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2011_MD_BCC_Harvey2_110820151Baltimore Comic-Con (2011) -- Harvey Awards: Ceremony and Afterwards
2011 Presenters:
Welcoming Remarks: Paul McSpadden
Emcee: Scott Kurtz
Presenter: Bryan J.L. Glass --
* Best Letterer: John Workman, THOR, Marvel Comics -- accepted by John Workman
* Best Colorist: Jose Villarrubia, CUBA : MY REVOLUTION, Vertigo/DC Comics -- accepted by Jose...
2011_MD_BCC_Harvey1_110820116Baltimore Comic-Con (2011) -- Harvey Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Lots of folks here:
(Reception) Stan Lee, Franco Aureliani, Art Baltazar, Stan Sakai, Terry Moore, Jeff Smith, Walt and Louise Simonson, Barry Kitson, Michael Golden, and Jim Starlin.
(Dinner) Jose Villarrubia, Dean Haspiel, Andy Runton, Mark Waid, Stan Lee, Paul Storrie, Barry Kitson, Bryan J.L....
2012_MD_BCCA174Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Artists
Artists photographed on Saturday (in sequence):
Tim Truman and John K. Snyder III, Bernie Wrightson, Eric Powell, Larry Hama, Billy Tucci, Greg LaRocque, ???, Dan Parsons, Jim Calafiore, Bryan JL Glass, Asher Humm, Francesco Francavilla, Eric Hutchinson, Carrie ???, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Frank...
2012_MD_BCC_Friday_120907122Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Friday All-Star Reception (w/Stan Lee)
Friday Night with Stan Lee at the Baltimore Comic-Con
Comics industry legend Stan Lee is back at the 2012 Baltimore Comic-Con! Taking place September 8-9 at the Baltimore Convention Center in downtown Baltimore, Stan Lee will be appearing at the show on Saturday, September 8th. As an added bonus, VIP...
2012_MD_BCC_Harvey2_120908349Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Harvey Awards: Ceremony and Afterwards
2012 Presenters:
Welcoming Remarks: Paul McSpadden
Emcee: Phil LaMarr
Keynote: Ross Richie
Presenter: Scott Snyder --
* Best Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos for “FEAR ITSELF”, published by Marvel Comics -- accepted by Harvey Awards
* Best Colorist: Dave Stewart for “HELLBOY: THE FURY”, published by...
2014_MD_BCC_Reception_14090599Baltimore Comic-Con (2014) -- Friday All-Star Reception
The 2014 All-Star Baltimore Comic-Con Reception will take place on Friday, September 5 at 8:00 pm, and we're hosting an an all-star lineup of special comics guests! Join us for this intimate evening, which is unlike anything else the rest of the weekend has to offer! On Friday through Sunday, thousands...
2014_MD_BCC_Harvey1_140906178Baltimore Comic-Con (2014) -- Harvey Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Folks here include: Glenn Hauman, David Gallaher, Michael Uslan, Charles Kochman, Paul Pope, David Greenawalt, Andrew Pepoy, Brian Reber, Vivek Tiwary, Mike Gold, Dean Haspiel, Steve Geppi, Josh Geppi, Fred Hembeck, Denis Kitchen, Tom Brevoort, Thom Zahler, Francesco Francavilla, Mike Curtis, Joe...
2014_MD_BCCP03_14090613Baltimore Comic-Con (2014) -- Panel: Creating Your Own Characters
Creating Your Own Characters
Writers and artists share the pros, cons, and challenges of developing original characters in the comics world. Featuring: Christina Blanch (Damnation of Charlie Wormwood), Amy Chu (Girls Night Out), Francesco Francavilla (Black Beetle), Dean Haspiel (Red Hook), Jamal Igle...
2014_MD_BCCP06_14090612Baltimore Comic-Con (2014) -- Panel: Dynamite 10th Anniversary Celebration
Dynamite 10th Anniversary Celebration
Join Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci as he takes a look back at the explosive rise of Dynamite Entertainment alongside comic book super stars Garth Ennis, Gail Simone, Mark Waid, Frank Tieri, Duane Swierczynski, and Christina Blanch! A panel almost ten...
2014_MD_BCCP15_14090618Baltimore Comic-Con (2014) -- Panel: Gender and Comic Books
Gender and Comic Books
What is gender? Can we see it in comic books? Does gender make a difference in the comic book industry? If you have been paying attention, you know it is making a difference - in both good and bad ways. Learn how we can see gender in comics and how it influences us in how we...
2014_MD_BCCP04_14090524Baltimore Comic-Con (2014) -- Panel: Sexy or Sexualized
Sexy or Sexualized
When does the depiction of a heroine stop being sexy and become sexualized? Where is the line? Join moderator Paul Levitz and guests Marguerite Bennett (Batgirl), Christina Blanch (The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood), Dave Gibbons (The Secret Service), Adam Hughes (Fairest), Gail...
2014_MD_BCCP10_1409053Baltimore Comic-Con (2014) -- Panel: Social Issues Through Comic Books SuperMOOC with Christina Blanch
Social Issues Through Comic Books SuperMOOC with Christina Blanch
Social Issues have many dimensions and can sometimes be difficult to understand. By using popular culture, in this case comic books, to help understand these issues, we can see how the information can be presented in both negative and...
2014_MD_BCCP03_1409059Baltimore Comic-Con (2014) -- Panel: Thrillbent Comics
Thrillbent Comics
Take a look inside the digital world of Thrillbent! Creators Christina Blanch, Barry Kitson, Ron Randall, and Mark Waid discuss their work at Thrillbent and where they’re headed in the future.
2014_MD_BCCP06_1409056Baltimore Comic-Con (2014) -- Panel: Walter & Louise Simonson Spotlight
Walter & Louise Simonson Spotlight
Walter and Louise Simonson have chronicled the adventures of heroes including Thor, Power Pack, Manhunter, Superman, X-Factor, Wolverine, and many more. Their adventures in comics continue with Walter on Ragnarok and Louise on Super Secret Crisis War! Join them for a...
2015_MD_BCCA304Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Artists
Artists photographed on Friday (in sequence):
Russ Heath, Denis Kitchen, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Frank Cho, Bob McLeod, Don Rosa, Buzz, Terry Moore, Bernie Wrightson, Darwyn Cooke, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Stan Sakai, Tom Palmer, Mark Waid, Christina Blanch, Steve Conley, Paul Storrie, Thom...
2015_MD_BCC_Harvey1_150926139Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Harvey Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Folks shown include: Vivek J. Tiwary, Mike Gold, Denis Kitchen, Christina Blanch, Sal Crevelli, Ed Dukeshire, Matt Dembicki, Mark Wheatley, Marc Hempel (who's six days older than I am), Russ Heath, Jules Feiffer, Steve Geppi, Josh O'Neill, Chris Stevens, Mike Grell, Andrew Carl, Chad Lambert, Steve...
2015_MD_BCCP13_15092725Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Comic Books as Cultural Mirrors
Comic Books as Cultural Mirrors
This panel will look at the 75 year history of comic books with a particular focus on the relationship between comics and their historical, cultural, and political contexts. Moderated by Christy Blanch with special guests Mark Waid, Walter Simonson, and Louise...
2015_MD_BCCP04_15092512Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Living in Harmony: Digital and Print
Living in Harmony: Digital and Print
The world of digital comics created quite a stir in the world of print comics. However, after a few years of co-existing, they are both still around and seem to be helping each other to become a strong industry. Join this panel to check in and see how digital and...
2015_MD_BCCP18_15092641Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Mark Waid: Guest of Honor Spotlight
Mark Waid: Guest of Honor Spotlight
Mark Waid is the Guest of Honor at Baltimore Comic-Con this year and we’re celebrating! Join Waid and his friends and colleagues, including Barry Kitson, JG Jones, Christy Blanch, Dean Haspiel, Todd Dezago, and moderator Bob Greenberger for a fun-filled look at Mark...
2015_MD_BCCP10_15092622Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Ming-Na Wen Spotlight
Ming-Na Wen Spotlight
As Agent May on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ming-Na Wen kicks butt and takes no prisoners. Do you expect her panel to be any different? Of course not! Don’t miss out on the fun!
The moderator for this was Christina Blanch. Pictures also include a backstage meet-up with Mark...
2015_MD_BCCP02_1509277Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: The Comic Shop
The Comic Shop
Ever wonder what it’s like to run your own comic shop? Do you think it’s sitting around reading comics all day while getting paid? Join comic shop retailers and learn more about the comic shop business than you probably wanted to know! Moderated by Christy Blanch with guests Kyle...
2016_MD_BCCA227Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Artists
Artists photographed on Friday (in sequence):
SL Gallant, Brian Shearer, Jim Starlin, Joe Carabeo, Chris Mariano, Ramona Fradon, Carla Speed McNeil, Isaac Goodhart, Matt Dembicki, Joe Staton, Neal Adams, Buzz, Karen Green, Robert Greenberger, Steve Conley, Paul Storrie, Bob Ingersoll, David Gallaher,...
2016_MD_BCCP12_16090413Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Panel: Candice Patton Spotlight
Candice Patton Spotlight
Candice Patton can be seen as investigative reporter Iris West on The CW series The Flash! Don’t miss this spotlight panel as we look at Ms. Patton’s journey from The Young and The Restless to Central City!
The speaker was in conversation with Christina Blanch.
2016_MD_BCCP15_16090343Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Panel: Comics Creators Consuming Coffee: Baltimore Edition
Comics Creators Consuming Coffee: Baltimore Edition
Coffee keeps creators running. Popular comics creators discuss their work was they sample the world’s strongest coffee while chatting about their favorite foods and comics. With Amy Chu (writer Poison Ivy, KISS), Christy Blanch, Ron Marz, and Laura...
2016_MD_BCCP05_16090216Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Panel: DC Comics: Rebirth
DC Comics: Rebirth
Moderator: Dan DiDio
Talent: Keith Giffen, Tom King, Hope Larson, Paul Levitz, Yanick Paquette, James Tynion IV
DC Comics is the talk of fandom, thanks to Rebirth, Hanna Barbera, and overall, great storytelling! Find out what’s new and upcoming from some of your favorite key DC...
2016_MD_BCCP07_1609045Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Panel: Howard Chaykin Spotlight
Howard Chaykin Spotlight
Howard Chaykin (The Shadow, Blackhawk, Dominic Fortune, and lots more) and a microphone. That’s the recipe for a great panel. This is sure to be a fascinating panel as Chaykin talks about whatever the heck he wants to!
2016_MD_BCCP18_1609032Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Panel: Kristian Nairn Spotlight
Kristian Nairn Spotlight
Kristian Nairn is best known for fan favorite Hodor on HBO’s Game of Thrones, but he’s also an accomplished DJ! Join Mr. Nairn for this look at his work in acting and music.
He was interviewed by Christy Blanch.
2016_MD_BCCP17_16090317Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Panel: Michael Rowe Spotlight
Michael Rowe Spotlight 
Michael Rowe is probably best known as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot in the CW’s Arrow and The Flash. He has also appeared in Tomorrowland and is an accomplished musician. We turn the spotlight on this hot, young actor in a can’t-miss panel.
He was interviewed by Christina Blanch.
2016_MD_BCCP11_1609043Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Panel: Music and Comic Books
Music and Comic Books
Comic books are silent – no music. But what about comic book creators? Join Charles Soule, J. M. DeMatteis, Amy Chu, and karaoke king James Tynion as they discuss how music influences them and their creativity. Moderated by Christina Blanch.
2016_MD_BCCP19_16090318Baltimore Comic-Con (2016) -- Panel: Sean Astin Spotlight
Sean Astin Spotlight
Sean Astin is an actor well known for his work in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mikey Walsh in The Goonies, and the title character of Rudy. He also voices Raphael on Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And that’s just scratching the surface of his remarkable career! We...
2017_MD_BCCA293Baltimore Comic-Con (2017) -- Artists
Artists photographed on Friday (in sequence):
Sean Von Gorman, Stan Sakai, Lora Innes, Dominike Stanton, Thom Zahler, J. Robert Deans, Joe Staton, Andy Runton, Franco (Aureliani), Laura Martin, John K. Snyder III, Tim Truman, Mike Gold, ???, Bob Ingersoll, Bob Mathias, Jen Taylor, Jeremy Vinar, Tim...
2017_MD_BCCP05_1709236Baltimore Comic-Con (2017) -- Panel: David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee Panel
David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee Panel
Join David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) and Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth) for a trip to Gotham. If you're a fan of the FOX TV show, you know this is the panel for you.
Moderator: Christina Blanch.
2017_MD_BCCP06_1709244Baltimore Comic-Con (2017) -- Panel: Historical Fiction Comics
Historical Fiction Comics
Like history? Love comics? Come travel through time with comics! Join Christy Blanch, Lora Innes (The Dreamer), and Thom Zahler (Time and Vine) as they talk about writing and drawing historical fiction.
2018_MD_BCCA272Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Artists
Artists photographed on Friday (in sequence):
Arthur Adams, Jim Steranko, Frank Cho, Denny O'Neil, Tom Grummett, Simon Bisley, Bob McLeod, Wil Wheaton, Erin Gray, Katrina Law, Michael Copon, Tom King, Denys Cowan, John Ostrander, Terry Moore, Tom DeFalco, Zeea Adams, Louise Simonson, Walt Simonson,...
2018_MD_BCCP01_1809288Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Coffee and Comics: Baltimore Edition
Coffee and Comics: Baltimore Edition
It’s back! Amy Chu, writer of Poison Ivy and Red Sonja, talks comics and pop culture over coffee with Christina Blanch and some surprise guests.
Seated left to right: Christy Blanch, Amy Chu, Sean Von Gorman, and Paul Storrie.
2018_MD_BCCP13_1809298Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Comic Book Shop Retail
Comic Book Shop Retail
The comic shop is more than just a place to buy comics – it’s a community gathering place. Join Jeff Watkins (Cloud City Comics and Toys), Christy Blanch (Aw Yeah Comics – Muncie), and Franco Aureliani (Aw Yeah Comics – NY), and possibly some surprise guests to discuss what it’s...
2018_MD_BCCP05_18092921Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Frank Miller Spotlight
Frank Miller Spotlight
From Daredevil to Ronin to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns to Sin City to Dark Knight III: The Master Race, creator Frank Miller has left an indelible mark on modern comics. Join Frank and his special guests for an engaging panel. You’ll kick yourself if you miss it.
2018_MD_BCCP03_1809298Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Mike Colter Spotlight
Mike Colter Spotlight
You know him as Luke Cage, and now’s your opportunity to meet actor Mike Colter. In addition to his work on Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and The Defenders, Colter has appeared in ER, Million Dollar Baby, Zero Dark Thirty, and more. This panel is a must for all of Colter’s...
2018_MD_BCCP03_18092812Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: More Than Ponies
More Than Ponies
Katie Cook, Andy Price, and Thom Zahler are well-known for their work on My Little Pony, but did you know they do more than ponies? Join us for this conversation that will most likely include comics, coffee, wine, and probably ponies. Moderated by Christy Blanch.
Panel (left to...
2018_MD_BCCP08_18092810Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Noir Comics: Mean Streets Past and Present
Noir Comics: Mean Streets Past and Present
There’s been a crime. Danger hides around corners and in the shadows. Welcome to the world of noir. Join moderator/writer Paul Levitz (Brooklyn Blood) and creators John K. Snyder III (Lawrence Block’s Eight Million Ways to Die), Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets),...
2018_MD_BCCP06_1809308Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: The Future of Small Press
The Future of Small Press
Panelists: Travis McIntire, Andy Schmidt, Christy Blanch, and Josh Geppi.
It seems that Independent publishers are popping up more and more in the comic book industry. In an industry that is “dying” every few years, what is the future for the smaller publishers?
Panel (left...
2018_MD_BCCP04_1809296Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Wil Wheaton Spotlight
Wil Wheaton Spotlight
From Star Trek: The Next Generation to Stand By Me to The Big Bang Theory to Tabletop and beyond, Wil Wheaton has garnered many fans. Aside from acting, he’s an author, a number one New York Times bestselling Audiobook narrator, and passionate activist for mental health care....
2018_MD_BCC_Ringo2_180929306Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Ringo Awards: Ceremony and Afterwards
2018 Presenters:
Emcee: Randy Tischler, BCC
Keynote: Katie Cook
Presenters: Thom Zahler and Christy Blanch
Presenters: David and Julia Petersen --
* Best Series: Mr. Miracle, DC Comics -- accepted by Tom King
* Best Anthology: Mine! A Celebration of Liberty and Freedom for All Benefiting Planned...
2018_MD_BCC_Ringo1_180929159Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Ringo Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Folks shown during the reception:
Todd Klein, David Petersen, ???, Katie Cook, Andy Price, Matt Dembicki, Mark Lindblom, Sandy Jarrell, Tom Grummett, Christy Blanch, Ramona Fradon, Matt Wieringo, Franco Aureliani, ???, John Workman, Todd Klein, Paul Storrie, Steve Conley, Ed Piskor, Charles Kochman,...
2019_MD_BCCA245Baltimore Comic-Con (2019) -- Artists
Artists photographed on Friday (in sequence):
Dean Haspiel, Peter Rostovsky, John Gallagher, Emily Whitten, Thom Zahler, David Petersen, Paul Storrie, Franco Aureliani, Bob Ingersoll, Zeea Adams, Joel Adams, Joe Linsner, Neal Adams, Billy Tucci, Don Rosa, Marv Wolfman, Dean Haspiel, Christa Cassano,...
2019_MD_BCC_Ringo1_191019195Baltimore Comic-Con (2019) -- Ringo Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Folks shown at the reception include:
Christy Blanch, Frank Gogol, Andy Price, Franco Aureliani, Sara Richard, Todd Klein, Rich Woodall, Rylend Grant, Brandon Robin, Carla Speed McNeil, Josh Geppi, Greg Pak, Thom Zahler, Emily Whitten, Ron Randall, Kacey Pierce, Christy Blanch, Walt Simonson, Bob...
2021_MD_BCCA331Baltimore Comic-Con (2021) -- Artists
Artists photographed on Friday (in sequence):
Chris Campana, Russ Braun, Joe Staton, Dean Haspiel, Whitney Matheson, Vito Delsante, Josh Neufeld, Charlie McElvy, Chris Miskiewicz (Z2 Comics), Vincent Kings (Z2 Comics), Jim Calafiore, Mike Gold, Glenn Hauman, Emily Whitten, Paul Storrie, Kelly Yates,...
2021_MD_BCCP02_2110242Baltimore Comic-Con (2021) -- Panel: Kicking your Kickstarter into Gear
Kicking your Kickstarter into Gear
Thinking of Kickstarting a comic and need some advice? Want to know the steps and stresses of the process? Join Dr. Christy Blanch, Steve Conley, and Travis McIntire while they talk about the ups and downs and ins and outs of kickstarting a comic book.
2021_MD_BCC_Ringo1_211023206Baltimore Comic-Con (2021) -- Ringo Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception
Folks photographed here include Maddie Jeffery, David Jeffery, Jeromy DeChant, Kris Longo, Sarah Myer, Ally Shwed, Gerardo Alba, Bennett Berman, Drew Berman, Hilarie Schmalke, Aladdin Collar, Amy Reeder, Kate Zimmermann, Dirk Manning, Joe Schmalke, Rich Woodall, Bob Frantz, Steve Rotterdam, Christy...
2022_MD_BCCA345Baltimore Comic-Con (2022) -- Artists
Artists photographed on Friday (in sequence):
Warren Bernard, Todd Dezago, J. Robert Deans, Franco, Maya Henderson, (Rising Eagle Comics) Greg Porter, Shakellitto Lopez, and Jon Murphy, Dawn Griffin, Elinda Deans, (Punk Taco) Adam Wallenta and Makana Wallenta, Paul Storrie, Christy Blanch, Britanny...
2022_MD_BCCP03_22103013Baltimore Comic-Con (2022) -- Panel: Paige O’Hara (Belle) Spotlight
Paige O’Hara (Belle) Spotlight
She showed us the heart of a Beast – and made reading cool again as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. With repeat performances as Belle in subsequent projects, she has become a true Disney Legend. Paige O’Hara has also brought other characters to life in animated projects...
2022_MD_BCC_Ringo1_221029308Baltimore Comic-Con (2022) -- Ringo Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Folks shown here (in sequence):
Outside the dining room:
Joe Staton, Josh Geppi, ??? (presenter), Bill Morrison, Andrea Purcell, Yissel Ayala, Ryan Dunlavey, Fred Van Lente, ???, Steve Geppi, ???, John Leguizamo, Charlie Kochman, ???, ???, ???, ???, Christy Blanch, Duane Murray, Vincent Kings, Chris...
2023_09_08B2_BCCA40Baltimore Comic-Con (2023) -- Artists (Friday)
Folks shown here include Dawn Griffin, Josh Geppi, Christy Blanch, Craig Rousseau, Todd DeZago, Franco, Art Baltazar, Bob Ingersoll, Richard Fairgray, Chris Flick, Kata Kane, Mark Mariano, Ron Randall, Mark Redfield, Ron Marz, Mark Irwin, Don Rosa, Kim Weston, and Alex Saviuk (Partially reviewed)
2023_09_09A2_BCCA80Baltimore Comic-Con (2023) -- Artists (Saturday)
Folks here include Mike DeCarlo, Patrick McDonnel, Charlie Kochman, Wendy and Richard Pini, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Amy Chu, Sean Chen, Laura Martin, Mark Morales, Barry Kitson, Ron Marz, Mark Buckingham, Steve Rude, Mike Grell, Mark Wheatley, Mike Gold, Khoi Pham, Tom King, Abby Denson, Joe Staton,... (Partially reviewed)
2023_09_08B6_BCCP036Baltimore Comic-Con (2023) -- Panel: Samantha Alleyne Spotlight
Samantha Alleyne Spotlight
The actress and model discusses her career from portraying the first female Stormtrooper to fighting as an Amazon alongside Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. (Partially reviewed)
2023_09_09C1_BCC_Ringo159Baltimore Comic-Con (2023) -- Ringo Awards (1 of 3): Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Folks here include Jose Villarrubia, Abby Denson, Charlie Kochman, Patrick McDonnell, Josh Geppi, Thom Zahler, Paul Storrie, Amy Chu, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Adam Wallenta, Makana Wallenta, Christy Blanch, Greg Hildebrandt, Mark Waid, Drew Edwards, Patrick McDonnell, Jamal Igle, Katie Cook, Walt... (Partially reviewed)
2013_CA_SDCCA102San Diego Comic-Con International (2013) -- Artists
Artists shown her:

Preview Night:
Dean Yeagle, Keith Knight, Steven Notley ("Bob the Angry Flower"), Chris Sparks, Scott Shaw!, Mark Evanier, Sergio Aragones, Steve Leialoha, Sergio Perlonga, Anastasia Pierce, Kevin Eastman, Neal Adams, Jim Lee, Brian Buccellato, Mark Wheatley, Paul Tobin, Lee...
2014_CA_SDCCA125San Diego Comic-Con International (2014) -- Artists
Artists shown here:

Preview Night:
Len Wein, Michael Phifer (who had published the Fantasy Illustration Library with his twin brother Malcom), Jerry Beck, Lee Meriwether, William Stout, Stan Sakai, Suzy Zaleta (I kind of got stuck in a Geekscape filming), Marilyn Ghigliotti, Nicola Scott, Mark...
2015_CA_SDCCA109San Diego Comic-Con International (2015) -- Artists
Artists shown here:

Preview Night:
Gregg Berger, Mark Evanier, Jerry Beck, Phil Ortiz, Greg Koudoulian, Steve Geppi, Mark Wheatley, Victor Gorelick, Franco Aureliani, Steven Notley ("Bob the Angry Flower"), Tom Richmond, Alex Nino, Steve Leialoha, Chris Sparks, Sergio Aragones, Bob from one of the...

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2023_09_11C1_Shogan132National Archives -- Swearing-in Ceremony of Archivist Colleen Shogan
Swearing-in Ceremony of Archivist Colleen Shogan The Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr., Supreme Court Chief Justice of the United States, Presiding First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will offer opening remarks, and Governor James J. Blanchard will serve as Master of Ceremonies The ceremony will take place on Se... (Partially reviewed)
2023_08_20A1_FRB22DC -- Foggy Bottom -- Federal Reserve Building (Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Bldg) (2051 Const Ave. NW and 300 21st St NW) (Partially reviewed)
2023_09_13B1_USCHS_Honor118210USCHS -- Honoring the 118th Congress
Honoring the 118th Congress Join the U.S. Capitol Historical Society in the Ways & Means Committee Room as we celebrate the 118th Congress. Our program will feature a conversation with Senator Chuck Grassley and Representative Marcy Kaptur, the longest-serving male and female Members of the 118th Co... (Partially reviewed)
2023_08_30B1_Meckler265Politics & Prose -- Laura Meckler ("Dream Town") w/Jesse J. Holland
Laura Meckler -- Dream Town: Shaker Heights and the Quest for Racial Equity - with Jesse J. Holland -- at Conn Ave In this searing and intimate examination of the ideals and realities of racial integration, award-winning Washington Post journalist Laura Meckler tells the story of a decades-long purs... (Partially reviewed)
2023_09_01A2_ADAWDC_3Body87DC -- Dupont Circle -- Washington Center of ADA University -- Exhibit: The Three-Body Problem: Dale Appleman, Michal Hunter, Jack Rasmussen
The Three-Body Problem: Dale Appleman, Michal Hunter, Jack Rasmussen The Three-Body Problem is a science fiction novel by Chinese writer Liu Cixin. Cixin observes that when two celestial objects get close to each other, their gravitational attraction influences the paths they take in a way that a si... (Partially reviewed)
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