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2014_DC_DCHist_OpenRec_1411207541st Annual Conference on DC Historical Studies -- Opening Reception
2014_DC_DCHist_Other_141116541st Annual Conference on DC Historical Studies -- Other images
2011_MD_Obscurity_11061087AFI -- "From Here to Obscurity" (w/Travesty Groups)
From Here to Obscurity: Travesty Films/Langley Punks Retrospective
Including 30th Anniversary Screening of HYATTSVILLE HOLIDAY!
Invited guests: all living members of Travesty Group including the original four Langley Punks
You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll hurl your beer. AFI Silver pays tribute to...
2015_DC_Hot_Type_15061952AFI Docs 2015 -- "Hot Type: 150 Years of The Nation" (w/Barbara Kopple) @ Newseum
Two-time Oscar® winner Barbara Kopple (Harlan County, USA) focuses on the esteemed weekly The Nation. Founded in 1865 by abolitionist Republicans, the iconic progressive publication accepts no revenue from advertisers, enabling its ahead-of-the-pack critiques of the...
2010_MD_Wiseman_100624107AFI Silverdocs 2010 -- Guggenheim Symposium honoring Frederick Wiseman
Speakers in sequence:
- Bob Gazzale, president of AFI
- Paula A. Kerger, president of PBS
- Frederick Wiseman in conversation with Davis Guggenheim
- Grace and Davis Guggenheim presenting the award to Mr. Wiseman

Guggenheim Symposium honoring legendary documentary filmmaker Frederick...
2011_MD_Happy_Hour_11062240AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- Happy Hour @ Civic Building
Chicken and Egg featuring Michael Lerman 8-bit player
2019_DC_Berlin30_19111266Brookings Institution -- Europe 1989-2019: Lessons Learned 30 Years After The Fall Of The Berlin Wall
Europe 1989-2019: Lessons Learned 30 Years After The Fall Of The Berlin Wall
The 30 years since the opening of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 have been marked by incredible progress toward a Europe “whole and free.” The European Communities became the European Union, grew to 28 member states, and...
2019_DC_Art_MessengerO_19041178Cato Institute -- Opening Reception: Freedom: Art as the Messenger
Freedom: Art as the Messenger - Opening Reception
Freedom means something different to every person, yet its value is a common bond between Americans. In these polarized times, Freedom: Art as the Messenger aims to provide a unifying platform of civility and creativity. Artists from across the country...
2017_DC_Film_Forum_A1_17030921DC -- 2017 History Film Forum -- Day 1: Panel 1: Tower (2016): Keith Maitland
Screening and Discussion – TOWER (2016), Keith Maitland
The History Film Forum opens with a discussion with South by Southwest Grand Jury award-winning director Keith Maitland on his use of archival material and animation in his groundbreaking film Tower. On August 1st, 1966, a sniper rode the elevator...
2013_DC_KatzenO_13040618DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2013B Spring Opening Reception (Public)
Includes photos of the artist Timothy App.
2014_DC_KatzenO_14012556DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2014A Winter Opening Reception (Public)
2015_DC_Levenson_15012440DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2015A Winter Artist Talk: Silvia Levenson
Introductions were made by Cecilia Nahón, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to the United States of America
2015_DC_Decision_15062353DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2015C Summer Panel Discussion: Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb
Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Exhibition: Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb
This film screening and symposium will bring together a panel of prominent historians to reflect on the decision to drop the atomic bombs and its implications. Free and open to the public.
Film screening of "The Bomb" from...
2015_DC_KatzenO_15091265DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2015D Early Fall Opening Reception (Public)
Artists who spoke tonight included Gerhardt Knodel and Mary Shaffer. The contemporary Chinese art community was represented by artists Shaowei Deng and Jie Wang, and BG Muhn helped the delegation. Other artists present included Chawky Frenn and Pat Goslee.
2016_DC_Dunlap_16040173DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2016B Spring Gallery Talk: William Dunlap
Members Only Preview:
Director Jack Rasmussen invites members to preview the Spring exhibitions early. At 6 pm, artist William Dunlap will discuss the artist’s work in Look At It — Think About It.
2016_DC_KatzenO_16040142DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2016B Spring Opening Reception (Member)
Folks include James Symington, Jack Rasmussen, and Glenn Marcus.
2016_DC_Alien_160910165DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2016D Early Fall Gallery Talk: Daughter of China, Resident Alien w/Hung Liu
Gallery Talk: Daughter of China, Resident Alien
Chinese-born American artist Hung Liu will speak about two timely themes that are reflected in her current body of work: refugees and heroines.
2017_DC_KatzenO_17061766DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2017C Summer Opening Reception (Public)
Summer Opening Reception
Mix and mingle with artists, curators and fellow museum patrons at the opening of four new Summer Exhibitions: States of Being: Cuba and North Korea by Carl De Keyzer, Frederic Kellogg: Works in Oil and Watercolor, Val Lewton: From Hollywood to Breezewood, and Performing the...
2017_DC_KatzenO_17090993DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2017D Early Fall Opening Reception (Public)
Photos include artists William Woodward (in his "The Seven Deadly Sins" exhibit) and Foon Sham.
2019_DC_KatzenO_19061429DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2019C Summer Opening Reception (Member)
Folks including Glenn Marcus, Jack Rasmussen, and Kirsty Little.
2009_DC_DangerousR_09102979DC -- DC LaborFest -- Film: "The Most Dangerous Man in America" (w/Daniel Ellsberg) -- Pre-event Reception
The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers
Presented by the DC Environmental Film Festival and The Impact Arts + Film Fund, The Project On Government Oversight
1971: America is embroiled in a dirty war based on lies. A president is abusing the power of his office,...
2009_DC_Hallowed_090522111DC -- Embassy of France -- Event: Opening of "Hallowed Grounds" documentary
From these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion.
— Abraham Lincoln

Many people are aware of the famous American military cemetery at Omaha Beach, Normandy, site of one of the D-Day landings in 1944. But few know there are...
2014_DC_GAHM_BerlinWO_141102128DC -- German-American Heritage Museum -- Opening: Fall of the Berlin Wall photo exhibit
Join us for the Official Opening of "The Fall of the Berlin Wall" Photo Exhibit!
The distinguished San Francisco-based photographer Colin Campbell will unveil his photo exhibit at the GAHM. Called "The Fall of the Berlin Wall Seen From an American Perspective" this exhibit will take you back to the day...
2011_DC_RestoreO_11033184DC -- Lamont Bishop Gallery -- RESTORE: Japan -- Opening
As the waters recede on the coasts of Japan the DC art community joins together to provide relief for all those who have lost everything in one of the most devastating natural disasters in the history of man.
On Thursday, March 31st, 2011, ReadysetDC and Curating for a Cause team up to host RESTORE:...
2018_DC_Ideas_Forum_180413112DC -- Lincoln Cottage -- Event: Lincoln Ideas Forum (2018)
Towards the end of his Second Annual Message to Congress in 1862, Abraham Lincoln implored his countrymen to remember that future generations would be looking back at the Civil War era:
"Fellow-citizens, we can not escape history," he wrote."We of this Congress and this Administration will be...
2019_DC_Moment_Dinner_19112481DC -- Moment Magazine's 2019 Gala and Awards Dinner @ National Press Club -- Dinner and Post-Event Mingling
Moment DC Gala & Awards Dinner
Celebrating Jewish journalism in tumultuous times
An Exciting Evening of Conversation & Music!
Moment Magazine Women and Power Award:
* Nina Totenberg, NPR Legal Affairs Correspondent
* ... presented by Jamie Gorelick
Robert S. Greenberger Journalism...
2019_DC_Moment_Pre_191124159DC -- Moment Magazine's 2019 Gala and Awards Dinner @ National Press Club -- Pre-dinner mingling
Moment DC Gala & Awards Dinner
Celebrating Jewish journalism in tumultuous times
An Exciting Evening of Conversation & Music!
Moment Magazine Women and Power Award:
* Nina Totenberg, NPR Legal Affairs Correspondent
* ... presented by Jamie Gorelick
Robert S. Greenberger Journalism...
2014_DC_WWIIA1_140524152DC -- Natl World War II Memorial -- Event: 10th Anniversary -- Mingling Before and After
National World War II Memorial 10th Anniversary Commemoration
It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 10 years since thousands of World War II veterans gathered on the National Mall in Washington, DC for the dedication of the National World War II Memorial. Thanks to the support and commitment of...
2015_DC_WWII_MemM_150525125DC -- Natl World War II Memorial -- Event: Memorial Day -- Miscellaneous
WWII Veterans to Gather at WWII Memorial on Memorial Day to Remember 400,000 Americans Lost During WWII:
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Friends of the National World War II Memorial (Friends) and the National Park Service (NPS) will remember and honor the more than 400,000 Americans who lost their lives during...
2015_DC_VE70_Misc_150508141DC -- Natl World War II Memorial -- Event: V-E Day 70th Anniversary -- Miscellaneous
In the front row after the event were Senators Bob Dole and John Warner, both World War II vets. A lot of these pictures are people who wanted to be photographed with him and I'm always happy to oblige. (Some weirdo with some karma issues got upset with me for taking so many pictures. I left shortly...
2015_DC_Nelson_Party_15062084DC -- Party for Stanley Nelson @ Aviva Kempner's
2008_DC_Water_08032268Env Film Festival (2008) -- "World Water Day Tribute" (w/David Douglas, Melanie Nakagawa, Tanvi Nagpal, John Oldfield, and Mark Van Putten) @ Carnegie Inst
World Water Day Tribute

UMBRELLA (India, 2004, 90 sec.)
United States Premiere Desperately seeking to regain his lost umbrella in the midst of a torrential rain, a man suddenly has a bright idea. Directed by Nandita Das. PSA Produced by Center for Science & Environment.
Shown as part of the...
2019_DC_Human_Element_190317116Env Film Festival (2019) -- "The Human Element" (w/Matthew Testa, Jesse Meisenhelter, Rafe Pomerance, and Heidi Nel) @ Carnegie Inst
The Human Element
Presented by the Hollomon Price Foundation
Renowned photographer James Balog (Chasing Ice) uses his camera to reveal how environmental change is affecting the lives of everyday Americans. Following the four classical elements — air, earth, fire, and water — to frame his journey,...
2016_DC_District_16010645Hist Soc of Wash DC @ Carnegie Library -- Event: DISTRICT photo exhibit opening
Desperation. Beauty. Energy. The every-day in the capital city. Presented by the Historical Society of Washington, D.C., and Joseph Mills, DISTRICT explores Washington during the 1960s and 1970s through the extraordinary eye of photographer Chris Earnshaw.
Exhibit will then be on view in the Historical...
2007_DC_Leepson_07091220Hist Soc of Wash DC @ Carnegie Library -- Mark Leepson ("Desperate Engagement")
General Jubal A. Early  -- "Desperate Engagement": Journalist, historian and author Marc Leepson will present a talk, followed by a booksigning on his new book Desperate Engagement.  This tells the story of the little-known but crucial Civil War Battle of Monocacy.  It follows Confederate General Jubal...
2015_DC_Holocaust_15110959Library of Congress -- Event: Writing the Holocaust (w/Anthony Pitch and Nancy Geise) @ Madison Bldg
The Library’s European Division and its Hebrew Language Table will host "Writing the Holocaust," a discussion with authors Anthony Pitch and Nancy Geise, moderated by Michlean Amir of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Pitch will discuss his book, "Our Crime Was Being Jewish," featuring vivid memories...
2018_DC_Meyers_181209121National Gallery of Art -- Artist talk: linn meyers: work
linn meyers: work
linn meyers, artist and cofounder, STABLE, in conversation with Jonathan Frederick Walz, director of curatorial affairs and curator of American art, Columbus Museum
Artist linn meyers creates works that reveal the expansive potential of drawing. In monumental installations drawn...
2019_DC_Lemay_19022558National History Center -- Kate Clarke Lemay ("Triumph of the Dead: American WWII Cemeteries, Monuments, and Diplomacy in France") @ Wilson Center
Triumph of the Dead: American WWII Cemeteries, Monuments, and Diplomacy in France:
The overseas American war cemeteries are uniquely American sites of memory, as they are the only war graves to include a variety of monumental art and architecture. They also attract an international audience and are...
2009_DC_NAOscW_09021829Natl Archives -- Academy Award Documentary Feature Nominee: "Man on Wire" (introduced by Grace Guggenheim and Jennice Fuentes)
The Center for the National Archives Experience will host the fifth annual free screenings of the Academy Award® nominees in four categories—Documentary Feature, Documentary Short Subject, Live Action Short Film, and Animated Short Film—from Wednesday, February 18, through Sunday, February 22. The...
2008_DC_NAOscO_08022214Natl Archives -- Academy Award Documentary Feature Nominee: "Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience" (introduced by Glenn Marcus)
Showcase of Academy Award-Nominated Documentaries and Shorts. The screenings are presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in partnership with the Charles Guggenheim Center for the Documentary Film and the Foundation for the National Archives.
This showing, of "Operation Homecoming:...
2008_DC_NADSR_08121147Natl Archives -- Daniel Schorr (American Conversations) -- Reception
These photos were taken at the private reception before the American Conversations discussion with Daniel Schorr.
2007_DC_NA9LR_07092777Natl Archives -- Panel -- 1st Annual Charles Guggenheim Tribute Pgm (50th Anniversary of the Little Rock Crisis)
Fiftieth Anniversary of the Little Rock Crisis.
Two parts for the program itself:
(1) Remembering Charles Guggenheim's Nine from Little Rock. Courtesy of the Margaret Herrick Library, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Charles Guggenheim Center for the Documentary Film at the...
2008_DC_Banneker_080215144Natl Archives -- Panel -- Banneker Monument Unveiling
Banneker Monument Unveiling and Panel Discussion: In celebration of Black History Month, the Center for the National Archives Experience, in partnership with the Washington Interdependence Council, is pleased to host the unveiling of the prototype of the Benjamin Banneker Memorial, a monument to the...
2010_DC_JEDCW_10052788Natl Archives -- Panel -- Jewish Experience During the Civil War
The Jewish Experience During the Civil War:
To commemorate Jewish American Heritage Month, a panel discusses the contributions of Jewish men and women during the Civil War. Each panelist will discuss a “key text,” including documents and events related to including General Grant’s Order No. 11, which...
2009_DC_NAOsborne_09101550Natl Archives -- Robert Osborne (introducing "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington")
70th Anniversary Screening of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, in partnership with the Charles Guggenheim Center for the Documentary Film, presents Frank Capra’s classic film, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, which premiered on October 17, 1939 at Constitution...
2015_DC_NPC_USWWI_15052195Natl World War I Memorial -- Event: Announcement of competition @ Natl Press Club
WASHINGTON, DC: On May 21st, 2015, the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission will open a design competition for a National World War I Memorial in Washington, DC.
This represents a rare opportunity for the public to witness - and...
2016_DC_NPC_USWWI_160126151Natl World War I Memorial -- Event: Announcement of Memorial Design Team @ Natl Press Club

WASHINGTON, DC: The U.S. World War I Centennial Commission has picked 'THE WEIGHT OF SACRIFICE" for the new national World War I Memorial project....
2016_DC_USWWI_16051882Natl World War I Memorial -- Event: Commission Press Event @ Natl Press Club
The U.S. World War I Centennial Commission will host a media event at the National Press Club. The event will provide an update on Centennial Commission activities, to include new international partnerships, and will introduce new members of the Special Advisory Board. 
Among the new Special Advisors...
2017_DC_WWI_GBreaking_171109327Natl World War I Memorial -- Event: Groundbreaking Ceremony
Event at DC's Pershing Park to thank supporters & partners in the creation of the newest national memorial in the nation's capital
The U.S. World War I Centennial Commission will host a ceremonial groundbreaking...
2016_DC_NPC_USWWI_160302107Natl World War I Memorial -- Event: Meeting the Memorial Design Team and Site Tour @ Natl Press Club
Winners of WWI Memorial Design Contest Will Discuss their Vision at a National Press Club Newsmaker News Conference 10 a.m., March 2; Walking Tour of Site To Follow
Washington – Architect Joe Weishaar and Sculptor Sabin Howard, the design team selected to create the new World War I Memorial in...
2014_DC_Dissent_14120162Newseum -- Dissent or Treason: Whistleblowers, Leaks and the Media (w/panel)
Dissent or Treason: Whistleblowers, Leaks and the Media
National security, government secrecy and a free press don’t easily mix – but the Constitution says they must. Join contributors to a new book, “Whistleblowers, Leaks and the Media,” for a discussion sponsored by the American Bar Association’s...
2016_DC_One_Year_16010662Newseum -- One Year After Charlie Hebdo (w/panel)
One Year After Charlie Hebdo

Join the Newseum Institute, Reporters Without Borders and the Washington Foreign Law Society for a discussion of the worldwide impact on a free press and free expression after the terrorist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine staff on Jan. 7, 2015, and on the public at...
2011_DC_Farewell_11011888Newseum & Eisenhower Institute -- Eisenhower's Farewell Address -- Receptions
Eisenhower's Farewell Address: 50th Anniversary Program and Reception
Join us for a program hosted by the Eisenhower Institute of Gettysburg College, the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum and the Newseum.
David Gergen of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government will lead the...
2013_DC_SINMAA_Install_131117184NMAAHC -- Event: Installation of Railroad car and Guard Tower
Witness the installation of the Museum's first objects inot the museum on the National Mall: A Southern Railway (segregated) car built in 1920 and a 1930s-era guard tower from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.
The National Museum of African American History and Culture will install two of its...
2009_DC_NPC_Bookfair_091117156NPC -- 32nd Annual Book Fair & Author's Night (2009)
Authors shown here: James Reston Jr., Anthony Pitch, Wayne Alan, Nancy Baggett, Stuart E. Weisberg, Max Cleland, Harlow Giles Unger, Harold Evans, Gil Klein, Vali Nasr, Richard Wolffe, Henry Waxman, Craig Crawford, Helen Thomas, Haynes Johnson, Dan Balz, Janet Langhart Cohen, Ann Coulter, Jack Williams,...
2011_DC_NPC_Bookfair_11111594NPC -- 34th Annual Book Fair & Author's Night (2011)
Authors in sequence:
* John Farrell ("Clarence Darrow: Attorney for the Damned"),
* Richard L. Holm ("The Craft We Chose: My Life in the CIA"),
* John Swenson ("New Atlantis: Musicians Battle for the Survival of New Orleans"),
* Lisa Yockelson ("Baking Style: Art, Craft, Recipes"),
2014_DC_NPC_Bookfair_141118105NPC -- 37th Annual Book Fair & Author's Night (2014)
The 37th Annual National Press Club Book Fair & Authors’ Night in partnership with P&P
Politics & Prose is proud to partner with the National Press Club for a night of pols, pundits and prose in the National Press Club Ballroom. Come meet authors Maureen Corrigan, Senator James Webb, Misty Copeland,...
2015_DC_NPC_Bookfair_151117121NPC -- 38th Annual Book Fair & Author's Night (2015)
Pictured here (in sequence): Stephen Hess, Garrett Peck, David Maraniss, Wil Haygood, Stephanie Steinberg, Eleanor Herman, Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, Roland Mesnier, Paul Dickson, Jen Chaney, Garrett Peck (again), Evan Thomas, Marvin Kalb, Lisa Leff, David Maraniss (again), Eleanor Herman...
2019_DC_Bookfair_191101121NPC -- 42nd Annual Book Fair & Author's Night (2019)
One hundred authors -- and their books -- will be under one roof at the National Press Club, just in time for the gift-giving season. Navigate national politics and history, whisk your way to tasty treats, or laugh with your little one during the 2019 Book Fair and Authors’ Night on Friday, Nov....
2013_DC_Secret_War_130328123NPC -- George Colburn and Evan Thomas ("Eisenhower's Secret War" screening)
Eisenhower’s Secret War
Join former president of the National Press Club Richard Ryan, producer George Colburn, and author Evan Thomas for a special screening of this new documentary.
Eisenhower’s Secret War is producer George Colburn’s 8th prime-time special on Ike since 1991. It tells the story of...
2019_DC_Jamal1Yr_19100223NPC -- Moment of Silence to Mark Anniversary of Murder of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi
National Press Club to hold moment of silence Oct. 2 to mark first anniversary of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi
The National Press Club will hold a moment of silence in observance of the first anniversary of the murder of Saudi journalist and Washington Post Global Opinions contributing...
2015_DC_Ashes_15020879Politics & Prose -- Aviva Kempner, Menachem Rosensaft, Michael Brenner, and Matt Nosanchuk ("God, Faith & Identity from the Ashes")
Aviva Kempner, Menachem Rosensaft, Michael Brenner, and Matt Nosanchuk - God, Faith & Identity from the Ashes: Reflections of Children and Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors
Marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Rosensaft, general counsel of the World Jewish Congress, who has a...
2010_DC_Carla_Tribute_101121260Politics & Prose -- Carla Cohen Tribute -- People
Speakers in sequence:
- Barbara Meade
- Anne Shields
- Howard Norman
- Mary Kay Zuravleff
- Seymour Hersh
- Alexandra Zapruder
- E.J. Dionne
- Phyllis Thereoux
- Mark LaFramboise
- David Cohen

The reception was catered by Judy Starrells. Contributions for the reception were...
2019_DC_Epstein_190629147Politics & Prose -- Nadine Epstein ("Elie Wiesel, an Extraordinary Life and Legacy") w/Robert Siegel
Nadine Epstein - Elie Wiesel, an Extraordinary Life and Legacy: Writings, Photographs and Reflections — in conversation with Robert Siegel
A survivor of Auschwitz, Elie Wiesel (1928-2016) devoted his life to ensuring that the Holocaust never be repeated nor forgotten. He left a legacy rich in...
2014_DC_Waters_14061151Politics & Prose @ Sixth & I Historic Synagogue -- John Waters ("Carsick") w/Louis Bayard
John Waters is putting his life on the line. Armed with wit, a pencil-thin mustache, and a cardboard sign that reads “I’m Not Psycho,” he hitchhikes across America from Baltimore to San Francisco, braving lonely roads and treacherous drivers. But who should we be more worried about, the delicate film...
2007_DC_Chabon_07052373Politics & Prose @ Sixth & I Historic Synagogue -- Michael Chabon ("Yiddish Policeman's Union")
A Conversation with Michael Chabon: The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, Wonder Boys and other novels will discuss the stylish menace of 1940s noir in a novel that imagines if Alaska, not Israel, had become the homeland for the Jews after World War II....
2019_DC_RespondAM_190315143Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Event: Artists Respond: A Symposium -- Morning Session
Artists Respond: A Symposium
Join us for a day of discussions and lectures on topics related to Artists Respond: American Art and the Vietnam War, 1965–1975. A group of distinguished scholars provides insights into how artists of the Vietnam War era sought to engage—with their current moment, with the...
2018_DC_Molesworth_18091274Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Helen Molesworth (Clarice Smith Distinguished Lecture)
Join Helen Molesworth, former chief curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, for a lecture exploring the work of sculptor Ruth Asawa.
 The Clarice Smith Distinguished Lectures in American Art highlight excellence and innovation in American art through evenings with an outstanding artist,...
2015_DC_Weschler_15110462Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Lawrence Weschler ("Ed Kienholz at the Fraught Crossroads") (Clarice Smith Distinguished Lecture)
Ed Kienholz at the Fraught Crossroads Where Class, Race, Sex, and Violence Keep Converging across American History with scholar Lawrence Weschler:
Using assemblage artist Edward Kienholz’s harrowing 1970 lynching tableau Five Car Stud as a point of departure, New York Institute for the Humanities at...
2015_DC_Intersection_151023137Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Panel -- Irving Penn at the Intersection of Art, Fashion and Photography
Irving Penn at the Intersection of Art, Fashion and Photography Forum:
Join us for a series of talks by experts and scholars who explore Penn’s legacy and how his work bridged the gap between art and fashion. Speakers include Vince Aletti, photography critic for The New Yorker; Charles Churchward,...
2015_DC_Kloss_15062447Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Talk: William Kloss (Nineteen American Masterworks)
The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were a "coming-of-age" period in American art. Gilded Age expatriate artists such as John Singer Sargent and Mary Cassatt pioneered impressionist styles abroad, challenging long-standing practice and rivaling their French counterparts. After 1900,...
2016_DC_Grey_160223121Sixth & I -- Joel Grey ("Master of Ceremonies") w/Leon Wieseltier
Joel Grey In Conversation with Leon Wieseltier
The Tony, Golden Globe, and Oscar-winning actor, producer, and director is a tireless showman, acting in countless movies and TV shows after decades spent on and off Broadway. Grey is perhaps best known for his iconic role as master of ceremonies in the...
2008_DC_Ginsburg_08011048Sixth & I -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg and David Grubin ("The Jewish Americans" screening)
Enjoy a screening of the PBS series The Jewish Americans, and a conversation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, United States Supreme Court Associate Justice, and David Grubin, filmmaker.
2017_DC_USCHS_P1_17051257USCHS -- Annual Symposium 2017 "Congress Begins to Reconstruct the Nation" -- Presentation 1: Award Presentation (Fafa Nutor) and Paul Finkelman (Thaddeus Stevens)
USCHS Annual Spring Symposium:
Congress Begins to Reconstruct the Nation
The U.S. Capitol Historical Society will present its annual symposium May 11 and 12 on Capitol Hill. Scholars from around the country will start to explore the post-Civil War period in “Congress Begins to Reconstruct the Nation.”...
2019_DC_Levey_19100263USCHS -- Lunch Talk: Bob Levey ("Larry Felder, Candidate")
Bob Levey
Author of Larry Felder, Candidate
The writer of the award-winning daily column, “Bob Levey’s Washington” offers penetrating insights into the contemporary worlds of journalism and politics. Larry Felder, Candidate traces the personal and professional challenges of a career newspaper...
2019_DC_Bowling_19121145USCHS -- Lunch Talk: Ken Bowling ("Hunting for the Bill of Rights: The Historian Detective”) @ National Churchill Library
“Hunting for the Bill of Rights: The Historian Detective”
Ken Bowling, Independent Historian
Please join the U.S. Capitol Historical Society as Ken Bowling discusses historians’ attempts to locate the 14 original copies of the “so-called Bill of Rights.”
Grateful thanks to our friends at the National...
2019_DC_Pollock_19102388USCHS -- Lunch Talk: Lee Pollock ("Winston in Washington") @ National Churchill Library
Autumn Art and History Talks with USCHS by U.S. Capitol Historical Society
"Winston in Washington"​
Speaker: Lee Pollock, trustee and advisor to the board of the International Churchill Society.
This talk will explore Winston Churchill's many visits to Washington, D.C. over 60 years and his...
2019_DC_Green_19041056USCHS -- Lunch Talk: Matthew Green ("Choosing the Leader: Leadership Elections in the House of Representatives")
Choosing the Leader: Leadership Elections in the House of Representatives
Party leaders in Congress wield considerable influence, but how are they actually chosen? Matthew Green, professor of politics at The Catholic University of America, and Douglas Harris, professor of political science at Loyola...
2016_DC_Aviva_Party_160302111Washington Jewish Film Festival (2016) @ Party at Aviva Kempner's
2017_MD_Levinson_17051879Washington Jewish Film Festival (2017) @ AFI -- "Liberty Heights" and Visionary Award to Barry Levinson (w/Susan Wloszczyna)
Dir. Barry Levinson (126 min, United States, 1999)
Barry Levinson dips back into his youth with the final edition of the semi-autobiographical Baltimore Quartet (Diner, Tin Men, Avalon).
In 1954, Ben Kurtzman (Ben Foster), a Jewish teen from Baltimore, is...
2018_DC_WP_WPFI_18042548Washington Post -- World Press Freedom Index 2018 -- Panel 1: Index Presentation w/Margaux Ewen and Karoun Demirjian
World Press Freedom Index 2018
On April 25, The Washington Post and Reporters Without Borders (RSF) held a conversation on freedom of the press around the world, including a presentation of RSF’s 2018 World Press Freedom Index, which examines the degree of freedom that journalists, news organizations...

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Geppi Gems September 21, 2021-ongoing COMIC BOOKS have permeated almost every popular entertainment medium in the United States. When Stephen A. Geppi opened the Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2006, he sought to show how comic books—much like newspapers, television, motion pic... (Partially reviewed)
2021_08_14B1_Trumka250AFL-CIO Headquarters -- Event: Richard Trumka in Repose at AFL-CIO Headquarters
Richard Trumka to Lie in Repose at AFL-CIO Headquarters On Saturday, Aug. 14, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET, Richard Trumka’s family is giving the public the opportunity to pay their respects to the labor legend who passed away on Aug. 5. He is making one last trip to the House of Labor, a place an... (Partially reviewed)
2021_09_17B2_In_America2OC268DC -- Event: In America: Remember (art installation by Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg) -- Opening Ceremony
In America: Remember Opening Ceremony Prelude: The String Queens Host: Dana Bash, CNN anchor & chief political correspondent Welcome: Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg, Artist & Creator In America: Remember Lift Every Voice: Jason Max Ferdinand Singers, arrangement by Roland Carter Remarks: Deb Haaland, S... (Partially reviewed)
2021_09_20B2_In_America2V39DC -- Event: In America: Remember -- Viewed from Washington Monument (Installation Visit 07) (Partially reviewed)
2021_09_10B1_Come_From_Away190DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Event: "Come From Away" performance
Join us at the Lincoln Memorial for a one-of-a kind free concert performance of the musical Come From Away on Friday, September 10, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. Lawn seating is available on either side of the Reflecting Pool on a first-come basis. Members of the Broadway and national touring companies of Come... (Partially reviewed)
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