
Contact: Bruce Guthrie