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Celebrity: Johns,+Geoff
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2006_CA_SDCCP03_06072218CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2006 -- Panel: 50 Years of the Flash
50 Years of The Flash -- Barry Allen sped into our lives 50 years, ago and comics have never been the same since! Jumpstarting the Silver Age of Comics, The Flash celebrates its 50th anniversary in this special panel featuring some of the best writers and artists to grace the title. Moderator Mark Waid,...
2007_CA_SDCCA104CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2007 -- Artists
Artists include:
(Day 0) John Chandler (creator of "The Skrumps"), Sergio Aragones, Mike Carlin, Paul Dini, Tony ???, Jim Calafiore, Dan Jurgens, Todd Nauck, Neal Adams, Christos Cage, Cliff Chiang, Bill Willingham, Jimmy Palmiotti, Ivan Reis, Geoff Johns, Freddie Williams II ???, S ???, Adam...
2009_CA_SDCCP4_09072521CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2009 -- Panel: DC: Green Lantern: Blackest Night
DC: Green Lantern: Blackest Night -- The dead are rising in the DCU -- who will survive when the Blank Lantern Corps attacks? This is your only chance to hear what's coming up in Blackest Night, the most anticipated comic event of the year! Featuring all the key figures behind the biggest, coolest...
2010_CA_SDCCP5_10072432CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2010 -- Panel: Green Lantern: Emerald Empire
Green Lantern: Emerald Empire -- No evil shall escape this panel's sight as the top creative teams on the Green Lantern books drop hints on upcoming stories and take on your questions! Led by group editor Eddie Berganza with Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, The Flash), Tony Bedard (Green Lantern Corps), Joe...
2011_CA_SDCCA224CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2011 -- Artists
Artists in sequence:
(Day 0) Scott Shaw!, Don Rosa, Tiffany Taylor, Jessica Hinton, Dean Yeagle, Neal Adams, Stan Lee, ???, ???, Gary McIntire (Lego Master), ???, ???, Michael Broussard, Jeremy Haun, Brandon Thomas, Paul Morrissey, Joe LeFavi, Janet Lee, Chandra Free, Ken Lashley, Phil Yeh, Phil...
2013_CA_SDCCP8_13071833CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Necessary Evil
First Look: Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics
Behind every great superhero is an even greater rogues gallery, and that's where the spotlight lands in the all-new documentary Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics. From the Joker and Deathstroke to Lex Luthor and Darkseid, the film...
2014_CA_SDCCP6_140726207CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2014 -- Panel: Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment: The Flash, Constantine, Arrow, and Gotham
Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment: The Flash, Constantine, Arrow, and the World Premiere of Gotham with Special Appearances by Casts and Producers, Hosted by Arrow's Stephen Amell
DC fans-get ready for a superhero Saturday night, designed specifically for you! For the first time ever at...
2015_CA_SDCCP09A_15071139CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2015 -- Panel: Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment: Arrow
Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment Screening Block
DC fans, get ready for Super Hero Saturday Night! Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment welcome fans into the world of some of DC Comics' greatest characters during a three-hour experience in Hall H. The exclusive evening will feature...
2015_CA_SDCCP09C_15071150CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2015 -- Panel: Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment: DC's Legends of Tomorrow
DC's Legends of Tomorrow:
When heroes alone are not enough, the world needs legends. In DC's Legends of Tomorrow, having seen the future, one he will desperately try to prevent from happening, time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter is tasked with assembling a disparate group of both heroes and villains to...
2015_CA_SDCCP09D_15071159CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2015 -- Panel: Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment: Gotham
The origin story continues in season two of Gotham, and the stakes are higher than ever, as supervillains more ambitious and depraved are introduced, and a realignment of alliances shakes up the fight for power in Gotham City. Season 2 will witness Detective James Gordon's moral compass...
2015_CA_SDCCP09E_15071173CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2015 -- Panel: Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment: Supergirl
In the vast DC Comics Universe of superheroes, the rich mythology of Superman, the planet Krypton and the House of El is perhaps the most famous and instantly recognizable. Enter Supergirl! Born Kara Zor-El on the doomed planet Krypton, the preteen Kara escaped at the same time as the infant...
2015_CA_SDCCP09B_15071142CA -- San Diego -- Comic-Con International 2015 -- Panel: Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment: The Flash
The Flash:
The cast and creative team behind The CW's highest-rated show of all time, The Flash, speed back to San Diego for their second Comic-Con appearance, bringing with them answers to many of the questions left unanswered in the jaw-dropping Season 1 finale. Following the defeat of Barry Allen's...
2018_DC_Art_Matter_18011383DC -- DC in DC -- Panel: The Art of the Matter: From Sketch to Screen
The Art of the Matter: From Sketch to Screen
Just how do our favorite DC Super Heroes fly from the page to the screen? As part of the DC in D.C. event, this behind-the-scenes panel discussion on the creative process provides an “origin story” of how some of DC’s greatest Super Heroes on the page have...

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2019_10_24B_Rogers139NPC -- Faith in American Public Life w/Melissa Rogers, Sabrina Dent, Imam Mohamed Magid, and Rabbi David Saperstein
As part of Melissa Rogers' book tour for "Faith in American Public Life", a panel discussion was held at the National Press Club. Welcome and Opening Remarks: * David Aycock, Interim Director at Baylor University Press, Associate Director for Sales, Marketing, & Publicity Moderator: * Mike McCurr... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11E1_Pilkey362Library of Congress -- Event: Dav Pilkey (Do Good Tour)
Come see Dav Pilkey talk about his books and his Do Good initiative! Please join us for a special evening with Dav Pilkey, a Library of Congress National Book Festival Presents event. International bestselling author/illustrator Dav Pilkey will appear at the Library of Congress on his Do Good Tour. ... (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_01D_Bookfair150NPC -- 42nd Annual Book Fair & Author's Night (2019)
One hundred authors -- and their books -- will be under one roof at the National Press Club, just in time for the gift-giving season. Navigate national politics and history, whisk your way to tasty treats, or laugh with your little one during the 2019 Book Fair and Authors’ Night on Friday, Nov. 1. ... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_27A_Chappelle179DC -- Kennedy Center -- Mark Twain Prize (2019 -- Dave Chappelle)
Folks shown here include: Q-Tip, Michael Che, Colin Jost, Kenan Thompson, Aziz Ansari, David Rubenstein, Morgan Freeman, ???, Kidd O'Shea (ABC 7), Fab Five Freddie, Robert L. Johnson, ???, ???, John Legend, Neal Brennan, ??? (again), David Rubenstein (again), Jeff Ross, Common, Sarah Silverman, Aziz... (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_08A1_THIS_Twilight415THIS for Diplomats Twilight in Argentina Gala @ Embassy of Argentina
THIS for Diplomats 2019 Gala: Twilight in Argentina THIS is proud to announce that on November 8, 2019, we are co-hosting our Annual Fundraiser Gala “Twilight in Argentina” with the Argentine Republic. The event will take place at the Argentinian Embassy and will feature live music (by Sweet Somethi... (Partially reviewed)
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