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Celebrity: Gallagher,+John
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2007_DC_ALAC145American Library Association 2007 conference in Washington, DC -- Authors
2019_DC_ALA236American Library Association 2019 conference in Washington, DC (Exhibit Hall)
Saturday folks:
Jerry Abendroth, Torben Kuhlmann, Sean Dietrich, Kwei Quartey, Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Neal Porter, Eric Velasquez, Rick Robinson (iHeart radio), Dave Eggers, Christophe Ferreira, Flavia Biondi, Sanford Greene, Shawn Pryor, Thom Zahler, Emily Whitten, Chris Mariano, Mark Mariano, Randy...
2014_DC_AwesomeA141Awesome Con DC (2014) -- Artists
Folks shown here: George Perez, Timothy Zahn, Dirk Benedict, Raphael Sbarge, Richard Horvitz, Maurice Lamarche, Veronica Taylor, John K. Snyder III, Joe Sutliff, Rob Balder (""), Steve Artley, SL Gallant ("GI Joe"), Andrew Aydin ("March"), ???, Nicholas Brendon, Veronica Taylor (again), Phil...
2018_DC_AwesomeA80Awesome Con DC (2018) -- Artists
Carolyn Belefski, Fabian Nicieza, Buzz, Dan Parent, Andrew Aydin, Evan Keeling, Tom King, Colleen Doran, John Gallagher, Mark Mariano, Chris Mariano, Thom Zahler, S.L. Gallant, Joe Carabeo, Amy Chu, Robert Wilson, ???
Mark Wheatley, Marc Hempel, Neal Adams, Evan Keeling, Tom...
2021_DC_AwesomeA79Awesome Con DC (2021) -- Artists
Artists here include:
(Friday) Thom Zahler, Emily Whitten, Dan Parent, Amy Chu, Alexandra Bowman, John Gallagher
(Saturday) Alexandra Bowman, Carolyn Belefski, Joe Carabeo, John Gallagher, Michael Golden, Mitch Gerads, Tom King, Tom Cook ("Superfriends" and "Masters of the Universe" animator), Nell...
2021_DC_AwesomeJr_JG_2108207Awesome Con DC (2021) -- Awesome Con Jr. Workshops -- John Gallagher
Drawing Lego Heroes with John Gallagher
Everyone loves Legos, because they can become anything! -- Learn to draw brick figures and turn them into your favorite hero, monster, wizard -- or even you! Using simple shapes,
2021_DC_AwesomeJr_Yoga_21082112Awesome Con DC (2021) -- Awesome Con Jr. Workshops -- Kids Superhero Yoga
Kids Superhero Yoga
Welcome Future Hero’s! This Kids Yoga class will include poses, games, and activities that will challenge their mind and body Superhero Style! Perfect for kids 12 and younger.
2021_DC_AwesomeJr_MW_2108212Awesome Con DC (2021) -- Awesome Con Jr. Workshops -- Marcus Williams
Drawing Lego Heroes with John Gallagher
Everyone loves Legos, because they can become anything! -- Learn to draw brick figures and turn them into your favorite hero, monster, wizard -- or even you! Using simple shapes,
2011_MD_BCCP1_11082110Baltimore Comic-Con (2011) -- Panel: Comics Jukebox: All-Ages Comics in the Digital Age
Comics Jukebox: All-Ages Comics in the Digital Age – Digital, web, & downloadable comics are a growing trend in the medium, but where do kids comics stand in this arena? Creators John Gallagher and Steve Conley moderate over a panel of experts, including Dan Parent (Archie), Steve Hamaker (Bone, Fish &...
2013_MD_BCCA131Baltimore Comic-Con (2013) -- Artists
Artists shown here:
Paul Storrie, Thom Zahler, Bob Ingersoll, Terry Moore, Jimmy Palmiotti, Dean Haspiel, Joe Staton, Jim Calafiore, Mike McKone, Ron Marz, Paul Harding, Rich Clark, Karl Story, Laura Martin, Ed McGuinness, David Finch, Stan Sakai, Frank Cho, Denis Kitchen, Frank Stack,...
2014_MD_BCCA219Baltimore Comic-Con (2014) -- Artists
Folks here include:
Rick Veitch, John Totleben, Mark Wheatley, Alan Davis, Sean Chen, Gerhard, Thom Zahler, Steve Conley, Paul Storrie, Frank Cho, Vivek Tiwary, Bob McLeod, Carla Speed McNeil, Frank Tieri, Dave Gibbons, Walt and Louise Simonson, Mike Gold, Denis Kitchen, Joe Linsner, Bill...
2015_MD_BCCA308Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Artists
Folks shown here:
Russ Heath, Denis Kitchen, Jose Garcia-Lopez, Frank Cho, Bob McLeod, Don Rosa, Buzz, Terry Moore, Bernie Wrightson, Darwyn Cooke, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Stan Sakai, Tom Palmer, Mark Waid, Christina Blanch, Steve Conley, Paul Storrie, Thom Zahler, Bob Ingersoll,...
2016_MD_BCCA228Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Artists
Folks shown here:

SL Gallant, Brian Shearer, Jim Starlin, Joe Carabeo, Chris Mariano, Ramona Fradon, Carla Speed McNeil, Isaac Goodhart, Matt Dembicki, Joe Staton, Neal Adams, Buzz, Karen Green, Robert Greenberger, Steve Conley, Paul Storrie, Bob Ingersoll, David Gallaher, Thom Zahler, Liz...
2017_MD_BCCA293Baltimore Comic-Con (2017) -- Artists
Artists here include:
Sean Von Gorman, Stan Sakai, Lora Innes, Dominike Stanton, Thom Zahler, J. Robert Deans, Joe Staton, Andy Runton, Franco (Aureliani), Laura Martin, John K. Snyder III, Tim Truman, Mike Gold, ???, Bob Ingersoll, Bob Mathias, Jen Taylor, Jeremy Vinar, Tim Murphy, ???,...
2018_MD_BCCA272Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Artists
Artists shown here from Friday:
Arthur Adams, Jim Steranko, Frank Cho, Denny O'Neil, Tom Grummett, Simon Bisley, Bob McLeod, Wil Wheaton, Erin Gray, Katrina Law, Michael Copon, Tom King, Denys Cowan, John Ostrander, Terry Moore, Tom DeFalco, Zeea Adams, Louise Simonson, Walt Simonson, Neal Adams, Buzz,...
2018_MD_BCC_KidsW34Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Kids Workshop
Sketchbook Dares with Laura Lee Gulledge
Calling all sketchbook lovers! In this interactive presentation, Laura Lee Gulledge will demonstrate DRAWING LIVE, a couple of her favorite drawing activities that are featured in her new book Sketchbook Dares: 24 Ways to Draw Out Your Inner Artist. Plus, she’ll...
2018_MD_BCCP07_18092914Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Creativity & Mental Health – A Roundtable Discussion
Creativity & Mental Health – A Roundtable Discussion
Moderator: John Gallagher Panelists: Jimmy Gownley, Laura Lee Gulledge, Jamar Nicholas
Along with the thrill and excitement of being creative, it can sometimes go hand-in-hand with depression, anxiety, learning differences, and more. Moderator John...
2019_MD_BCCA245Baltimore Comic-Con (2019) -- Artists
Friday folks:
Dean Haspiel, Peter Rostovsky, John Gallagher, Emily Whitten, Thom Zahler, David Petersen, Paul Storrie, Franco Aureliani, Bob Ingersoll, Zeea Adams, Joel Adams, Joe Linsner, Neal Adams, Billy Tucci, Don Rosa, Marv Wolfman, Dean Haspiel, Christa Cassano, Sarah Trustman, David Trustman,...
2021_10_22A2_BCCA181Baltimore Comic-Con (2021) -- Artists (Friday)
Artists shown here (in sequence): Chris Campana, Russ Braun, Joe Staton, Dean Haspiel, Whitney Matheson, Vito Delsante, Josh Neufeld, Charlie McElvy, Chris Miskiewicz (Z2 Comics), Vincent Kings (Z2 Comics), Jim Calafiore, Mike Gold, Glenn Hauman, Emily Whitten, Paul Storrie, Kelly Yates, Thom Zahler,...
2021_10_23A2_BCCA129Baltimore Comic-Con (2021) -- Artists (Saturday)
Artists shown here (in sequence): Gene Ha, Tom King, Jamie Igle, Mark Morales, Craig Rousseau, Chris Bachalo, Pop Mhan, Kim Weston, Ivan Brandon, Jose Villarrubia, John Beatty, Marc Hempel, Brian Stelfreeze, Carla Speed McNeil, Mark Wheatley, Daniel Krall, Penny Forester, Greg Burnham ("Tuskegee...
2021_10_23B2_BCC_Ringo2319Baltimore Comic-Con (2021) -- Ringo Awards: Ceremony and Afterwards
The Comics Industry Celebrates the 2021 Ringo Awards
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - October 24, 2021 - Comic creative professionals, publishers, retailers, and fans came together (virtually) Saturday night, October 23, 2021 to experience the comic book industry celebrating recognition of their peers,...
2018_MD_GBF_Misc_18051999Gaithersburg Book Festival (2018) -- Miscellaneous
The Politics and Prose tent, muddy boots, vendor tables, kids activities, etc.
2014_MD_SPX_Other_14091474Small Press Expo (2014) -- Other (Sunday)
People pictured here include: Warren Bernard, Dustin Harbin, Andrew Cohen, Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher, Steve Artley, Megan Lavey-Heaton, Mimi Pond, Raina Telgemeier, Dave Roman, Jules Feiffer, ???, Keith Knight, Roger Langridge, Isabelle Melancon, Steve Conley, Michael Cavna, John Gallagher, Michael Cho,...
2011_VA_DCCC_11061946VA -- George Mason University -- DC Comic-Con
Guests included Larry Hama, SL Gallant, Frank Cho, Jim Starlin, Todd Dezago, Daniel Ross, Michelle P Lewis, John Gallagher, Steve Conley,
2015_VA_Smudge_15031480VA -- Rosslyn -- Artisphere -- Smudge Expo
Smudge is a new comics arts expo meant to showcase independent comics and inspire attendees to become storytellers themselves. Smudge features exhibitors in the Artisphere Ballroom,presenters in the Black Box Theater and hands-on workshops in the classroom. Smudge is an all ages show and it free for...

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2021_12_04C3_Miss_DC_Send32022021 Miss District of Columbia Send-Off -- Andolyn Medina to Miss America Pageant @ Embassy of Czechoslovakia -- (3 of 3) Photos afterward
Miss DC Scholarship Organization Please join us! Send Off Party for the Miss America Competition for Miss DC 2021 Andolyn Medina Embassy of the Czech Republic 3900 Spring of Freedom St, NW (Partially reviewed)
2021_12_04B1_NMHM10MD -- Silver Spring -- Natl Museum of Health and Medicine (Forest Glen Annex)
2021_VA_VMFA_Frank_Short45VA -- Richmond -- Virginia Museum of Fine Arts -- Exhibit: Sir Frank Short: Out of the Shadows
Sir Frank Short: Out of the Shadows This installation shines a spotlight on a printmaker whose lifetime achievements have been underappreciated in the years since his death. Born in the industrial heart of England, Short initially trained as a civil engineer. While working on a government inquiry in...
2021_12_07B3_AFI4MD -- Silver Spring -- AFI Silver Theatre
2022_01_13B2_Icons_Animation2107MD -- Westminster -- McDaniel College Rice Gallery Exhibit: Icons of American Animation (2 of 2) (Visit 1)
Major exhibition curated by Communication professor highlights the artistic and cultural significance of American Animation Robert Lemieux, associate professor of Communication and Cinema, is curator of "Icons of American Animation," which features over 150 pieces of original art representing more t... (Partially reviewed)
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