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2018_MD_Muller_18102067AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2018) -- "The Big Heat" (w/Eddie Muller)
Special Features: Intro by Film Noir Foundation founder Eddie Muller

One of Fritz Lang's best Hollywood films tells the tale of a virtuous cop (Glenn Ford) out for revenge against the gangster who killed his wife. Assisting him in his...
2019_MD_Scarlet_Hour_19102028AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2019) -- "The Scarlet Hour" (w/Eddie Muller)
Scarlet Hour, The in 35mm
Special Features: Introduction by Eddie Muller
Nearing the end of his legendary directing career, Michael Curtiz produced and directed this intricately plotted thriller in which tony seductress Paulie Nevins (Carol Omhart) and her lover (Tom Tryon), overhearing plans for a...
2018_DC_AwesomeA80Awesome Con DC (2018) -- Artists
Carolyn Belefski, Fabian Nicieza, Buzz, Dan Parent, Andrew Aydin, Evan Keeling, Tom King, Colleen Doran, John Gallagher, Mark Mariano, Chris Mariano, Thom Zahler, S.L. Gallant, Joe Carabeo, Amy Chu, Robert Wilson, ???
Mark Wheatley, Marc Hempel, Neal Adams, Evan Keeling, Tom...
2019_DC_AwesomeA84Awesome Con DC (2019) -- Artists
Artists shown from Friday:
Timothy Zahn, Chris Mariano, David Finch, Lee Weeks, Dan Parent, Tom King, Clay Mann, David Finch, Klaus Janson, Amy Chu, Joe Carabeo, Jeff Parker, Sandy Jarrell, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Emily Whitten, Thom Zahler, S.L. Gallant, Brian Shearer, and Neal...
2021_DC_AwesomeA79Awesome Con DC (2021) -- Artists
Artists here include:
(Friday) Thom Zahler, Emily Whitten, Dan Parent, Amy Chu, Alexandra Bowman, John Gallagher
(Saturday) Alexandra Bowman, Carolyn Belefski, Joe Carabeo, John Gallagher, Michael Golden, Mitch Gerads, Tom King, Tom Cook ("Superfriends" and "Masters of the Universe" animator), Nell...
2012_MD_BCCA174Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Artists
Artists in sequence:
Tim Truman and John K. Snyder III, Bernie Wrightson, Eric Powell, Larry Hama, Billy Tucci, Greg LaRocque, ???, Dan Parsons, Jim Calafiore, Bryan JL Glass, Asher Humm, Francesco Francavilla, Eric Hutchinson, Carrie ???, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Frank Quitely, Denis...
2015_MD_BCCA304Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Artists
Folks shown here:
Russ Heath, Denis Kitchen, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Frank Cho, Bob McLeod, Don Rosa, Buzz, Terry Moore, Bernie Wrightson, Darwyn Cooke, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Stan Sakai, Tom Palmer, Mark Waid, Christina Blanch, Steve Conley, Paul Storrie, Thom Zahler, Bob...
2015_MD_BCCP11_15092618Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Batman Day
Batman Day:
It’s Batman Day and we’re celebrating! Join DC’s VP of Talent Development Bobbie Chase and a stellar lineup of creators who chronicle the adventures of the Dark Knight, his allies, and his foes; including Scott Snyder, Peter Tomasi, Greg Pak, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom King, and James Tynion IV....
2016_MD_BCC_Harvey2_160903386Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Harvey Awards: Ceremony and Afterwards
2016 Presenters:
Welcoming Remarks: Constance Katsafanas-Eza (letting us know she isn't Paul McSpadden)
Emcee: Vivek Tiwary
Keynote: Dean Haspiel
Presenter: Walter Simonson --
* Best Letterer: John Workman, RAGNAROK, IDW Publishing -- accepted by John Workman
* Best Colorist: Laura Allred,...
2016_MD_BCCP05_16090216Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Panel: DC Comics: Rebirth
DC Comics: Rebirth
Moderator: Dan DiDio
Talent: Keith Giffen, Tom King, Hope Larson, Paul Levitz, Yanick Paquette, James Tynion IV
DC Comics is the talk of fandom, thanks to Rebirth, Hanna Barbera, and overall, great storytelling! Find out what’s new and upcoming from some of your favorite key DC...
2016_MD_BCCP01_1609032Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Panel: Tom King and Jamie S. Rich in Conversation
Tom King and Jamie S. Rich in Conversation
The Sheriff of Babylon is the amazing tale of mystery and intrigue set in Baghdad in 2003. Drawing on his personal experiences, writer Tom King spins an engrossing tale. King sits down with Vertigo Group Editor Jamie S. Rich to discuss the series, making...
2017_MD_BCCP01_17092446Baltimore Comic-Con (2017) -- Panel: Jack Kirby At 100
Jack Kirby At 100
This past month, the comics world celebrated what would have been the 100th birthday of legendary creator Jack Kirby. Tom King, Walter Simonson, Mark Buckingham, Jerry Ordway, Dean Haspiel, John K. Snyder III, the Kirby Museum’s Rand Hoppe, and moderator Mark Evanier discuss Kirby’s...
2017_MD_BCCP05_17092427Baltimore Comic-Con (2017) -- Panel: Len Wein Memorial Panel
Len Wein Memorial Panel
On September 10, Len Wein passed away. Wein, an accomplished writer and editor, was the co-creator of Swamp Thing, Wolverine, the Human Target, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Colossus among others. Join Wein’s colleagues and friends as they pay tribute to his life and work.
2017_MD_BCC_Ringo2_170923234Baltimore Comic-Con (2017) -- Ringo Awards: Ceremony and Afterwards
2017 Presenters:
Emcee: Randy Tischler, BCC
Keynote: David Petersen
Presenters: Lora Innes and Thom Zahler --
* Favorite Hero: Cash Wayne (Spectrum)
* Favorite Villain: Arlo (unOrdinary)
* Favorite New Series: Spectrum
* Favorite New Talent: InstantMiso -- accepted by Tom Akel from Line...
2018_MD_BCCA272Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Artists
Artists shown here from Friday:
Arthur Adams, Jim Steranko, Frank Cho, Denny O'Neil, Tom Grummett, Simon Bisley, Bob McLeod, Wil Wheaton, Erin Gray, Katrina Law, Michael Copon, Tom King, Denys Cowan, John Ostrander, Terry Moore, Tom DeFalco, Zeea Adams, Louise Simonson, Walt Simonson, Neal Adams, Buzz,...
2018_MD_BCC_Ringo2_180929306Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Ringo Awards: Ceremony and Afterwards
2018 Presenters:
Emcee: Randy Tischler, BCC
Keynote: Katie Cook
Presenters: Thom Zahler and Christy Blanch
Presenters: David and Julia Petersen --
* Best Series: Mr. Miracle, DC Comics -- accepted by Tom King
* Best Anthology: Mine! A Celebration of Liberty and Freedom for All Benefiting Planned...
2018_MD_BCC_Ringo1_180929159Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Ringo Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Folks shown during the reception:
Todd Klein, David Petersen, ???, Katie Cook, Andy Price, Matt Dembicki, Mark Lindblom, Sandy Jarrell, Tom Grummett, Christy Blanch, Ramona Fradon, Matt Wieringo, Franco Aureliani, ???, John Workman, Todd Klein, Paul Storrie, Steve Conley, Ed Piskor, Charles Kochman,...
2019_MD_BCCA245Baltimore Comic-Con (2019) -- Artists
Friday folks:
Dean Haspiel, Peter Rostovsky, John Gallagher, Emily Whitten, Thom Zahler, David Petersen, Paul Storrie, Franco Aureliani, Bob Ingersoll, Zeea Adams, Joel Adams, Joe Linsner, Neal Adams, Billy Tucci, Don Rosa, Marv Wolfman, Dean Haspiel, Christa Cassano, Sarah Trustman, David Trustman,...
2019_MD_BCC_Ringo2_191019348Baltimore Comic-Con (2019) -- Ringo Awards: Ceremony and Afterwards
2019 Presenters:
Emcee: Randy Tischler, Baltimore Comic-Con
Welcoming Remarks: Paul McSpadden
Keynote: Bob Wayne
Presenters: Ross Richie and Filip Sablik --
* Best Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
* Best Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain -- accepted on the winner's behalf by the BCC
* Best Series: (Tie)...
2021_MD_BCCA331Baltimore Comic-Con (2021) -- Artists
Friday folks:
Chris Campana, Russ Braun, Joe Staton, Dean Haspiel, Whitney Matheson, Vito Delsante, Josh Neufeld, Charlie McElvy, Chris Miskiewicz (Z2 Comics), Vincent Kings (Z2 Comics), Jim Calafiore, Mike Gold, Glenn Hauman, Emily Whitten, Paul Storrie, Kelly Yates, Thom Zahler, David Petersen, Craig...
2021_MD_BCC_Ringo2_211023319Baltimore Comic-Con (2021) -- Ringo Awards: Ceremony and Afterwards
The Comics Industry Celebrates the 2021 Ringo Awards
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - October 24, 2021 - Comic creative professionals, publishers, retailers, and fans came together (virtually) Saturday night, October 23, 2021 to experience the comic book industry celebrating recognition of their peers,...
2022_10_28A2_BCCA117Baltimore Comic-Con (2022) -- Artists (Friday)
Friday artists (in sequence):
Warren Bernard, Todd Dezago, J. Robert Deans, Franco, Maya Henderson, (Rising Eagle Comics) Greg Porter, Shakellitto Lopez, and Jon Murphy, Dawn Griffin, Elinda Deans, (Punk Taco) Adam Wallenta and Makana Wallenta, Paul Storrie, Christy Blanch, Britanny Holzhen, Tom King,...
2022_10_30A2_BCCA60Baltimore Comic-Con (2022) -- Artists (Sunday)
Folks shown here include:
Lee Weeks, Emily S. Whitten, Thom Zahler, Carla Speed McNeil, Jose Villarrubia, Trevor Mueller, Chris Mariano, Carolyn Belefski, Joe Carabeo, Arsia Rozegar (Shahnameh for Kids), Kata Kane, Ned Kane, Mark Mariano, Carla Speed McNeil, Amy Chu, Craig Rousseau, Matt Wieringo, Rich...
2022_10_28B2_BCCP0223Baltimore Comic-Con (2022) -- Panel: From Skartaris To Danger Street
From Skartaris To Danger Street
Join us as we dive into one of the most peculiar comic titles of the 70s and its legacy with creators who have inside knowledge of DC’s First Issue Special. Tom King will discuss his upcoming effort incorporating the various stand-alone characters into the new Danger...
2018_DC_Aftermath_18011389DC -- DC in DC -- Panel: The Aftermath: Battle & Trauma In Comics
Panel: The Aftermath: Battle & Trauma In Comics
As part of the DC in D.C. event, this panel session is a thoughtful discussion about the lasting effects of battlefield trauma. DC’s Batman author and former CIA counter-terrorism operations officer Tom King takes on Jack Kirby’s Mister Miracle in a new...
2020_DC_King_20030760DC -- Dupont Circle -- Fantom Comics -- Event: Tom King
Strange Adventures Signing w/ Tom King
Tom King presents Strange Adventures, telling the story of Adam Strange as a man of two worlds. We're happy to announce that Tom will be returning to the store. Signing will follow a podcast discussion with Julian Lytle of IGNORANT BLISS.
2018_DC_Superman_180329108Library of Congress -- Event: Paul Levitz and Dan Jurgens ("80 Years of Superman")
Library of Congress and DC Entertainment Celebrate 80 Years of Superman
Live Interview Featuring Legendary Paul Levitz and Dan Jurgens
The Library of Congress will celebrate the 1000th issue of seminal DC comic book series Action Comics, a commemoration of 80 years of Superman, with a live interview...
2022_10_07G2_NYCCA56New York Comic Con (2022) -- Artists (Friday)
Artists shown here:
Brandon Sanderson, Neil Kleid, Andrea Mutti, ???, Denis Kitchen, Bob Ingersoll, Greg Lockard, ???, Dan Jurgens, Franco, Art Baltazar, Buzz, Daxiong (Guo Jingxiong), Jeremy Holt, Arthur Adams, Dani Colman, Katie Cook, Matthew DiMasi (Shattered Comics), Josh Geppi, Chris Claremont,...
2022_10_06D2_NYCCA58New York Comic Con (2022) -- Artists (Thursday)
Artists shown here:
Sophia Banks (Kill Switch), Jock, Tom King, Billy Tucci, Dennis Calero, Buzz, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Bill Plympton, Zeea Adams, Amy Chu, Louie Chin, Kevin Eastman, Dan Parent, Emily Whitten, Glenn Hauman, Franco, Art Baltazar, Scott Hanna, Peter David, and Denis...
2019_CA_SDCCA189San Diego Comic-Con International (2019) -- Artists
Artists shown here:

Preview Night:
Gary Miereanu, Steve McGarry, Joe McGarry, Luke McGarry, William Lund, Michael Golden, Joe Ferrara, Chris Staros, Bob Wayne, Charlie Kochman, Art Baltazar, Franco Aureliani, Tom Richmond, Sergio Aragones, Steve Leialoha, Scott Shaw!, Thom Zahler, Terry Moore, and...

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2022_12_19B_USCHS_Freedom369USCHS -- Freedom Award (2022)
The U.S. Capitol Historical Society (USCHS) was honored to present the 2022 Freedom Award to the U.S. Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police Department of D.C. on Monday, December 19, 2022, for their enduring work to keep the Capitol and the Congress safe. The 2021 Freedom Award recipients, who ... (Partially reviewed)
2023_01_12A1_Soul_Opened182Takoma Park Community Center -- Event: One Day My Soul Just Opened Up -- Opening Reception
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up FREE ART OPENING RECEPTION Four Black female artists will share their diverse range of artwork in a new exhibition at the Takoma Park Community Center. The featured artists include Debra Jean Ambush, Nikki Brooks, Joan M. E. Gaither, and Anike Robinson. The exhibition,... (Partially reviewed)
2022_12_20C1_WW2_Prayer174DC -- World War II Memorial -- Event: Unveiling of FDR D-Day Prayer Plaque
Unveiling Of FDR D-Day Prayer Plaque At Circle Of Remembrance At National World War Ii Memorial On December 20 at 11:30 a.m., Sen. Rob Portman and other noted guests will convene at the Circle of Remembrance at the World War II Memorial for the unveiling of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt D-Day Prayer...
2023_01_23B2_Bomb114DC -- Cleveland Park Library -- Event: Steve Sheinkin & Nick Bertozzi ("Bomb Graphic Novel: The Race to Build - And Steal - The World's Most Dangerous Weapon")
Steve Sheinkin & Nick Bertozzi -- Bomb Graphic Novel: The Race to Build - And Steal - The World's Most Dangerous Weapon -- In Partnership with DCPL at Cleveland Park Library Politics and Prose is delighted to partner with DC Public Library to present Bomb Graphic Novel by Steve Sheinkin and Nick Ber... (Partially reviewed)
2023_01_19B_Behaving_Boldly133Hirshhorn Museum -- Event: Behaving Boldly: Women Leading 21st-Century Museums (w/Melissa Chiu, Kaywin Feldman, Kim Sajet, Stephanie Stebich, and Sarah Thornton)
Behaving Boldly: Women Leading 21st-Century Museums Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden The Washington Post commissioned a special art work by feminist artist group Guerilla Girls calling attention to the lack of women represented at art museums in the nation’s capital. Nearly 15 years later, thes... (Partially reviewed)
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