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2016_DC_4th_ArchivesB_16070464DC -- 4th of July @ National Archives -- Breakfast (2016)
* Patrick Madden, Executive Director, National Archives Foundation
* David Ferriero, Chief Archivist of the United States
* A’Lelia Bundles, Chair and President, National Archives Foundation
* ???, from John Hancock Insurance
In the audience were various folks including Congressman...
2015_DC_4th_Archives_150704156DC -- 4th of July @ National Archives -- Ceremony (2015)
Declaration of Independence Reading Ceremony
* Greetings from Steve Scully, C-SPAN News Broadcaster
* Presentation of colors by the Continental Color Guard*
* National Anthem by Adalia Jimenez
* Performance by the Fife and Drum Corps*
* Remarks by Archivist of the United States David S....
2016_DC_4th_Archives_160704118DC -- 4th of July @ National Archives -- Ceremony (2016)
* Greeting by Allison Seymour, Fox 5 News Anchor
* Presentation of colors by the Continental Color Guard
* National Anthem by Caleb Green
* Performance by the Fife and Drum Corps
* Remarks by the Archivist of the United States, David Ferriero
* Dramatic Reading of the Declaration of...
2015_DC_4th_ArchivesB_15070469DC -- 4th of July @ National Archives -- Member Breakfast (2015)
July 4th at the National Archives
Promise of America Breakfast: American Heritage Chocolate Tasting
* (Emcee) Patrick Madden, Executive Director, Foundation for the National Archives
* David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States
* A’Lelia Bundles, Chair and President, Foundation for...
2020_DC_SINMAA_Int1DC -- NMAAHC -- Interior Areas Not Covered Elsewhere
I ran into Lonnie Bunch, the first time I'd seen him since he became the head of the Smithsonian.
2009_DC_NAHLG_09020599Natl Archives -- Henry Louis Gates Jr (American Conversations)
An American Conversation with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
The National Archives welcomes Harvard professor and renowned author Henry Louis Gates, Jr., to discuss African American genealogy. Professor Allen Weinstein and Dr. Lonnie Bunch will co-moderate the discussion. While researching his own family...
2006_DC_NAJHF_06031447Natl Archives -- John Hope Franklin (American Conversations)
American Conversations: John Hope Franklin: The Historian and the African American Experience. Distinguished historian and lifelong civil rights activist Professor John Hope Franklin was interviewed by Professor Allen Weinstein (Archivist of the United States) and Lonnie G. Bunch (Founding Director of...
2005_DC_NALB_05121324Natl Archives -- Lonnie Bunch (American Conversations)
American Conversations with the Archivist of the United States: Remembrance and Reality: The New African American Museum— A Talk with Lonnie Bunch: In this second program in our new series, "American Conversations," Professor Allen Weinstein, Archivist of the United States, talks with Dr. Lonnie Bunch,...
2007_DC_NA9LR_07092777Natl Archives -- Panel -- 1st Annual Charles Guggenheim Tribute Pgm (50th Anniversary of the Little Rock Crisis)
Fiftieth Anniversary of the Little Rock Crisis.
Two parts for the program itself:
(1) Remembering Charles Guggenheim's Nine from Little Rock. Courtesy of the Margaret Herrick Library, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Charles Guggenheim Center for the Documentary Film at the...
2007_DC_Museum_Ren_070118124Natl Archives -- Panel -- New Culture: Museum Renaissance
American Conversation: New Culture: The Museum Renaissance: Washington, DC, is experiencing an incredible boom in the creation and re-creation of its museums. Tonight’s distinguished panel will explore why this is occurring. They will examine the relevance of museums in the age of the Internet, explain...
2019_DC_Bunch_190924110NMAAHC -- Event: A Fool's Errand w/Lonnie Bunch and Scott Pelley
Lectures & Discussion: A Fool’s Errand by Lonnie Bunch
On the museum’s third anniversary, newly appointed Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch and Scott Pelley will delve deeply into Bunch’s latest book, A Fool’s Errand, which chronicles the strategies, support systems and coalitions he put in place to build the...
2015_DC_SINMAA_CFP_151116127NMAAHC -- Event: Commemorate Freedom Program
Lonnie Bunch, Founding Director, of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture
Cordially invites you to an outdoor program and video screening honoring three milestones in America’s struggle for freedom, justice and equality
2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the...
2013_DC_SINMAA_Install_131117184NMAAHC -- Event: Installation of Railroad car and Guard Tower
Witness the installation of the Museum's first objects inot the museum on the National Mall: A Southern Railway (segregated) car built in 1920 and a 1930s-era guard tower from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.
The National Museum of African American History and Culture will install two of its...
2017_DC_SINMAA_Picture_170504194NMAAHC -- Event: Opening for "More Than A Picture" exhibit
Lonnie G. Bunch III, Founding Director
National Museum of African American History and Culture
invites you to the Opening Reception for
More Than A Picture
Selections from the Photography Collection at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
2013_DC_Blight_130405130Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Talk: David Blight ("From Days of Mourning to Days of Jubilee?")
From Days of Mourning to Days of Jubilee? Frederick Douglass and the Meaning of The Civil War Talk with David W. Blight
Yale University professor and Civil War scholar David W. Blight shares his analysis of the impact of the Civil War on the ideas and psyche of Frederick Douglass.
2011_DC_SSHP_11121352Smithsonian -- Smithsonian Staff Holiday Party (2011) @ Reynolds Center
Smithsonian chiefs that I saw at this event included: Lonnie Bunch (National Museum of African American History and Culture), Bob Lamb (FONZ), Wayne Clough (head of the Smithsonian), Christian Samper (National Museum of Natural History), Dennis Kelly (National Zoo)
2009_DC_Gregory_09070261Smithsonian Folklife Festival (2009) -- Dick Gregory
Social Satirist Dick Gregory Speaks at Folklife Festival

Comedian and social critic Dick Gregory will take to the stage Thursday, at 6 PM, at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival’s Oratorium stage.

Gregory will speak with the Smithsonian’s Lonnie G. Bunch, director of the National Museum of African...
2014_DC_Folklife_China71Smithsonian Folklife Festival (2014) -- China
Performers include: Ih Tsetsn Ensemble from Inner Mongolia
Artists include: Thanjin Clay Figurine Zhang Workshop, and Zhang Baolin Dough Modeling, and Yan Gao (Yangliuqing Fine Arts Press New Year's Print Making by Tianjin)
2017_DC_Folklife_Circus203Smithsonian Folklife Festival (2017) -- Circus Arts
Demos here include: Mexican Tortas with Chorizo, Eggs, and Breakfast Potatoes (Raymond Slizewski)..
Also Lonnie Bunch and his wife.
2006_DC_Bunch_0605168Wilson Center -- Lonnie Bunch (Challenge of the African American Museum)
The Challenge of Building the National Museum of African American History and Culture: A Director's Forum with Lonnie Bunch, Director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture

This presentation will explore the importance of the National Museum of African American History and...

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2020_05_02D_Flyby18Flyby -- Thunderbirds and Blue Angels' thank you to health care workers
The military’s two elite aerobatic squadrons—the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels—commenced a joint flyby of the metro area today to honor healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines of the current crisis. I went to Tenleytown to see them. The two jet teams fly by once ... (Partially reviewed)
2020_02_12B1_HolodomorP205MD -- College Park -- University of Maryland -- Architecture School Event: Lecture & Reception
The official opening of the exhibit is set for Wednesday, February 12, 2020. Larysa Kurylas of The Kurylas Studio, the design architect and sculptor of the National Holodomor Memorial, will give a presentation about the design of the memorial and the challenges of conveying loss in built form. Also...
2020_02_12A_UMd_Holodomor115MD -- College Park -- University of Maryland -- Kibel Gallery Exhibit: Making The Holodomor Memorial:Context & Questions
The Kibel Gallery Presents Making The Holodomor Memorial:Context & Questions On view February 12 - July 2020 University of Maryland alumna Larysa Kurylas’ Holodomor Memorial in Washington, D.C., is a tribute to the victims of the man-made famine engineered by Stalin’s regime in Soviet Ukraine in 193...
2020_03_04B2_Costco_Fred11MD -- Costco @ Frederick
Covid-19 fears exhaust water, hand wipes, and toilet paper.
2020_04_17C1_Union_StationI43DC -- Union Station (Interior)
So much of the building is closed due to Covid-19. Entrances have been shut as well to control people coming and going. They're still working on replacing floor tiles as well which is what the little tents are. Note that Union Station is one of the few places with public bathrooms. I would have expe... (Partially reviewed)
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