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2016_DC_4th_ArchivesB_16070464DC -- 4th of July @ National Archives -- Breakfast (2016)
* Patrick Madden, Executive Director, National Archives Foundation
* David Ferriero, Chief Archivist of the United States
* A’Lelia Bundles, Chair and President, National Archives Foundation
* ???, from John Hancock Insurance
In the audience were various folks including Congressman...
2015_DC_4th_Archives_150704156DC -- 4th of July @ National Archives -- Ceremony (2015)
Declaration of Independence Reading Ceremony
* Greetings from Steve Scully, C-SPAN News Broadcaster
* Presentation of colors by the Continental Color Guard*
* National Anthem by Adalia Jimenez
* Performance by the Fife and Drum Corps*
* Remarks by Archivist of the United States David S....
2016_DC_4th_Archives_160704118DC -- 4th of July @ National Archives -- Ceremony (2016)
* Greeting by Allison Seymour, Fox 5 News Anchor
* Presentation of colors by the Continental Color Guard
* National Anthem by Caleb Green
* Performance by the Fife and Drum Corps
* Remarks by the Archivist of the United States, David Ferriero
* Dramatic Reading of the Declaration of...
2015_DC_4th_ArchivesB_15070469DC -- 4th of July @ National Archives -- Member Breakfast (2015)
July 4th at the National Archives
Promise of America Breakfast: American Heritage Chocolate Tasting
* (Emcee) Patrick Madden, Executive Director, Foundation for the National Archives
* David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States
* A’Lelia Bundles, Chair and President, Foundation for...
2015_DC_SIPG_Tour4DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center -- Tour: Garrett Peck
2012_DC_Dust_Bowl_120325107Env Film Festival (2012) -- "Dust Bowl" (w/Ken Burns, Dayton Duncan and Julie Dunfey) @ Natl Archives
Presented with: Charles Guggenheim Center for the Documentary Film
THE DUST BOWL (USA, 2012, 60 min.)
Special Sneak Preview with Clips The worst man-made ecological disaster in American history, “the dust bowl,” caused by the heedless actions of thousands of individual farmers, encouraged by their...
2012_DC_FNA_12020931Foundation for the Natl Archives -- Member reception for Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World exhibit
2016_DC_FNA_16031440Foundation for the Natl Archives -- "Amending America" member event
Speakers were A'Leila Bundles, David Ferriero, and ???.
2010_DC_FNA_1012018Foundation for the Natl Archives -- "Discovering the Civil War, Part Two: Consequences" reception
To say thank you to our members, to ring in the holiday season, and to celebrate the opening of our newest exhibit "Discovering the Civil War, Part Two: Consequences", we invite you to join the Foundation for a special evening, including
* A private reception including favorite holiday treats and...
2010_DC_FNA_100128111Foundation for the Natl Archives -- "Fighting for Democracy" opening (w/Daniel Inouye and George Takei)
A special opportunity to preview Fighting for Democracy, a temporary exhibition opening at the National Archives.
What do we mean by "We the People?" This question is explored in "Fighting for Democracy" through the experiences of women and men who sought equal treatment during World War II. This...
2011_DC_FNA_11060936Foundation for the Natl Archives -- "What's Cooking, Uncle Sam?" opening
David S. Ferriero, Archivist of the United States
Kenneth G. Lore, Chairman and President of the Foundation for the National Archives
Jose Andres, Chief Culinary Advisor
Invite you to join
Special Guest: The Honorable Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture
for a private reception and exhibition...
2014_DC_20Feet_14022625Natl Archives -- Academy Award Documentary Feature Nominee: "20 Feet from Stardom" (introduced by Willie Waffle)
10th Annual Showcase of Academy AwardŽ–Nominated Documentaries and Short Subjects
The National Archives hosts the tenth annual free screenings of the Academy AwardŽ nominees in four categories–Documentary Feature, Documentary Short Subject, Live Action Short Film, and Animated Short Film.
2010_DC_NAOscF_10030312Natl Archives -- Academy Award Documentary Feature Nominee: "Food, Inc." (introduced by Willie Waffle)
The Center for the National Archives Experience will host the sixth annual free screenings of the Academy AwardŽ nominees in four categories—Documentary Feature, Documentary Short Subject, Live Action Short Film, and Animated Short Film—from Wednesday, March 3, through Sunday, March 7. The screenings...
2013_DC_Searching_13022016Natl Archives -- Academy Award Documentary Feature Nominee: "Searching for Sugar Man" (introduced by Willie Waffle)
9th Annual Showcase of Academy AwardŽ–Nominated Documentaries and Short Subjects:
The National Archives Experience hosts the ninth annual free screenings of the Academy AwardŽ nominees in four categories—Documentary Feature, Documentary Short Subject, Live Action Short Film, and Animated Short...
2020_DC_Cave_20020530Natl Archives -- Academy Award Documentary Feature Nominee: "The Cave" (w/member reception)
Opening Night Reception and Film Screening The Cave
The Cave (Feras Fayyad, Kirstine Barfod and Sigrid Dyekjćr)
(104 minutes, unrated)
2012_DC_NAOscU_12022314Natl Archives -- Academy Award Documentary Feature Nominee: "Undefeated" (introduced by Willie Waffle)
8th Annual Showcase of Academy AwardŽ–Nominated Documentaries and Shorts:
The National Archives Experience hosts the eighth annual free screenings of the Academy AwardŽ nominees in four categories—Documentary Feature, Documentary Short Subject, Live Action Short Film, and Animated Short Film.
2017_DC_Miller_17050259Natl Archives -- Adrian Miller ("The President’s Kitchen Cabinet")
The President’s Kitchen Cabinet: The Story of the African Americans Who Have Fed Our First Families
Award-winning author Adrian Miller vividly tells the stories of the African Americans who worked in the Presidential food service as chefs, personal cooks, butlers, stewards, and servers for every First...
2018_DC_Souza_180508182Natl Archives -- An Evening with Former White House Photographer Pete Souza
An Evening with Former White House Photographer Pete Souza
He captured President Reagan and President Obama, now it's your turn to see the man behind the famous photographs. Join us for an exclusive program with Pete Souza, President Barack Obama's Chief Official White House Photographer! Souza will...
2009_DC_NAAGR_09121645Natl Archives -- Annette Gordon-Reed ("Hemingses of Monticello")
Annette Gordon-Reed: The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family:
In The Hemingses of Monticello, the Hemings family finally comes to light in all its complexity. Pulitzer Prize–winning author Annette Gordon-Reed, professor of law at New York Law School and professor of history at Rutgers...
2016_DC_Kempner_16020436Natl Archives -- Aviva Kempner (discussing "Rosenwald") w/A'Leila Bundles
Rosenwald: A Remarkable Story of a Jewish Partnership with African American Communities:
Rosenwald is the story of Julius Rosenwald, who never finished high school but rose to become the president of Sears. Influenced by the writings of Booker T. Washington, this Jewish philanthropist joined forces...
2018_DC_Drury_18102926Natl Archives -- Bob Drury ("Valley Forge")
Bob Drury and Tom Clavin: Valley Forge: The Heart of Everything That Is
Bob Drury has written an inspiring account of Valley Forge, the Continental Army winter camp where George Washington turned the tide of the American Revolution. At the end of 1777, the Continental Army was starving; the men were...
2010_DC_CW3D_10061079Natl Archives -- Bob Zeller and John Richter ("Civil War in 3-D")
The Civil War in 3-D:
In partnership with the Center for Civil War Photography, we present an illustrated lecture featuring about 170 stereoscopic images taken during the Civil War. Bob Zeller, president of the Center for Civil War Photography, and John J. Richter, director of imaging for the center,...
2011_DC_Matthews_11121361Natl Archives -- Chris Matthews ("Jack Kennedy")
Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero:
Chris Matthews weaves first-hand accounts of John F. Kennedy together to tell the tale of how Kennedy grew from a child of privilege into a war hero and finally became President of the United States, all the while coping with a life-threatening disease. A book signing will...
2013_DC_Lewis_13060685Natl Archives -- Congressman John Lewis ("An Evening with...") w/Scott Simon
An Evening with Congressman John Lewis:
Often called “one of the most courageous persons the Civil Rights Movement ever produced,” John Lewis has dedicated his life to protecting human rights and securing civil liberties. NPR correspondent and Peabody Award winner Scott Simon talks with Lewis about his...
2010_DC_Eisenhower_101209141Natl Archives -- David and Julie Nixon Eisenhower ("Going Home to Glory")
Going Home to Glory: A Memoir of Life with Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961-1969:
At the end of his second term in 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower retired to his farm outside of Gettysburg, PA, and redefined his political role. In Going Home to Glory, grandson David Eisenhower and his wife Julie Nixon...
2019_DC_Maraniss_19051630Natl Archives -- David Maraniss ("A Good American Family")
A Good American Family: The Red Scare and My Father
Pulitzer Prize–winning author David Maraniss captures the pervasive fear and paranoia that gripped America during the Red Scare of the 1950s. A Good American Family recounts his family’s ordeal, from blacklisting to vindication. Elliott Maraniss, a...
2011_DC_Nichols_11042268Natl Archives -- David Nichols ("Eisenhower 1956: The President's Year of Crisis")
Eisenhower 1956: The President’s Year of Crisis—Suez and the Brink of War:
David A. Nichols, a leading expert on the Eisenhower presidency and author of Eisenhower 1956, discusses how the thirty-fourth president of the United States skillfully negotiated to avert global warfare during the Suez crisis,...
2019_DC_Rubenstein_191216131Natl Archives -- David Rubenstein ("The American Story: Conversations with Master Historians") w/Taylor Branch, H.W. Brands, and Jay Winik
The American Story: Conversations with Master Historians
Co-founder of The Carlyle Group and patriotic philanthropist David M. Rubenstein takes readers on a sweeping journey across the grand arc of the American story through revealing conversations with our greatest historians. In these lively...
2013_DC_Girls_Atomic_13031377Natl Archives -- Denise Kiernan ("Girls of Atomic City")
The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II:
The Tennessee town of Oak Ridge was created from scratch in 1942 as one of the Manhattan Project’s secret cities. It was home to more than 75,000 people, many of them young women recruited from small towns across the...
2013_DC_Goodwin_13111226Natl Archives -- Doris Kearns Goodwin ("The Bully Pulpit")
The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism:
Doris Kearns Goodwin’s latest book, The Bully Pulpit, is a dynamic history of the first decade of the Progressive era. Goodwin discusses the broken friendship between Teddy Roosevelt and his chosen successor,...
2017_DC_JFK100_17050366Natl Archives -- Douglas Brinkley and Stephen Kennedy Smith ("JFK: A Vision for America")
JFK100—JFK: A Vision for America
JFK: A Vision for America brings together Kennedy’s greatest speeches alongside essays by America’s top historians, political thinkers, writers, and artists. Edited by historian Douglas Brinkley and JFK’s nephew Stephen Kennedy Smith, is the definitive compendium of...
2012_DC_Big_Broadcast_12051049Natl Archives -- Ed Walker and Rob Bamberger (The Big Broadcast)
Go Behind the Scenes of The Big Broadcast at the National Archives on May 10:
In conjunction with its release of the 1940 Federal population census, the National Archives presents Ed Walker, host of WAMU 88.5’s longest-running radio show, The Big Broadcast. Walker, along with Rob Bamberger, host of...
2017_DC_Ayers_17112942Natl Archives -- Edward L. Ayers ("The Thin Light of Freedom")
The Thin Light of Freedom: The Civil War and Emancipation in the Heart of America
Edward L. Ayers retells the story of the Civil War on a human scale by focusing on two communities in the Great Valley: Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania. During the war, the valley saw pitched...
2010_DC_NAElvis_10010694Natl Archives -- Egil "Bud" Krogh and Jerry Schilling (Nixon and Elvis)
Nixon and Elvis: We Were There When Nixon Met Elvis
In commemoration of the 75th birthday of Elvis Presley, the National Archives presents a discussion of the meeting between Elvis and President Richard Nixon at the White House on December 21, 1970. Timothy Naftali, Director of the Richard Nixon...
2015_DC_Gateway_15020376Natl Archives -- Eric Foner ("Gateway to Freedom") w/Ed Ayers, Edna Greene Medford, and Adam Rothman
Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad
Eric Foner builds on fresh evidence, including a secret, detailed record of slave escapes, to tell the dramatic story of fugitive slaves and the antislavery activists who defied the law to help them reach freedom. Ed Ayers, President of...
2019_DC_Thomas_19042480Natl Archives -- Evan Thomas ("First: Sandra Day O’Connor, An American Life") w/Michael Beschloss
First: Sandra Day O’Connor, An American Life
When she graduated near the top of her law school class in 1952, no firm would even interview her. But Sandra Day O’Connor’s story is that of a woman who repeatedly shattered glass ceilings—doing so with a blend of grace, wisdom, humor, understatement, and...
2010_DC_NAJHF_10021865Natl Archives -- Evelyn Higginbotham ("From Slavery to Freedom" and the Legacy of John Hope Franklin)
From Slavery to Freedom and the Legacy of John Hope Franklin:
The ninth edition of From Slavery to Freedom by John Hope Franklin and Evelyn Higginbotham has been revised to reflect the most current scholarship on African American history. Tonight we present a program on the legacy of John Hope Franklin...
2011_DC_Eisenhower_Mem_111005116Natl Archives -- Frank Gehry and Robert Wilson ("Creating the Eisenhower National Memorial")
Creating the Eisenhower National Memorial:
Acclaimed architect Frank Gehry and his collaborator, theater artist Robert Wilson, discuss the creative process of developing the concept and design of the Eisenhower National Memorial. David S. Ferriero, Archivist of the United States, will moderate the...
2011_DC_Halvorsen_11100646Natl Archives -- Gail Halvorsen ("Berlin Candy Bomber")
The Berlin Candy Bomber:
In June 1948, Russia blockaded the city of Berlin. The Americans, French, and British began a massive airlift of food and supplies. Gail Halvorsen was one of the hundreds of U.S. pilots involved in the airlift. On one flight, he met a group of children who were thrilled when he...
2011_DC_Wood_11051827Natl Archives -- Gordon Wood ("Idea of America") w/Jay Winik
The Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States:
More than almost any other nation in the world, the United States began as an idea. Tonight, Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Gordon S. Wood reveals how the revolutionary generation, despite living in a distant, sparsely populated...
2018_DC_Folktales_18011060Natl Archives -- Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Maria Tatar ("The Annotated African American Folktales") w/A'Lelia Bundles
African American Folktales
Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Maria Tatar will discuss their book, The Annotated African American Folktales. The illustrated book celebrates nearly 170 stories across several continents and is a kaleidoscopic study of the African American folklore tradition. It presents fairy...
2016_DC_Roberts_16101726Natl Archives -- History, Trends & Predictions: 2016 Presidential Election: Cokie Roberts w/A'Lelia Bundles
The National Archives Foundation invites you and a guest to attend a Signers Circle exclusive
History, Trends & Predictions: 2016 Presidential Election
Reception and Conversation with Cokie Roberts w/A'Lelia Bundles
For many, the 2016 presidential election seems unique, but is history repeating...
2016_DC_Berlin_16021039Natl Archives -- Ira Berlin ("The Long Emancipation: The Demise of Slavery in the United States")
Ira Berlin: "The Long Emancipation: The Demise of Slavery in the United States"
Answers to questions about who ended slavery, how, and why remain fiercely contested more than a century and a half after the passage of the 13th Amendment. In The Long Emancipation, Ira Berlin offers a framework for...
2016_DC_Conroy_161115103Natl Archives -- James Conroy ("Lincoln’s White House: The People’s House in Wartime")
Lincoln’s White House: The People’s House in Wartime
Author James Conroy will discuss Lincoln’s White House, a book that brings to life the executive mansion and the people who knew it. Conroy explores daily life and day-to-day business during the most tumultuous Civil War years. Drawing on primary...
2012_DC_McPherson_12100223Natl Archives -- James McPherson ("War on the Waters")
War on the Waters: The Union and Confederate Navies, 1861–1865:
Even though the two navies represented a small percentage of the Union and Confederate fighting forces, they were crucial to the war’s outcome. Civil War historian James M. McPherson recounts the war’s naval campaigns, their leaders, and...
2014_DC_Webb_14052233Natl Archives -- James Webb ("I Heard My Country Calling")
I Heard My Country Calling: A Memoir
James Webb, former U.S. Senator; Secretary of the Navy; recipient of the Navy Cross, Silver Star, and Purple Heart as a combat Marine; and a self-described “military brat,” has written an extraordinary memoir of his early years and his love of country and service. A...
2020_DC_Mitchell_20021859Natl Archives -- Jerry Mitchell ("Race Against Time")
Race Against Time: A Reporter Reopens the Unsolved Murder Cases of the Civil Rights Era
Investigative journalist Jerry Mitchell takes readers on the twisting road that led to the reopening of four of the most infamous killings during the civil rights movement. His work played a central role in bringing...
2011_DC_Nathan_11052541Natl Archives -- Joan Nathan ("Jewish Holiday Traditions and Cooking in America") w/Spike Mendelsohn
Jewish Holiday Traditions and Cooking in America:
In celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month and our upcoming exhibition “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?,” which opens on June 10, we welcome award-winning television personality and cookbook author Joan Nathan. Jewish holidays are defined by food,...
2015_DC_Decade_15012747Natl Archives -- Joe Looby ("Decade of Discovery") w/Jason Baron, Gary Stern, and Anne Weismann
The Decade of Discovery
The Decade of Discovery follows events that unfolded between 2002 and 2012, when a government attorney took on a quest to find a better way to search White House email and a teacher took a stand for civil justice on the electronic frontier. Following the screening, there will be...
2015_DC_Ellis_15051256Natl Archives -- Joseph Ellis ("Quartet")
The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution:
In 1776, 13 American colonies declared themselves independent states that only temporarily joined forces in order to defeat the British. Once victorious, they planned to go their separate ways. In The Quartet, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian...
2014_DC_Ellis_14060941Natl Archives -- Joseph Ellis ("Revolutionary Summer")
Revolutionary Summer: The Birth of American Independence
The summer of 1776 witnessed the most consequential events in the story of our country’s founding. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Joseph Ellis discusses his book Revolutionary Summer and the influential figures and events of those months when the...
2017_DC_Vietnam_BN_17101794Natl Archives -- Ken Burns and Lynn Novick ("The Vietnam War") w/Cokie Roberts
The Vietnam War with Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
Cokie Roberts will moderate a discussion with directors Ken Burns and Lynn Novick about their PBS documentary series, The Vietnam War, in conjunction with the November 10 opening of the National Archives exhibit, "Remembering Vietnam," in our Lawrence F....
2015_DC_Walsh_15042483Natl Archives -- Kenneth T. Walsh ("Celebrity in Chief")
Celebrity in Chief: A History of the Presidents and the Culture of Stardom:
Award-winning White House correspondent and Presidential historian Kenneth T. Walsh looks at the history of America’s Presidents. He argues that modern Presidents need to be celebrities, building on their fame to rally public...
2014_DC_N2Nation_14112022Natl Archives -- Kevin Gover and Suzan Shown Harjo ("Nation to Nation")
Nation to Nation: Treaties Between the United States and American Indian Nations
Kevin Gover, Director of the National Museum of the American Indian, and Suzan Shown Harjo, guest curator of the “Nation to Nation” exhibit, explore the promises, diplomacy, and betrayals involved in treaties and treaty...
2019_DC_Levin_19092485Natl Archives -- Kevin Levin ("Searching for Black Confederates")
Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War's Most Persistent Myth
More than 150 years after the end of the Civil War, scores of websites, articles, and organizations repeat claims that anywhere between 500 and 100,000 free and enslaved African Americans fought willingly as soldiers in the...
2013_DC_Kelley_13011095Natl Archives -- Kitty Kelley ("Capturing Camelot") w/Scott Simon
Capturing Camelot: Stanley Tretick’s Iconic Images of the Kennedys
Photojournalist Stanley Tretick was sent by United Press International to follow the Kennedy campaign in 1960. When Kennedy became President, Tretick was given extensive access to the White House, and the picture magazine Look hired him...
2013_DC_Kelley_130912100Natl Archives -- Kitty Kelley ("Let Freedom Ring") w/Marian Wright Edelman, Soledad O’Brien, and Garrick Jordan
Let Freedom Ring: Stanley Tretick’s Iconic Images of the March on Washington
On August 28, 1963, despite searing heat, over 250,000 people from all corners of the country marched on our nation’s capital. In the shadow of the Washington Monument, all the marchers shared the same dream: equality for the...
2015_DC_Plate_15031268Natl Archives -- Libby O'Connell, Corby Kummer ("American Plate")
American Plate: A Culinary History in 100 Bites
In conjunction with the National Archives Museum’s “Spirited Republic: Alcohol in American History” exhibit, Libby O’Connell, chief historian and a senior vice president for the History Channel and A&E networks, discusses American culinary history,...
2014_DC_Cheney_14091226Natl Archives -- Lynne Cheney ("James Madison: A Life Reconsidered")
James Madison: A Life Reconsidered
Best-selling author Lynne Cheney offers a new biography of James Madison, a modest man who audaciously changed the world. Madison was the intellectual driving force behind the Constitution and crucial to its ratification. His visionary political philosophy and...
2018_DC_Boot_18011760Natl Archives -- Max Boot ("The Road Not Taken")
The Road Not Taken: Edward Lansdale and the American Tragedy in Vietnam
In this biography of legendary CIA operative Edward Lansdale, military historian Max Boot demonstrates how America’s giant military bureaucracy in Vietnam crushed Lansdale’s policy of diplomacy to win the trust of the Vietnamese...
2014_DC_Gilbert_14091387Natl Archives -- Melissa Gilbert ("My Prairie Cookbook)"
My Prairie Cookbook: Memories and Frontier Food from My Little House to Yours
In My Prairie Cookbook, Melissa Gilbert, star of Little House on the Prairie, offers fans comforting family recipes and childhood favorites. From prairie breakfasts and picnic lunches to treats inspired by Nellie’s...
2019_DC_Gorsuch_19091641Natl Archives -- Neil Gorsuch ("A Republic, If You Can Keep It")
Justice Gorsuch will discuss his book, "A Republic, If You Can Keep It," which includes personal reflections that focus on the remarkable gift the framers left us in the Constitution. By drawing on his thirty-year career as a lawyer, teacher, judge, and justice he explores the essential aspects of our...
2011_DC_10yr911_11090955Natl Archives -- Panel -- 10th Anniversary of 9/11
10th Anniversary of 9/11:
Gordon Peterson, senior correspondent and anchor of ABC 7/WJLA TV news, moderates a program reflecting upon the extraordinary stories of unity, selflessness, and resilience as well as the efforts and reactions by the first responders to the tragic events of 9/11. Panelists...
2015_DC_McGowan_151118101Natl Archives -- Panel -- 11th Annual McGowan Forum on Communications ("Drawn from the Headlines") w/David Sipress, Tom Toles, Jen Sorensen, Keith Knight, and Signe Wilkinson
11th Annual McGowan Forum on Communications
Drawn from the Headlines: Communication and Political Cartoons
A panel of award-winning political cartoonists discuss their work, inspiration, and motivation, as well as how these cartoons affect the political community and the public, and how technology has...
2011_DC_Kitchen_11062954Natl Archives -- Panel -- 1959 Kitchen Debate (w/Timothy Naftali, Gilbert Robinson, Tatiana Sochurek, George Feifer)
The 1959 Kitchen Debate: The National Archives Experience and the Office of Presidential Libraries present an eyewitness account of the impromptu debate between then-Vice President Richard Nixon and Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev on July 24, 1959, at the U.S. National Exhibition at Sokolniki Park in...
2017_DC_35Wall_17111187Natl Archives -- Panel -- 35th Anniversary of The Wall
35th Anniversary of The Wall
In partnership with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF), we present a panel discussion about the history and legacy of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, dedicated on November 13, 1982. The program will stream live on YouTube.
Welcoming Remarks:
* The Honorable David...
2010_DC_McGowan_10110547Natl Archives -- Panel -- 6th Annual McGowan Forum on Communications ("Long Distance Warrior")
The Sixth Annual McGowan Forum on Communications: "Long Distance Warrior"
Join us tonight for the special screening of Long Distance Warrior: A New Documentary about the Most Famous Entrepreneur You've Never Heard Of. The documentary tells the compelling story of William G. McGowan, the man who took on...
2015_DC_Monument_150915120Natl Archives -- Panel -- 9th Annual Charles Guggenheim Tribute Pgm (Monument to the Dream)
9th Annual Charles Guggenheim Tribute Program: Monument to the Dream
Tonight's Guggenheim Documentary Center Tribute Program features Monument to the Dream, Charles Guggenheim’s third Academy AwardŽ-nominated film. Recently restored by the National Park Service and Guggenheim Productions, Inc., the...
2010_DC_NATuskegee_10021799Natl Archives -- Panel -- A Salute to the Tuskegee Airmen
A Salute to the Tuskegee Airmen:
In partnership with Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, the National Archives Experience presents a panel discussion and film screening celebrating the achievements of America’s first African American...
2016_DC_AALife_160413144Natl Archives -- Panel -- African American Life in Washington, DC, Before Emancipation
African American Life in Washington, DC, Before Emancipation:
As Washington became the focus of abolitionism before the Civil War, antislavery activists argued that the sight of slavery and slave dealers in the nation’s capital disgraced the nation and its ideals. A panel will explore life before the...
2017_DC_CJournalism_171207135Natl Archives -- Panel -- Conflict Journalism in South East Asia (w/Ted Koppel, Tony Hirashiki, Barrie Dunsmore, and Terry Irving)
Conflict Journalism in South East Asia
In conjunction with our exhibit, Remembering Vietnam, we present a panel discussion on the role of the television journalist during the Vietnam War, and how it influenced subsequent conflicts. Participating on the panel will be journalist and former anchor of...
2011_DC_Peace_Corps_11031762Natl Archives -- Panel -- Early Years of the Peace Corps
The Early Years of the Peace Corps:
On March 1, 1961, President John F. Kennedy signed the Executive order that created the Peace Corps. Since then, more than 200,000 Americans have served as Peace Corps volunteers in 139 countries around the world. In commemoration of the agency’s 50th anniversary, we...
2011_DC_Pyramid_11120876Natl Archives -- Panel -- Food Pyramid and Government Dietary Guidelines (w/Jose Andres, Michele Norris, Robert Post, Margo Wootan)
America Eats Series: The Food Pyramid and Government Dietary Guidelines:
As part of our America Eats series, join us this evening for an illustrated discussion on the history and future of USDA dietary recommendations, how they have changed over the years, and featuring historical images and food...
2012_DC_Fourteenth_12102561Natl Archives -- Panel -- Fourteenth Day
The Fourteenth Day: JFK and the Aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis/The Secret White House Tapes
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a panel will discuss JFK’s secret White House recordings, which will be played during the program. Caroline Kennedy will offer opening...
2013_DC_Freedom_Natl_130124100Natl Archives -- Panel -- Freedom National: The Destruction of Slavery in the United States, 1861-1865
Freedom National: The Destruction of Slavery in the United States, 1861–1865
Pulitzer prize–winning author Annette Gordon-Reed leads a panel discussion of emancipation, Lincoln, and the Civil War. Panelists include James McPherson, Pulitzer prize–winning historian and professor emeritus at Princeton...
2017_DC_Tubman_17022894Natl Archives -- Panel -- Harriet Tubman: A Woman of Courage and Vision
Harriet Tubman: A Woman of Courage and Vision
In celebration of the March 2017 grand opening of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor’s Center, we join the National Park Service in presenting a panel discussion examining the life and legacy of Harriet Tubman and the ongoing preservation of...
2015_DC_Alcohol_Regs_15102280Natl Archives -- Panel -- History and Impact of Alcohol Regulation
The History and Impact of Alcohol Regulation:
Author and alcohol historian Garrett Peck (The Prohibition Hangover) moderates a discussion on the origins, effects, and current debate over the regulation of alcohol–exploring such topics as the three-tier system of alcohol distribution, recent industry...
2014_DC_JazzDip_14042489Natl Archives -- Panel -- Jazz Diplomacy: Sending America's Music to the World
Jazz Diplomacy: Sending America’s Music to the World
Beginning in the 1950s, the U.S. Government used jazz as a diplomatic tool during the Cold War. John Edward Hasse—author, curator, biographer of Duke Ellington and founder of the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra—leads a discussion focusing on...
2010_DC_JEDCW_10052788Natl Archives -- Panel -- Jewish Experience During the Civil War
The Jewish Experience During the Civil War:
To commemorate Jewish American Heritage Month, a panel discusses the contributions of Jewish men and women during the Civil War. Each panelist will discuss a “key text,” including documents and events related to including General Grant’s Order No. 11, which...
2012_DC_Lincoln_Const_12012653Natl Archives -- Panel -- Lincoln and the Constitution
Lincoln and the Constitution:
No President faced a more severe Constitutional crisis—or tested the limits of the Constitution more daringly—than Abraham Lincoln. Authors and historians Mark E. Neely, Jr., , and Frank J. Williams—with Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer as moderator—probe issues that still...
2012_DC_Magna_Carta_120216131Natl Archives -- Panel -- Magna Carta and the Constitution
Magna Carta and the Constitution
To celebrate the return of Magna Carta to the National Archives, we present a discussion on its connection to the American Constitution including its place in the charters of the American colonies, its impact on the era of the Founding Fathers, and its legacy in the...
2012_DC_McNamara_12041064Natl Archives -- Panel -- McNamara, Clifford, and the Burdens of Vietnam, 1965–1969
McNamara, Clifford, and the Burdens of Vietnam, 1965–1969
Dr. Erin Mahan, chief historian of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, moderates a panel discussing the roles Robert S. McNamara and Clark M. Clifford played in the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Participating on the panel will be Dr. Harold...
2016_DC_Memorials_4Future_160608141Natl Archives -- Panel -- Memorials for the Future
Memorials for the Future:
Washington, DC, offers a rich commemorative landscape filled with monuments that evoke a sense of national heritage and identity. But how might we develop and experience the next century’s memorials, telling more of America’s stories? Tonight, an expert panel moderated by...
2014_DC_Monuments_14021998Natl Archives -- Panel -- Monuments Men (w/Robert Edsel, Greg Bradsher, Nancy Yeide, Michael Kurtz, and Stuart Eizenstat)
The Monuments Men with Robert Edsel
Robert Edsel has dedicated years to painstaking research about the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program–the group known as the Monuments Men–and has written several books including The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in...
2013_DC_100Yrs_130411102Natl Archives -- Panel -- One Hundred Years: From the Emancipation Proclamation to the March on Washington
One Hundred Years: From the Emancipation Proclamation to the March on Washington:
Explore the journey from slavery to freedom between the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation and the 1963 March on Washington. The panelists will discuss the Emancipation Proclamation, and the continuing struggle for freedom,...
2011_DC_CW_Cartoons_110106159Natl Archives -- Panel -- Political Cartoons of the Civil War
Political Cartoons of the Civil War and Their Role in Shaping History:
How do political cartoons from the Civil War era reveal what Americans thought about the war and how they participated in the politics of the day?
Join us for an illustrated discussion focusing on political cartoons — whether...
2012_DC_Pixels_12101991Natl Archives -- Panel -- Preserving Grain, Presenting Pixels
Preserving Grain, Presenting Pixels: Film Preservation and Restoration in the Digital Age:
In 2007, the Academy’s Science and Technology Council released their landmark study, The Digital Dilemma. Five years later, archival institutions and film industry continue to address the “digital dilemma” when...
2018_DC_Remembering_18111487Natl Archives -- Panel -- Remembering Vietnam: A Conversation About What Happens after Duty, Honor, Country
Remembering Vietnam: A Conversation About What Happens after Duty, Honor, Country
As part of a week-long schedule of activities to celebrate and honor Vietnam War veterans, ...
2015_DC_13th_Amend_15120750Natl Archives -- Panel -- The 13th Amendment at 150: Emancipation, America’s Second Founding, and the Challenges That Remain
The 13th Amendment at 150: Emancipation, America’s Second Founding, and the Challenges That Remain:
The 13th Amendment, which banned slavery throughout the United States, began a wave of constitutional transformations that followed through on President Lincoln’s promise of “a new birth of freedom” and...
2011_DC_Their_Stories_11031097Natl Archives -- Panel -- Their Stories, Their Voices (w/John Amos)
Their Stories, Their Voices: African American WWII Veterans Who Served on Iwo Jima:
Actor John Amos recently sat down for a conversation with six African American veterans who served America during World War II. The resulting short documentary acknowledges and pays tribute to all African American...
2012_DC_Lady_Bird_121206102Natl Archives -- Panel -- Tribute to Lady Bird Johnson
Tribute to Lady Bird Johnson:
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lady Bird Johnson, a panel will discuss her achievements and contributions. Audio recordings of the Lady Bird Johnson Oral History Project will be played. Mark Updegrove, director of the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential...
2018_DC_Viet_Photogs_181101150Natl Archives -- Panel -- Vietnam Photographers: Capturing the War on Film
Vietnam Photographers: Capturing the War on Film
In partnership with the U.S. Army Center of Military History and in observance of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, a panel of combat photographers who served in Vietnam as part of the Army’s Special Photographic Office will discuss their role and...
2019_DC_Women_Vote_190516108Natl Archives -- Panel -- Women and the Vote: The 19th Amendment, Power, Media, and the Making of a Movement
Women and the Vote: The 19th Amendment, Power, Media, and the Making of a Movement
What methods did suffragists use to communicate their message, and how did public representations of women shape the battle for the 19th Amendment? Moderated by Tamara Keith, NPR White House correspondent and co-host of...
2012_DC_Leadership_120301120Natl Archives -- Panel -- Women in Leadership: First Ladies w/Bess Abell, Jean Becker, Anita McBride, Cokie Roberts, and Susan Sher
5th Annual Forum on Women in Leadership: Women in Leadership for the First Ladies
What changes have taken place in roles, opportunities, and obstacles for women in leadership positions in the White House? NPR news analyst Cokie Roberts moderates a panel including Anita McBride, former Chief of Staff...
2010_DC_NAWILJ_10031172Natl Archives -- Panel -- Women in Leadership: Journalism w/Gwen Ifill, Diane Rehm, Cokie Roberts, and Katharine Weymouth
Women in Leadership: Journalism
Women journalists have impacted the reporting and editing of our nation’s news. What are the challenges they have faced? And what has changed in the roles, expectations, opportunities, and obstacles for women in American journalism? A panel of journalists and news...
2019_DC_Leadership_19103093Natl Archives -- Panel -- Women in Leadership: Women on the U.S. Congress w/Shelley Moore Capito, Brenda Lawrence, Tammy Baldwin and Brooke Baldwin
Women in Leadership: The Impact of Women on the U.S. Congress
When the 116th Congress convened in 2019, a record number of women—102 in the House of Representatives and 25 in the Senate—held seats. How has this historic increase changed the ethos of the institution? How do newly elected women interact...
2018_DC_Brown_18030560Natl Archives -- Panel -- "Harold Brown: Offsetting the Soviet Military Challenge, 1977-1981" w/Harold Brown, Charles Duncan, and Robert Work
Harold Brown: Offsetting the Soviet Military Challenge, 1977–1981
Edward Keefer, author of Harold Brown: Offsetting the Soviet Military Challenge, 1977–1981, will moderate a discussion on how the former Secretary of Defense Brown worked to counter the Soviet Union’s growing military strength during the...
2012_DC_Revolutionary_12011173Natl Archives -- Panel -- (r)Evolutionary Parks, the Future of Public Space
(r)Evolutionary Parks—The Future of Public Space
A panel of architects will discuss ways that people use and enjoy public parks. The program is a companion event to the National Mall Design Competition that seeks to redesign three spaces on the National Mall. Presented in partnership with the National...
2010_DC_Maiern_10102931Natl Archives -- Pauline Maier ("Ratification")
Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787–1788:
When the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia adjourned in late summer of 1787, the delegates returned to their states to report on the new Constitution. Join us as Pauline Maier discusses her latest book Ratification, and the debate...
2019_DC_Addiction_190227144Natl Archives -- PBS NOVA "Addiction" screening and discussion
Addiction, a documentary produced for PBS’s NOVA, examines how easy access to drugs like heroin, fentanyl, and even prescription medications like OxyContin has fueled an epidemic of addiction—the deadliest in U.S. history. Now, science is revealing how addiction affects the brain, and top...
2011_DC_WHomer_11020768Natl Archives -- Peter Wood ("Near Andersonville, Winslow Homer's Civil War")
Near Andersonville, Winslow Homer's Civil War: American painter Winslow Homer rose to national attention during the Civil War, but one of his most important early paintings, “Near Andersonville,” remained unknown for a century. In this illustrated lecture, author Peter Wood reveals the long-hidden story...
2014_DC_Looted_14050886Natl Archives -- Press Conference: Donation of "Hitler Album" of Looted Art
National Archives and the Monuments Men Foundation Announce Press Conference for the Donation of “Hitler Album” of Looted Art
Opportunity to examine original “Hitler Album” and meet Monuments Man Harry Ettlinger
WHAT: To mark the May 8 anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe in 1945, the...
2016_DC_Archives_AmendPP_16030829Natl Archives -- Press Preview: Amending America (Presentation)
The media presentation about the new exhibit. Speakers included David Ferriero, A'Leila Bundles, and co-curator Christine Blackerby.
2010_DC_Archives_DCW_PP_10042784Natl Archives -- Press Preview: Discovering the Civil War (part 1) (Presentation)
Discovering the Civil War:
A Traveling Exhibit from the National Archives
Created in Partnership with the Foundation for the National Archives

In 2010 the National Archives will peel back 150 years of accumulated analysis, synthesis, and punditry to reveal a Civil War that is little-known and even...
2010_DC_Archives_DCW_PP_10110458Natl Archives -- Press Preview: Discovering the Civil War (part 2) (Presentation)
2012_DC_Archives_EmanPP_121220116Natl Archives -- Press Preview: Emancipation Proclamation
Exclusive Press Preview of the Emancipation Proclamation at the National Archives, the original document for its 150th Anniversary

Special behind-the-scenes press opportunity and photo-op. Photograph/videotape the original Emancipation Proclamation, learn about its history and conservation from the...
2019_DC_Archives_EmanPP_19041510Natl Archives -- Press Preview: Emancipation Proclamation
A special viewing of the Emancipation Proclamation at the National Archives, Monday, April 15 at 9 a.m. Programs and events are planned throughout the week celebrating the 156th Anniversary of the document, viewable by the public, from April 14-16. In addition to the rare public display, the museum will...
2014_DC_Archives_SigPP_14031846Natl Archives -- Press Preview: Making Their Mark: Stories Through Signatures (plus tour)
A special press-only “sneak preview” to launch the new National Archives’ exhibit: Making Their Mark: Stories Through Signatures
A signature can be as routine as a mark on a form or as extraordinary as a stroke of the pen that changes the course of history. It can save lives or end them. This sweeping...
2013_DC_Archives_ROR_PP_13121157Natl Archives -- Press Preview: Records of Rights
A special press preview to launch “Records of Rights,” the new National Archives permanent exhibition in the David M. Rubenstein Gallery.
"Records of Rights" uses original documents, photographs, facsimiles, videos, and interactive exhibits to explore how Americans have worked to realize the ideals of...
2017_DC_Archives_VietPP_17110835Natl Archives -- Press Preview: Remembering Vietnam (Presentation)
Press Preview for National Archives “Remembering Vietnam” Exhibit Nov. 8
WHAT: A special press-only “sneak peek” of the National Archives exhibit “Remembering Vietnam: Twelve Critical Episodes in the Vietnam War” before it opens to the public on Friday, November 10, 2017. The 3,000-square-foot...
2019_DC_Archives_HersPP_19050740Natl Archives -- Press Preview: Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote
A special press-only “sneak peek” of the National Archives exhibit “Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote” before it opens to the public. The 3,000-square-foot exhibition uses more than 90 original National Archives records to explore the relentless struggle of diverse activists throughout U.S....
2012_DC_Sunshine_12031225Natl Archives -- Press Preview: Sunshine Week
National Archives OGIS Celebrates “Sunshine Week” with FOIA Display and Program March 12th:
WHAT: Washington, DC. . . In celebration of Sunshine Week, The National Archives Office of Government Information Services (OGIS) will host brief remarks and display of the original Freedom of Information...
2012_DC_Archives_BrinkPP_12101051Natl Archives -- Press Preview: To the Brink (Presentation)
Washington, DC . . . A special press-only preview to launch the new National Archives exhibit marking the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis: “To the Brink: JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis.” The exhibit opens to the public on Friday, October 12, 2012.
“To the Brink” shows Kennedy and his...
2011_DC_Archives_WCUS_PP_11060739Natl Archives -- Press Preview: What's Cooking, Uncle Sam? (Presentation)
Press Preview for “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?” Exhibit at the National Archives:
Groundbreaking exhibit explores nation’s love affair with, fear of, and obsession with food:
A special press only “sneak preview” to launch the new National Archives exhibition: What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam? The Government’s...
2014_DC_Monuments_14013050Natl Archives -- Robert Edsel (introducing and responding to "The Monuments Men")
Special Advance Screening of "The Monuments Men":
The National Archives is pleased to host a special advance screening of the forthcoming film The Monuments Men on January 30, 2014, in the William G. McGowan Theater in Washington, DC.
Based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history,...
2017_DC_Gates_17012640Natl Archives -- Robert M. Gates ("A Passion for Leadership") w/Michael Allen
A Passion for Leadership: Lessons on Change and Reform from Fifty Years of Public Service
Former Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates discusses his latest book. Having led change successfully at three monumental organizations—the CIA, Texas A&M University, and the Department of Defense—he offers us the...
2009_DC_NAWAW_09120848Natl Archives -- Roger Kennedy and David Larkin ("When Art Worked")
When Art Worked: The New Deal, Art, and Democracy:
Under the New Deal’s Federal Arts Project, the American government helped artists get through a difficult time in history. The New Deal provided food, work, and wages, but it also employed out-of-work artists who worked to enhance community and...
2016_DC_Ross_160331158Natl Archives -- Special -- Rodney Ross retirement event
2014_DC_Constitution_14011445Natl Archives -- Stephen Breyer ("Conversations on the Constitution")
Conversations on the Constitution:
We launch a series of conversations with the Supreme Court Justices of the United States with an evening with Associate Justice Stephen Breyer. Yale law professor and Constitutional scholar Akhil Reed Amar will lead the discussion, focusing on ideas, viewpoints, and...
2011_DC_PCartoons_110413169Natl Archives -- Stephen Hess and Sandy Northrop ("American Political Cartoons")
American Political Cartoons: The Evolution of a National Identity 1754–2010
From Benjamin Franklin’s drawing in 1754 to contemporary cartoons, editorial cartoons have always been a part of American journalism and politics, despite the discomfort of the cartoons’ targets—and to the delight of their...
2016_DC_Puleo_16101132Natl Archives -- Stephen Puleo ("American Treasures")
American Treasures: The Secret Efforts to Save the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address
In American Treasures, Stephen Puleo charts the little-known journeys of the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address. The book weaves in...
2015_DC_Inskeep_15091456Natl Archives -- Steve Inskeep ("Jacksonland")
Monday, September 14, at noon
William G. McGowan Theater & US National Archives YouTube Channel
Jacksonland: President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, and a Great American Land Grab
Journalist Steve Inskeep’s Jacksonland is the story of two men—President Andrew Jackson and Cherokee chief...
2012_DC_Nathans_12012057Natl Archives -- Sydney Nathans ("To Free A Family: The Journey of Mary Walker")
To Free a Family: The Journey of Mary Walker
What was it like for a mother to flee slavery, leaving her children behind? In To Free a Family, Sydney Nathans uses letters and diaries to tell the remarkable story of Mary Walker, who fled her owner in 1848 and spent the next 17 years trying to recover her...
2016_DC_Boston_16111898Natl Archives -- Talmage Boston ("Cross-Examining History")
Cross-Examining History: A Lawyer Gets Answers From the Experts About Our Presidents
Talmage Boston seeks out what made our major Presidents tick and what caused their lives to play out as they did. In Cross-Examining History, Boston interviews Presidential insiders to get insights about America's past...
2015_DC_Smiley_15041058Natl Archives -- Tavis Smiley ("My Journey with Maya") w/Michel Martin
My Journey with Maya with Tavis Smiley
Tavis Smiley, the host of PBS's “Tavis Smiley” and Public Radio International's “The Tavis Smiley Show,” recounts the story of his enduring friendship with Maya Angelou. Michel Martin, National Public Radio journalist, joins Smiley. Presented in partnership with...
2018_DC_Golway_18121158Natl Archives -- Terry Golway ("Frank and Al")
Frank and Al: FDR, Al Smith, and the Unlikely Alliance that Created the Modern Democratic Party
In his latest book, Frank and Al, editor and author Terry Golway tells the untold story of an unlikely political partnership—between a to-the-manor-born Protestant (Franklin D. Roosevelt) and a Lower East...
2013_DC_Harper_13041677Natl Archives -- Valerie Harper ("I, Rhoda")
I, Rhoda:
Valerie Harper, star of the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda, discusses her book I, Rhoda, and her life on and off the screen. On-screen, she represented a self-reliant new identity for women of the 1970s while off-screen she fought alongside feminists Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug for equal...
2017_DC_Stahr_17082241Natl Archives -- Walter Stahr ("Stanton: Lincoln's War Secretary")
Stanton: Lincoln’s War Secretary
Award-winning author Walter Stahr tells the story of Abraham Lincoln’s indispensable Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton. A book signing follows the program.
The speaker was introduced by David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States.
2015_DC_Nelson_15061952Natl Archives & AFI Docs 2015 -- Guggenheim Symposium Honoring Stanley Nelson @ National Archives
For over 25 years Stanley Nelson has dedicated himself to creating a series of profound, intelligent and revealing documentaries on long neglected or misinterpreted chapters of African American History. These powerful works have made him one of the most acclaimed and important...
2017_DC_Sacrifice_17041393Natl Archives & Natl World War I Memorial -- 100 Years: World War I and The Weight of Sacrifice
100 Years: World War I and The Weight of Sacrifice
April 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of American entry into World War I. In partnership with the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission, we present a program honoring Americans who served in the war. The Commission is building a National WWI memorial...
2011_DC_Kalb_11120759Natl Archives & Newseum -- Marvin Kalb (Pearl Harbor)
In Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor
“It Is No Joke—It Is a Real War”: How Americans First Learned of Pearl Harbor
Marvin Kalb uses film, audio, and photographic records from the National Archives and the Newseum to discuss how the media informed Americans of the 1941...
2012_DC_McGowan_12110873Natl Archives & USAFMC -- Panel -- 8th Annual McGowan Forum on Communications ("Communicating the Message")
Eighth Annual McGowan Forum on Communications: Communicating the Message: Election Results and Ramifications:
A panel moderated by journalist Steven V. Roberts will analyze the communications methods used to achieve success in elections. The panelists will discuss election results, how campaigns were...
2013_DC_Equality_13110774Natl Archives & USAFMC -- Panel -- A Path to Equality
A Path to Equality: The Impact of the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s:
In celebration of the upcoming December opening of the David M. Rubenstein Gallery "Records of Rights" permanent exhibition, and in partnership with the U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress, we present a distinguished panel...
2018_DC_Catch_Wave_18102478Natl Archives & USAFMC -- Panel -- Catch the Wave: Voter Discontent During Wave Elections
Catch the Wave: Voter Discontent During Wave Elections
Are the 2018 midterms going to be a wave election? While the party controlling the White House traditionally loses congressional seats during midterm elections, there are numerous instances of wave elections, where one party suffers an...
2013_DC_Foes_13051566Natl Archives & USAFMC -- Panel -- Congress and the White House: Partners or Foes?
Congress and the White House: Partners or Foes?
Former Members of Congress will discuss how the White House and Congress can work together. They will explore how the two branches interacted in the past to try to solve our nation’s biggest problems. Anecdotal evidence of bipartisanship and common ground...
2014_DC_Drama_141106111Natl Archives & USAFMC -- Panel -- Congressional Drama: Midterm Election Analysis
Congressional Drama: Midterm Election Analysis:
A bipartisan group of former Members of Congress and other political experts will examine the November 4 midterm election results. The panel will discuss America’s current political climate focus as well as the issues that brought voters to the polls, the...
2015_DC_Veterans_15110555Natl Archives & USAFMC -- Panel -- In Honor of Our Veterans: Caring for Our Heroes
In Honor of Our Veterans: Caring for Our Heroes:
What has Congress done to aid active service members, veterans, and their families? What lessons can we learn from how veterans from previous conflicts were supported upon their return? What challenges do we face as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq...
2015_DC_Partisan_15012176Natl Archives & USAFMC -- Panel -- Partisan Divide: Congress in Crisis
The Partisan Divide: Congress in Crisis
Is Congress incapable of reforming itself? Former chairs of the Democratic and Republican House campaign committees, Tom Davis (R-VA) and Martin Frost (D-TX), in their book The Partisan Divide, dissect the causes of legislative gridlock and argue a common-sense,...
2012_DC_PPF_12042678Natl Archives & USAFMC -- Panel -- Past, Present, and Future of Congressional and Presidential Campaigns
Past, Present, and Future of Congressional and Presidential Campaigns
How have campaigns evolved over the years and where are they heading? Panelists will discuss fundraising, the changing role of media in campaigns, how primaries and debates have changed, and thoughts and predictions for the future....
2010_DC_NAStealth_10011460Natl Archives & USAFMC -- Panel -- Stealth Reconstruction: The Untold Story of Southern Politics and History
Stealth Reconstruction: The Untold Story of Southern Politics and History:
Amid the heroic history of the Civil Rights movement is an untold story of the quiet, practical, and biracial work of white politicians and black leaders. In partnership with the United States Association of Former Members of...
2017_DC_Vietnam_Lesson_17111668Natl Archives & USAFMC -- Panel -- Vietnam: Lessons Learned and Lessons Ignored
Vietnam: Lessons Learned and Lessons Ignored
What lessons have we learned—and must we learn—from the Vietnam War? How does the war continue to reverberate in our politics today? A bipartisan group of former Members of Congress join experts on the Vietnam War to examine the tumultuous Vietnam era. Many...
2017_DC_Glass_Ceiling_17030284Natl Archives & USAFMC -- Panel -- Women’s History Month: The Glass Ceiling, Broken or Cracked?
Women’s History Month: The Glass Ceiling, Broken or Cracked?
When a major political party nominated the first woman for the American Presidency, was the proverbial glass ceiling broken or just cracked? A bipartisan group of former Congresswomen will discuss their paths to public service, the challenges...
2018_DC_Branches37_180430118Nixon Legacy Forum & Natl Archives -- Building the Branches: How Nixon Worked with a Democratic Congress
Nixon Legacy Forum: Building the Branches: How Nixon Worked with a Democratic Congress
President Nixon achieved enviable legislative successes with a Congress dominated by Democrats. Today, a distinguished panel of Nixon Administration alumni including Tom Korologos, Wallace Johnson, and John Lehman,...
2011_DC_Labor37_11120570Nixon Legacy Forum & Natl Archives -- Labor and Employment Policy in the Nixon Administration (w/William Kilberg, Ann McLaughlin, Michael Moskow, and Laurence Silberman)
Legacy Forum: Labor and Employment Policy
The 16th Nixon Legacy Forum will be a discussion on how under President Nixon, the White House and Labor Department promoted innovative legislative and administrative actions designed to appeal to Blue Collar workers including safety and health pension reform,...
2014_DC_Vietnam37_14120573Nixon Legacy Forum & Natl Archives -- Vietnam and the Paris Peace Accords
Nixon Legacy Forum: Vietnam and the Paris Peace Accords
The National Archives hosts a Nixon Legacy Forum on President Richard M. Nixon, Vietnam, and the Paris Peace Accords. This event is free and open to the public and will be held in the William G. McGowan Theater of the National Archives Museum in...
2012_DC_Peace37_12042373Nixon Legacy Forum & Natl Archives -- Waging Peace -- Nixon and Geopolitics in the Middle East
Nixon Legacy Forum: Waging Peace -- Nixon and Geopolitics in the Middle East
Ambassador Dennis Ross, who has served as advisor to six presidents, moderates a panel discussion on the Richard Nixon–Henry Kissinger diplomacy that laid the foundation for the Camp David accords between Israel and Egypt....
2011_DC_ColdWar37_11052797Nixon Legacy Forum & Navy Memorial – Richard Nixon as Cold War Strategist
Nixon's National Security Team Headline 12th Nixon Legacy Forum

The Nixon Foundation and the Navy Memorial invite you to the 12th Nixon Legacy Forum on Friday, May 27, at 10 a.m. at the Naval Heritage Center's Burke Theater. Nixon Administration national security officials will discuss how RN...
2016_DC_Trudeau_16082962Politics & Prose -- G.B. Trudeau ("Yuge! 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump")
Trump first announced that he was available to run for president back in 1987. While most people may have not have taken the news seriously, Trudeau sensed the significance of the moment. He also knew a character with comedic potential when he saw...
2015_DC_McCullough_15051170Politics & Prose @ Sixth & I Historic Synagogue -- David McCullough ("Wright Brothers")
David McCullough:
On a winter day in 1903, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, two unknown brothers from Ohio changed history. But it would take the world some time to believe what had happened: the age of flight had begun, with the first heavier-than-air, powered machine carrying a pilot. Who were...
2014_DC_Isaacson_14110462Politics & Prose @ Sixth & I Historic Synagogue -- Walter Isaacson ("Innovators")
The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution is Isaacson’s revealing story of the people who created the computer and the Internet, as well as a guide to how innovation really happens.
What were the talents that allowed certain inventors and entrepreneurs...
2012_DC_ECWAA_121116266Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Panel -- Effects of the Civil War on American Art
Effects of the Civil War on American Art:
An all-day symposium examines the impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction on American landscape and genre painting, along with the period’s new medium of photography. The American Art Museum’s exhibition and senior curator, Eleanor Harvey, is the keynote...
2012_DC_Pat_Nixon_120405200Richard Nixon Alumni Association & Natl Archives -- Panel -- First Lady Pat Nixon: Ambassador of Goodwill
Nixon Legacy Forum: First Lady Pat Nixon: Ambassador of Goodwill
Pat Nixon traveled to over 75 countries, making her the most-traveled First Lady in history at that time. Special guest Julie Nixon Eisenhower joins Gen. Don Hughes, a military aide who accompanied the Nixons during the vice presidential...
2015_DC_Bergen_15041397Sixth & I -- Candice Bergen ("A Fine Romance") w/Madhulika Sikka
Candice Bergen In Conversation with Madhulika Sikka
In A Fine Romance, Candice Bergen shares with humor, honesty, and wisdom the big events of her life: her marriage to a famous French director, the birth of her daughter, Murphy Brown, widowhood, falling in love again, and watching her daughter...
2011_DC_Roberts_11032393Sixth & I -- Cokie & Steve Roberts ("Our Haggadah: Uniting Traditions for Interfaith Families")
Cokie & Steve Roberts: Our Haggadah: Uniting Traditions for Interfaith Families:
When Cokie and Steve Roberts met in college, they believed their different traditions—she is Catholic, he is Jewish—would prevent them from getting married. Forty-five years later, they have learned not only to respect and...
2015_DC_SI_Secretary_151019214Smithsonian Installation of David J. Skorton as 13th Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution @ Arts and Industries Bldg
The Board of Regents cordially invites you to attend the Installation of David J. Skorton as the 13th Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. The ceremony will take place on Monday, October 19th at 3:00 p.m. in the Arts and Industries Building. Smithsonian staff, contractors, volunteers, fellows and...
2012_MD_Census_LibOH_12101865US Census Bureau -- Library Annual Open House (w/David Ferriero)
Speakers in sequence:
* Welcoming remarks by Steve Taylor, Library Contract COTR and Chief, Documents and Library Management Branch, Administrative and Customer Services Division
* Introduction by Dr. Rod Little, Chief Scientist and Associate Director for Research and Methodology, US Census...

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2020_06_26F5_Lincoln_Protest215DC -- Capitol Hill -- Lincoln Park -- BLM Protest
This was an interesting example of two competing events in the same place. The event I came to attend was this one: Join the Rally and Teach-In for Lincoln Park In a demonstration of solidarity and recognition of the history of Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C. members of the local, regional and nat... (Partially reviewed)
2020_07_28B1_Lewis118DC -- U.S. Capitol -- State tribute for John Lewis
Due to Covid-19, this state tribute was on the steps of the Capitol and you weren't allowed into the building itself, nor could you get anywhere close to the casket itself. I was expecting horrible lines but it went fairly quickly. (Partially reviewed)
2020_07_02C7_Starship_Delivery16DC -- Starship Delivery vehicle @ I'm Eddie Cano! (5014 Conn Ave NW)
I had run into one of these vehicles for the first time on April 22. On a later walk around the Chevy Chase area, I found that three of them were based at I'm Eddie Cano! @ 5014 Connecticut Ave NW. The manager said the craft could do deliveries for up to 1.5 miles. The delivery cabin was locked afte... (Partially reviewed)
2020_06_21B1_Skateboard_Day30DC -- Freedom Plaza -- Go Skateboarding Day
Go Skateboarding Day From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) is an annual holiday created by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) to promote skateboarding. The holiday was started in New York City by Kerel "SriKala" Roach and Bryan Chin in 2002. Orig... (Partially reviewed)
2020_07_04A1_Amer_City_Diner16DC -- Chevy Chase -- American City Diner (5532 Conn Ave NW) and mural (Partially reviewed)
Contact: Bruce Guthrie