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2004_CA_Alcatraz68CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate NRA -- Alcatraz Island
2004_CA_Bakersfield1CA -- Bakersfield
2004_CA_Buenaventura22CA -- Ventura -- Mission San Buenaventura
2004_CA_CabrilloV12CA -- San Diego -- Views from Cabrillo and Fort Rosecrans Natl Cem
2004_CA_Cabrillo21CA -- San Diego -- Cabrillo Natl Monument
2004_CA_Coit_Tower21CA -- San Francisco -- Coit Tower
2004_CA_Coit_Vistas23CA -- San Francisco -- Coit Tower -- Views from...
2004_CA_Exposition12CA -- Los Angeles -- Exposition Park (Expo Center)
Exposition Park houses a number of LA's museums and events buildings including the California Science Center, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, the LA Coliseum, and the California African-American Museum. Also present are thousands of roses. I saw two wedding couples getting their pictures...
2004_CA_Ft_Point3CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate NRA -- Fort Point NHS
2004_CA_GGate_Bridge_NVC6CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate Bridge (North Side) Visitor Center
2004_CA_GGate_Bridge_N7CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate Bridge (North Side)
2004_CA_GGate_Bridge_S15CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate Bridge (South Side)
2004_CA_GGate_NRA_BSpencer7CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate NRA -- Battery Spencer
2004_CA_GGate_NRA_Nike30CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate NRA -- Nike Missile Site
2004_CA_GGate_NRA_SVw1CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate NRA (South Side) -- View from...
2004_CA_GGate_NRA_S6CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate Natl Recreation Area (South Side)
2004_CA_GGate_Park21CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate Park
2004_CA_GlendaleC55CA -- Glendale -- Forest Lawn Memorial Park
2004_CA_Graumans1CA -- Hollywood -- TCL Chinese Theatre (Grauman's)
2004_CA_Griffith2CA -- Los Angeles -- Griffith Park
2004_CA_HHills32CA -- Hollywood Hills -- Forest Lawn Memorial Park
2004_CA_Hollywood2CA -- Hollywood
2004_CA_I5_Los_Angeles3CA -- I-5 @ Los Angeles
2004_CA_Kings_Canyon17CA -- Kings Canyon Natl Park
2004_CA_Livermore_Turbines1CA -- Livermore -- Wind Turbines
2004_CA_Lombard3CA -- San Francisco -- Lombard Street
2004_CA_Muir_Woods4CA -- Muir Woods Natl Monument
Thunderstorms closed this visit out way too early so I don't have many pictures from this visit.
2004_CA_Mulholland27CA -- Los Angeles -- Mulholland Drive
Two visits, once in daylight and once at night.
2004_CA_San_Fran15CA -- San Francisco
2004_CA_SciCen14CA -- Los Angeles -- Exposition Park -- California Science Center
This is a hands-on museum with lots of interactive displays. I only got to see part of it after being told it closed at 9pm when in fact it closed at 5pm. The smoke dish and some of the exhibits were very neat and the kids seemed to enjoy it a lot which was nice.
2004_CA_SD_NCem12CA -- San Diego -- Fort Rosecrans Natl Cemetery
2004_CA_Sequoia21CA -- Sequoia Natl Park
2004_CA_SF_NCem7CA -- San Francisco -- Presidio -- Natl Cemetery
2004_CA_SF_Presidio23CA -- San Francisco -- Presidio
2004_CA_SF_Presidio_Chapel4CA -- San Francisco -- Presidio -- Chapel
2004_CA_Torrey_Pines4CA -- Del Mar -- Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
2004_CA_Ventura12CA -- Ventura
2004_DC_1201Wisc1DC -- Georgetown -- PNC Bank (1201 Wisconsin Ave NW)
2004_DC_1stDiv2DC -- Ellipse -- First Division Monument
2004_DC_4Free_04032318DC -- FOSE (Federal Office Systems Expo) -- Panel discussion about cartoons and press freedom
This was a panel discussion about cartoons and how they fit into freedoms these days. The discussion was hosted by Sam Donaldson (everyone asked me about his wig afterward) and featured three cartoonists: (1) Mort Walker, creator and artist of Beetle Bailey; (2) Rich Tennant, cartoonist for the...
2004_DC_4Seasons2DC -- Georgetown -- Four Seasons (2800 Penn Ave NW)
2004_DC_950F5DC -- Penn Qtr -- 920/926/950 F St (Atlantic Bldg)
2004_DC_AACW12DC -- U Street -- African-American Civil War Memorial
2004_DC_AH3MI_0403262Natl Museum of Amer History -- Event: J Samuel Walker ("Three Mile Island")
Walker had written a book, "Three Mile Island: A Nuclear Crisis in Historical Perspective," which discussed the nuclear melt-down outside of Harrisburg in 1979. At the time, they didn't realize a melt-down had occurred and it was only years later that they learned just how close they had come to...
2004_DC_AHJF_0402113Natl Museum of Amer History -- Event: Jennifer Fleischner ("Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckly")
This talk featured historian Jennifer Fleischner discussing her book "Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckly," discussing the story of the President's wife and a former slave who was her seamstress.
2004_DC_AmerInd32DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Outside Areas
Several visits including on opening day, September 21, 2004
2004_DC_AmerInd_Contemporary4DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Exhibit: Our Lives: Contemporary Life and Identities
2004_DC_AmerInd_Festival37Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Event: First Americans Festival @ Mall
Various pictures of the First Americans Festival on the National Mall. The event went on for a week during the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian but I only visited it on two days: (040921) and (040924).
2004_DC_AmerInd_Int37DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Interior Areas Not Elsewhere Shown (such as Main Lobby)
2004_DC_AmerInd_Member_0410124Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Event: Member Night
2004_DC_AmerInd_Modernism29DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Exhibit: Native Modernism: The Art of George Morrison and Allan Houser
Native Modernism: The Art of George Morrison and Allan Houser
September 21, 2004 – November 6, 2005
This exhibition introduces the art of George Morrison (Grand Portage Chippewa) and Allan Houser (Chiricahua Apache), two artists who have significantly influenced the direction of contemporary Native...
2004_DC_AmerInd_Nighthorse4DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Exhibit: Jewelry Designed by Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Jewelry Designed by Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell
September 21, 2004 – April 3, 2005
This exhibition features jewelry designed by Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Northern Cheyenne, R-Colo.), a leading artist working in contemporary Native American jewelry. This collection covers various periods and...
2004_DC_AmerInd_Our_Peoples8DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Exhibit: Our Peoples: Giving Voice to Our Histories
2004_DC_AmerInd_Our_Univ5DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Exhibit: Our Universes: Traditional Knowledge Shapes Our World
2004_DC_AmerInd_Pre_04082476Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Event: Pre-opening tour
A pre-opening tour held on August 24, 2004
2004_DC_AmerInd_Proc_04092157Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Event: Native Nations Procession @ Mall
The grand opening of the National Museum of the American Indian began with a procession. As the brochure described it: "Thousands of Native people and non-Native supporters [there was, for example, an Environmental Protection Agency group in the parade] from throughout the Western Hemisphere, many in...
2004_DC_AmerInd_SS_04081125Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Event: Pre-opening slide show
A slide show held August 11, 2004 describing what the museum would look like.
2004_DC_Aquatic49DC -- Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens
Two visits to the place.
2004_DC_Arboretum57DC -- U.S. Natl Arboretum
2004_DC_Arboretum_Bonsai19DC -- U.S. Natl Arboretum -- National Bonsai & Penjing Museum
2004_DC_Arboretum_CapCols13DC -- U.S. Natl Arboretum -- National Capitol Columns
2004_DC_Archives10DC -- Natl Archives -- Exterior
2004_DC_Archives_Kanagawa7DC -- Natl Archives -- Case: Treaty of Kanagawa
The Treaty of Kanagawa. Signed in 1854, the treaty between the United States and Japan opened the formerly closed society to western influence. The Japanese had been shocked by the site of the large battleships of Commodore Matthew C. Perry who arrived in Tokyo Harbor on July 8, 1853. Under force of...
2004_DC_Archives_Rotunda21DC -- Natl Archives -- Rotunda
2004_DC_Archives_Vaults4DC -- Natl Archives -- Exhibit: Public Vaults
They opened the Public Vaults permanent exhibit at the National Archives in November 2004 and I wanted to see what it was like. The National Archives site at describes it as such: The Public Vaults display at any given time about 1,100 records-originals or facsimiles of...
2004_DC_Armory1DC -- Barney Circle -- Armory
2004_DC_Attenborough_04032212Smithsonian Associates -- David Attenborough
From the magazine: In a special evening, British naturalist, filmmaker, TV producer, and author Sir David Attenborough discusses a fascinating career of exploration, in which he has roamed the Earth to produce what are considered to be some of the best natural-history documentaries ever made. His 1979...
2004_DC_BABA_04022644British-American Business Assn (BABA) Evening Networking Reception @ Reagan Building
2004_DC_BABA_040331122British-American Business Assn (BABA) Travel Night @ British Embassy
This event was held at the British Embassy.
2004_DC_Bearss_Grant26Smithsonian Associates -- Rise of Ulysses S. Grant (Bearss) (four sessions)
The Rise of Ulysses S. Grant: Four Major Campaigns of the Western Theater

A general of incomparable skill, Ulysses Grant is considered by many scholars as the greatest Union hero of the Civil War. His accomplishments and courage were rare, as was his personal integrity. His rise from obscurity made...
2004_DC_Big_Chair2DC -- Anacostia -- Public Art: The Big Chair
2004_DC_Blimp1DC -- Surveillance blimp goes over the city
The Defense Department sent a surveillance balloon above the Washington DC area with spy equipment to photograph and such. I always thought I'd be able to get better pictures of this but never saw the blimp again in decent weather. This was what I could see from my office window on 040930, a hazy...
2004_DC_Botanic28DC -- U.S. Botanic Garden
2004_DC_Botanic_Bartholdi4DC -- U.S. Botanic Garden -- Bartholdi Park
2004_DC_Botanic_Garden1DC -- U.S. Botanic Garden -- The National Garden
2004_DC_Botanic_Xmas12DC -- U.S. Botanic Garden -- Exhibit: Christmas (2004) -- Home for the Holidays
A Landscape Architect Who Has Found His Station in Life
Star of New York Train Display Arrives in Washington

By Adrian Higgins
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, December 16, 2004; Page H01

Paul Busse flips a switch in the conservatory of the U.S. Botanic Garden and his creation comes to...
2004_DC_Building33DC -- Natl Building Museum
2004_DC_Butt2DC -- Ellipse -- Butt-Millet Memorial Fountain
2004_DC_Capitol9DC -- U.S. Capitol (exterior)
2004_DC_Chast_0405068Smithsonian Associates -- Roz Chast
From the online description of the event: At the beginning of the 21st century, we can only be grateful that Roz Chast is here to tackle some of the tough topics of the times—genetically altered mice, birthday parties from hell, and comfort drinks in the age of insecurity. Her cartoons observing the...
2004_DC_Cherry139DC -- Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin (2004)
I visited the blossoms twice this year.
2004_DC_CHRS_04061631Capitol Hill Restoration Society -- Architect of the Capitol
Alan Hantman, the Architect of the Capitol (AOC), and Beverly Wood presented their plans for a study to replace the 25-year-old master plan for the Capitol. The Capitol Hill Restoration Society, a citizen's group, heard the plans for the study and then asked a number of questions about how the study...
2004_DC_Cleveland_Pk2DC -- Cleveland Park neighborhood
2004_DC_ClintonFBI1DC -- William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building -- Interior
2004_DC_ClintonFB3DC -- William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building
2004_DC_Const_Gardens1DC -- Mall -- Constitution Gardens (incl Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence)
2004_DC_Cooney_04120816Smithsonian Associates -- Joan Ganz Cooney
Joan Ganz Cooney, on the Evolution and Significance of Sesame Street -- The 8th Annual Smithsonian McGovern Award

Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away,
On my way to where the air is sweet,
Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street?

These familiar lyrics have cheerfully tripped off...
2004_DC_Corcoran4DC -- Corcoran Gallery of Art (Through 2014)
2004_DC_Craft_Show30James Smithson Society event -- Smithsonian Craft Show
2004_DC_CWPT_Endangered_04022429CWPT's "America's Most Endangered Battlefields" presentation (2004) w/Jay Winik and Benjamin Franklin Cooling
Speakers included Jay Winik (author of "April 1865: The Month that Saved America"), Benjamin Franklin Cooling, and James Lighthizer (president of the Civil War Preservation Trust). Among the people in the audience was Ed Bearss, the noted Civil War historian and tour leader. The top 10 "America's Most...
2004_DC_Defenders2DC -- Downtown -- Defenders of Wildlife (1130 17th St NW)
2004_DC_DOL_View13DC -- Dept of Labor -- Views from rooftop cafe
I was told this was my last visit.
2004_DC_DouglassI5DC -- Frederick Douglass NHS -- Interior images
2004_DC_DouglassVC1DC -- Frederick Douglass NHS -- Visitor Center
2004_DC_DouglassVw4DC -- Frederick Douglass NHS -- Views from...
2004_DC_Douglass5DC -- Frederick Douglass NHS -- Exterior Images
2004_DC_Dupont_Circle2DC -- Dupont Circle neighborhood (but not the fountain)
2004_DC_Dupont_Fountain4DC -- Dupont Circle Fountain
2004_DC_Earth_Day_Birds_040422105Dept of State -- Earth Day (2004) with Nanjemoy Creek birds
For a second year, Mike Callahan, a naturalist from the Nanjemoy Creek Environmental Education Center and Irene, a student volunteer, brought in five physically or emotional damaged birds. The first was an Eastern Screech Owl, Barred Owl, a Red-Tailed Hawk, a Barn Owl, and a Bald Eagle. Nanjemoy is part...
2004_DC_Earth_Day_Main_04042226Dept of State -- Earth Day (2004) with Colin Powell
This was an enjoyable event. After some introductory speeches, Secretary Powell gave a nice speech about the importance of protecting the earth and talked about something that had happened while he was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany as the commander of the V Corps (1986). He said they were going to go...
2004_DC_Edge_04032410DC -- FOSE (Federal Office Systems Expo) -- Digital Edge: eGovernment Making a Difference In Our Lives
Panelists included: Eleanor Clift (Newsweek contributing editor, serving as moderator), Brad Stone (Newsweek Silicon Valley correspondent), Donald Murphy (National Park Service Deputy Director), Casey Coleman (GSA person heading the FirstGov portal site), David B McMillen (from the Technology,...
2004_DC_Edge_04091818DC -- Digital Edge Expo (2004)
This was a free expo at the Washington DC Convention Center sponsored by NBC4. It was an odd mix of consumer electronics, Independence Air, cars, etc. We had fun and Margot ran into an old co-worker and her fiance.
2004_DC_Emb_Canada4DC -- Embassy of Canada
2004_DC_Emirates_04041564DC -- Emirates Airlines event @ Departmental Auditorium
This was a travel event by Emirates Airlines which was inaugurating non-stop flights from New York City to Dubai, UAE, effective June 1. Hugh Downs was supposed to be the guest speaker but he had had a horse-riding accident so he was replaced by NBC News anchor Forrest Sawyer.
2004_DC_Exorcist4DC -- Georgetown -- Exorcist Steps (Prospect and 36th St NW)
2004_DC_FBI1DC -- Penn Qtr -- FBI Building (J. Edgar Hoover Bldg) (935 Penn Ave NW)
2004_DC_FDR15DC -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
2004_DC_Folger11DC -- Capitol Hill -- Folger Shakespeare Library (201 E Capitol St SE)
2004_DC_Folklife34Smithsonian Folklife Festival (2004)
2004_DC_FONZ_AM_04101421DC -- FONZ Annual Meeting (2004)
The 46th annual meeting of the Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) featured an introduction by Tom LaRock, the Executive Director, followed by some talks by Chris Cupuano (Chair, Nominating Committee) and Mark Handwerger (President). Then, the annual Miriam V. Carmack Volunteer of the Year Award went to...
2004_DC_FONZ_Ceremony_04042841DC -- FONZ Event -- Breaking new ground for Asia Trail
This was the groundbreaking event for the new Asia Trail (phase I) at the Zoo. Donors, including Fujifilm (who make my camera) and FONZ, had contributed money which will provide a new area for the pandas. Speakers included Tom LaRock (the executive director of Friends of the National Zoo [FONZ] who...
2004_DC_FONZ_Tour_04100516DC -- FONZ Tour -- Special tour with Tom LaRock
2004_DC_Fords4DC -- Ford's Theatre NHS (Theatre, Lobby)
2004_DC_Fords_Museum5DC -- Ford's Theatre NHS (Museum)
2004_DC_FOSE15DC -- FOSE (Federal Office Systems Expo)
2004_DC_FSKey_Park2DC -- Francis Scott Key Park
2004_DC_FTC18DC -- Federal Trade Commission building (600 Penn Ave NW)
2004_DC_Ft_StevensNC5DC -- Fort Stevens Park National Cemetery
2004_DC_Ft_Stevens4DC -- Circle Forts -- Fort Stevens Park
2004_DC_GAR7DC -- Penn Qtr -- Indiana Plaza -- GAR Memorial
2004_DC_GeorgetownC5DC -- Georgetown -- C&O Canal NHP
2004_DC_GeorgetownU3DC -- Georgetown University
2004_DC_Georgetown2DC -- Georgetown neighborhood
2004_DC_Georgetown_WFPk1DC -- Georgetown Waterfront Park (and Views from...)
2004_DC_Gould_04032110Smithsonian Associates -- Roger Gould ("Finding Nemo")
From the Smithsonian description: How was PIXAR’s animated hit Finding Nemo made? How did filmmakers create a believable underwater world in this story about the search for a young clownfish who had been snatched from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef? Roger Gould, creative director of PIXAR Animation...
2004_DC_Grant_Mem2DC -- U.S. Capitol Grounds -- Ulysses S. Grant Memorial
2004_DC_Hancock_Mem1DC -- General Winfield Scott Hancock (Ellicott) Memorial
2004_DC_Hilton2DC -- Adams Morgan -- Washington Hilton (1919 Connecticut Ave NW)
2004_DC_Intelsat2DC -- North Cleveland Park -- Intelsat building (3400 Connecticut Ave NW)
2004_DC_Isaacson_0405172Olsson's -- Walter Isaacson and Arianna Huffington
2004_DC_Jap_Amer7DC -- Natl Japanese-American Monument
2004_DC_Jeff_Mem19DC -- Thomas Jefferson Memorial
2004_DC_JPJ6DC -- John Paul Jones Memorial
2004_DC_JSS_04010864James Smithson Society event -- American History (America on the Move)
This event was co-sponsored with the Contributing Membership folks.
2004_DC_JSS_04062958James Smithson Society event -- Renwick Gallery (Right At Home)
This was a Smithsonian Contributing Membership event at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum which focused on two exhibits -- "Right At Home: American Studio Furniture" and "Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum." Laura Brouse-Long introduced Eleanor Jones Harvey, the...
2004_DC_JSS_04072229James Smithson Society lunch -- Sackler Gallery (Buddha)
Return of the Buddha: The Qingzhou Discoveries
The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery is the exclusive North American presentation venue of 35 extraordinary 6th-century Chinese Buddhist statues that were accidentally unearthed in 1996 by construction workers. Jan Stuart, Assistant Curator of Chinese Art,...
2004_DC_JSS_04081141James Smithson Society lunch -- American Indian
This event featured Todd Cain, Development Officer for the National Museum of the American Indian. He discussed the museum and took the group on a virtual tour of the yet-opened museum using floor plans and some new photos.
2004_DC_JSS_04091453James Smithson Society lunch -- American History (Price of Freedom)
From the JSS description: Wars have been defining episodes in American history. They shaped the birth of the nation and helped define our country's fundamental values. Twentieth century conflicts in Europe and Asia to protect western interests led to America's emergence as the dominant military power in...
2004_DC_JSS_04102033James Smithson Society event -- Natl Museum of the American Indian
2004_DC_Kelly_04041311Capitol Hill History Project -- Tom Kelly (Sights and Sounds from the 1930s)
Capitol Hill native and longtime journalist Tom Kelly, who is currently writing his memoirs, described sights, sounds and characters from his childhood here in the Jazz Age and the Great Depression. Tom Kelly's first newspaper job was as a copy boy at the Washington Post in 1939. After serving in the...
2004_DC_Kennedy_0409164NPC -- Robert F Kennedy Jr ("Crimes Against Nature")
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an environmental attorney, will discuss his new book, "Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals Are Plundering the Country and Hijacking Our Democracy," at a Book Rap. "Crimes Against Nature" is ultimately about the corrosive effect of corporate corruption...
2004_DC_Kennedy_CenterVw22DC -- John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts -- Views from...
2004_DC_Kennedy_Center16DC -- John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
2004_DC_Kennedy_Warren1DC -- Woodley Park -- Kennedy-Warren Apartments
2004_DC_Korean_War13DC -- Korean War Veterans Memorial
2004_DC_Koshland6DC -- Marian Koshland Science Museum @ Keck Center
2004_DC_Lafayette_Square1DC -- Lafayette Square (by White House) area
2004_DC_Lincoln_MemV4DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2004_DC_Lincoln_Mem26DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2004_DC_Lincoln_Theater1DC -- Lincoln Theater
2004_DC_LOCVw1DC -- Library of Congress -- Views from...
2004_DC_LOC_Ext6DC -- Library of Congress -- Exterior Images
2004_DC_LOC_GH16DC -- Library of Congress -- Room: The Great Hall
2004_DC_LOC_MRR10DC -- Library of Congress -- Room: Main Reading Room (room itself)
2004_DC_Longfellow1DC -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Memorial
2004_DC_Mall11DC -- Natl Mall area
Many of these are taken at dusk or sunset. Also here is the Mall in preparation of the World War II event.
2004_DC_March_04042552DC -- Rally: March for Women's Lives @ National Mall
Lots of folks including Gloria Steinem, Susan Sarandon, Eleanor Smeal, Anthony Romero (head of the ACLU), Kim Gandy (head of NOW), Julianne Moore, Gloria Feldt (Planned Parenthood), and Kate Michelman (NARAL).
2004_DC_Mason11DC -- George Mason Memorial
2004_DC_McCartney_0404145Smithsonian Associates -- Mike McCartney
From the Smithsonian description: Mike McCartney's Liverpool Life: Sixties in Black and Whites
2004_DC_McClellan_Pk1DC -- Kalorama Triangle -- Major General George B. McClellan Park
2004_DC_Meade_Mem3DC -- George Meade Memorial
2004_DC_Metro_04111634DC -- Metro Town Hall Meeting
The Board of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) hosted its first Town Hall meeting to talk to customers on a variety of issues dealing with Metrorail, Metrobus and Metroaccess such as service, funding and expansion. Bob Levey, Senior Vice President for Development at the...
2004_DC_Murals_BPeck2DC -- Public Art: Murals by G. Byron Peck
2004_DC_NAFF_04091215Natl Archives -- Panel -- Founding Fathers and Charters of Freedom (w/Walter Isaacson etc)
Our Founding Fathers and the Charters of Freedom: Guest speakers included:
* Walter Isaacson, ("Benjamin Franklin"),
* Joel Achenbach ("The Grand Idea: George Washington's Potomac and the Race to the West"),
* Stanley Weintraub ("General Washington's Christmas Farewell: A Mount Vernon...
2004_DC_Naval_Memorial14DC -- U.S. Navy Memorial
I caught the tail-end of a ceremony paying respects to the crew of the U.S.S. PCE(R)852 and their families. The speaker at the ceremony was Al Samuels who e-mailed me a description of the boat's service:

"The 852 was a rescue ship which served in the South Pacific during WWII rescuing guys from...
2004_DC_NBF_Abdul_Jabbar_0410093Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ("Brothers in Arms")
2004_DC_NBF_Black_0410091Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Holly Black ("The Wrath of the McGrath")
2004_DC_NBF_Block_0410093Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Lawrence Block ("The Burglar on the Prowl")
2004_DC_NBF_Bova_0410091Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Ben Bova ("Faint Echoes, Distant Stars")
Award-winning author ...
2004_DC_NBF_Brinkley_0410094Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Douglas Brinkley ("Tour of Duty")
Historian ...
2004_DC_NBF_Brown_0410094Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Marc Brown ("Wild About Books")
Author and illustrator ...
2004_DC_NBF_Caldwell_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Ian Caldwell & Dustin Thomason ("The Rule of Four")
2004_DC_NBF_Chernow_0410093Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Ron Chernow ("Alexander Hamilton")
Biographer ...
2004_DC_NBF_Cooper_0410093Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Floyd Cooper ("Jump!")
2004_DC_NBF_Frommer_0410093Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Arthur Frommer
2004_DC_NBF_Gaiman_0410097Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Neil Gaiman ("The Wolves in the Walls" and "Coraline")
For more than 20 years, ...
2004_DC_NBF_Heloise_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Heloise
2004_DC_NBF_Jones_0410091Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Edward P. Jones ("The Known World")
2004_DC_NBF_Keno_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Leigh and Leslie Keno
2004_DC_NBF_Kooser_0410091Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Ted Kooser
2004_DC_NBF_Lehman_0410091Natl Book Festival 2004 -- David Lehman
2004_DC_NBF_Lehrer_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Jim and Kate Lehrer
Born in Wichita, Kan., ...
2004_DC_NBF_Lewis_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- John Lewis
2004_DC_NBF_Misc_0410099Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Miscellaneous
2004_DC_NBF_Nafisi_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Azar Nafisi ("Reading Lolita in Tehran")
Best-selling author ...
2004_DC_NBF_Oates_0410094Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Joyce Carol Oates
2004_DC_NBF_OConnell_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Patrick O'Connell
2004_DC_NBF_OConnor_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva
2004_DC_NBF_Pastan_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Linda Pastan
2004_DC_NBF_Pohl_0410095Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Frederik Pohl
Best-selling, award-winning science fiction author ...
2004_DC_NBF_Quindlen_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Anna Quindlen
2004_DC_NBF_Roberts_0410094Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Cokie Roberts
2004_DC_NBF_Silva_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Daniel Silva
2004_DC_NBF_Stabenow_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Dana Stabenow
2004_DC_NBF_Stephenson_0410091Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Neal Stephenson
2004_DC_NBF_Stine_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- R. L. Stine
2004_DC_NBF_Straub_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Peter Straub
2004_DC_NBF_Trethewey_0410091Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Natasha Trethewey and Tony DiTerlizzi
2004_DC_NBF_Willis_0410092Natl Book Festival 2004 -- Connie Willis
2004_DC_NCath_Climb_04092514DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Event: Climb the Tower
Twice a year, you get to climb up to the tower to look at the bells, see the view, and get up close and personal with stained glass and gargoyles. Trivia: Height 301 feet. Weight: 9000 tons. Number of steps: 333. Number of bells: 63. 53 Bell Carillon = 64 tons. 10 Bell English Peal = 7 tons.
2004_DC_NCath_CSA2DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Stained Glass -- Confederate Windows
2004_DC_NCath_Glass54DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Stained glass
2004_DC_NCath_I39DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Interior Images (except stained glass)
2004_DC_NCath_Open_04092533DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Event: Open House
2004_DC_NCath_O71DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Outside Images
2004_DC_NCath_Views32DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Views from...
2004_DC_NCCC1DC -- Logan Circle -- Natl City Christian Church (5 Thomas Circle, NW)
2004_DC_Newseum3DC -- Newseum
The foundation of the future Newseum structure was being dug this year.
2004_DC_NGAP28DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Paintings
2004_DC_NGASG2DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- Sculpture Garden
2004_DC_NGAS76DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Sculpture
2004_DC_NGA_Bldg7DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Building
2004_DC_NGA_Shaw5DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Exhibit: Shaw Memorial
2004_DC_NGS1DC -- Downtown -- Natl Geographic Society -- Explorers Hall (1145 17th St NW)
2004_DC_NHJM_04081319Natl Museum of Natural History -- Event: John Matthews ("Mammal Makeovers")
This lecture was done by John Matthews, the museum's lead taxidermist, who showed what was involved in making the new Hall of Mammals at the National Museum of Natural History. As the program description says, his "team sculpted foam and clay, cast heads, hands, toes and tongues and made thousands of...
2004_DC_NPC_BookFair_04111723NPC -- 27th Annual Book Fair & Authors' Night (2004)
The event was a bit of a disappointment this year. Fewer big names resulted in a smaller crowd. I had some interesting discussions however and picked up a few books.
Authors here: Norman Polmar and Thomas Allen, Lewis Sorley, Alex Kershaw, Joel Achenbach, George McGovern, Malachy McCourt, Eleanor...
2004_DC_OEOB11DC -- Downtown -- Eisenhower Executive Office Building (Old Executive Office Building) (1650 Penn Ave NW)
2004_DC_Office_STAT70Office (STAT-USA) -- Various office shots
(040624) Jeff Mayer's good-bye coffee.
(040802) Adam and Kristin photo shoot
(040812) Adam and Kristin's going-away event
(040816) Gerry Brown and Bruce Guthrie -- these pictures were taken for the STAT-USA newsletter
2004_DC_Old_PostI2DC -- Old Post Office -- Inside (Pavilion / Hotel)
2004_DC_Old_PostV81DC -- Old Post Office -- Views from tower
2004_DC_Old_Post_Belgian11DC -- Old Post Office -- Exhibit: Comic Strips / Passion's Trip
Included here are pictures from an exhibit "Comic Strips / Passion's Trip" that the Belgian embassy sponsored.

Every year, almost 40 million comic strip books, in around twenty languages, are printed in Belgium. Three-quarters of them are sold abroad. Comic albums have...
2004_DC_Osgood_0405175Olsson's -- Charles Osgood ("Defending Baltimore Against Enemy Attack")
2004_DC_Pandamania615DC -- Public Art: Pandamania
Originally, the pandamania artworks were all over the city. Being obsessive, I managed to see them all in their individual locations. I ran into Eleanor Clift while I was out and about and got her photo with one of them.
In September, I visited the "rehab clinic" for the pieces that had been...
2004_DC_Parker_04033049Smithsonian Associates -- Fess Parker
From the session write-up: Fess Parker, Celebrating an American Icon. Actor Fess Parker portrayed the legendary frontiersmen Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone on television, spawning “Frontier Fever” as children across the nation and around the world donned their coonskin caps. Fess Parker has appeared in...
2004_DC_Party_Animals2DC -- Public Art: Party Animals
2004_DC_Penn_Qtr1DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2004_DC_Petersen_House5DC -- Penn Qtr -- Petersen House (House Where Lincoln Died) (516 10th St NW)
2004_DC_Pike_Statue1DC -- Judiciary Square -- Brigadier General Albert Pike Statue
2004_DC_Red_Cross1DC -- Foggy Bottom -- American Red Cross Natl Headquarters
2004_DC_RFK_Stadium1DC -- Barney Circle -- RFK Stadium (2400 East Capitol St NE)
2004_DC_Riding_Giants_04062710DC -- "Riding Giants" (movie) interview with director and surfers
Personally, I didn't think this movie, a documentary about surfing the big waves (some of them 50 feet and higher), would be very interesting but I thought it was blast! After the free screening, they had the director (Stacy Peralta), a co-writer (Sam George), and two of the ground-breaking surfing...
2004_DC_RRBVw3DC -- Ronald Reagan Building -- Views from...
2004_DC_RRB6DC -- Ronald Reagan Building (Exterior Images)
Pictures here include mscellaneous interior and exterior views after Reagan's death.
2004_DC_RRB_I4DC -- Ronald Reagan Building (Interior Images)
2004_DC_SA2nd_04091714Smithsonian Associates -- Second City’s 45th Anniversary Tour
Since 1959, through every political scandal, cultural milestone and public disgrace, The Second City has been there to create hysterical comedy out of our own country’s hysteria. Along the way, it has also produced some of North America’s greatest comic talents, such as Alan Arkin, Robert Klein, Gilda...
2004_DC_SACBO_04093014Smithsonian Associates -- Combined Bomber Offensive
In a remarkable interview at the Smithsonian, Allied veterans Col. Harold Weekley (USAAF, Ret.) and Air Vice Marshal Jack Furner (RAF, Ret.) recount their experiences as young men flying on extraordinarily dangerous bombing missions over Germany during World War II.
Col. Weekley was an aircraft...
2004_DC_SACMS_04042830Smithsonian Associates -- Correale Museum of Sorrento
From Smithsonian description: The Correale Museum of Sorrento: Exhibition Launch with Light Reception: At the heart of Sorrento lies a magnificent jewel-box of a museum, the Museo Correale di Terranova. Within its historic walls is a treasure trove of the decorative arts -- including majolica, intarsia,...
2004_DC_SAGW_04102113Smithsonian Associates -- Gene Weingarten & Gina Barreca
(Official description of the event) Gene Weingarten & Gina Barreca—One Man. One Woman. 10,000 Years of Misunderstanding Cleared Right Up!
The battle between the sexes rages on, and despite huge advancements in human knowledge, men and women still haven’t got a clue about each other. Tonight, however,...
2004_DC_SAHM_04021810Smithsonian Associates -- Hall of Mammals
From the online description of the event: The new Kenneth E. Behring Family Hall of Mammals explores the diversity of some 274 mammals and how they originated and adapted to changing landscapes and environments over the last 210 million years—from polar to desert regions and from dry to humid...
2004_DC_Sakharov2DC -- Sheridan-Kalorama -- Andrei Sakharov statue (1800 Connecticut Ave NW)
2004_DC_Sams_PandR1DC -- Cleveland Park -- Sam's Park & Ride
2004_DC_SANY_04100712Smithsonian Associates -- Celebration of The New Yorker Cartoons
Considered a national treasure, the cartoons of The New Yorker are beloved iconic images that have made us laugh at the social issues of the day and have defined a distinctly American sensibility. Since the magazine’s debut in 1925, the cartoons have been a barometer of the human condition and have...
2004_DC_SAOP_04021620Smithsonian Associates -- Other Presidents' Day (Arthur Schlesinger Jr, John Dean, etc)
From the official description of the event: We know Washington and Lincoln so well that their birthdays merit a holiday. But for every American president whose name enjoys instant recall there are many about whom we have to scratch our heads a bit. What was important about James K. Polk? Interesting...
2004_DC_SATMJC_04091216Smithsonian Associates -- Thelonious Monk Vocal Competition
These were the semifinalist vocalists in the 17th annual Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition. From the Smithsonian Associates description: Hosted by Herbie Hancock (who I didn't see) and Billy Dee Williams, the competition shines the spotlight on young jazz vocalists who will compete before...
2004_DC_Scottish_DCSR1DC -- Adams Morgan -- Scottish Rite Temple -- DCSR (2800 16th St NW)
2004_DC_Shakespeare_0405173DC -- Debate on Shakespeare's Henry Plays: Resolved: That The Invasion of France Was Justified @ Langsburgh
The Shakespeare Theatre held a debate called "Resolved: That the Invasion of France was Justified." I only saw part of it, thinking it would be pretty dry, while I was waiting for a booksigning at Olsson's. As it turns out, it had a number of guests: Kenneth Adelman (director of US Arms Control and...
2004_DC_SIAH_Ahead1DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Looking Ahead
2004_DC_SIAH_Bldg2DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exterior Shots
2004_DC_SIAH_Gowns1DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: First Ladies
2004_DC_SIAH_Gunboat1DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Gunboat Philadelphia
2004_DC_SIAH_Int1DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Miscellaneous Interior Shots
2004_DC_SIAH_Julia7DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Julia Child’s Kitchen
2004_DC_SIAH_Plans_04091429James Smithson Society event -- American History (Price of Freedom plans)
These are pictures from a presentation about the new exhibit that was given for the James Smithson Society. The description from the meeting announcement: The Price of Freedom is a major new permanent exhibition at the National Museum of American History that tells the compelling stories of our nation's...
2004_DC_SIAH_PopCult2DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Pop Culture
2004_DC_SIAH_Power15DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Power Machinery
2004_DC_SIAH_Price_Civil18DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Price of Freedom -- Civil War
2004_DC_SIAH_Price_Cold11DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Price of Freedom -- Cold War (Korea, Vietnam, etc)
2004_DC_SIAH_Price_Exp14DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Price of Freedom -- Expansion/Imperialism
2004_DC_SIAH_Price_Ind13DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Price of Freedom -- Independence (American Revolution, War of 1812)
2004_DC_SIAH_Price_Misc8DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Price of Freedom -- Miscellaneous (Intro, Terror, Medal of Honor)
2004_DC_SIAH_Price_WW13DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Price of Freedom -- World War I
2004_DC_SIAH_Price_WW220DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Price of Freedom -- World War II
2004_DC_SIAH_SAL7DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Science in American Life
Science in American Life
April 27, 1994 – November 27, 2011
This exhibition examines the interaction between science and society from 1876 to the present. Through artifacts, historical photographs, computer interactives, and multimedia technology, the exhibition brings to life many of the scientific...
2004_DC_SIAH_Separate3DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Separate Is Not Equal: Brown v. Board of Education
Separate Is Not Equal: Brown v. Board of Education
May 15, 2004 – July 16, 2006
This exhibition celebrates the 50-year anniversary of the Supreme Court's landmark decision that ended segregation in public schools, and reviews and examines its legacy through personal stories and artifacts. On May 17,...
2004_DC_SIAIB61DC -- Arts and Industries Bldg
This museum building was closed to the public for renovations. I got permission from the James Smithson Society to come in and take pictures of the interior. It was a thrill to go to the upper floors and take pictures of this beautiful building.
2004_DC_SIAM4DC -- Anacostia Community Museum -- Not Covered Elsewhere
2004_DC_SIFG76DC -- Freer Gallery of Art -- Not Covered Elsewhere
2004_DC_SIFG_Avant6DC -- Freer Gallery of Art -- Exhibit: Mr. Whistler's Galleries: Avant-Garde in Victorian London
Mr. Whistler's Galleries: Avant-Garde in Victorian London
November 20, 2003 – April 4, 2004
This exhibition, marking the centenary of Whistler's death on July 17, 1903, highlights his importance to the history of exhibition design by creating new versions of 2 of his most influential installations:...
2004_DC_SIFG_Courtyard8DC -- Freer Gallery of Art -- Exhibit: Inner Courtyard
2004_DC_SIFG_Peacock8DC -- Freer Gallery of Art -- Exhibit: Peacock Room
2004_DC_SIHG21DC -- Smithsonian Gardens: Enid A. Haupt Garden @ Smithsonian Castle
2004_DC_SIHIRO_SG21DC -- Hirshhorn Museum (Outside) -- Sculpture Garden
2004_DC_SIHIR11DC -- Hirshhorn Museum (Inside)
2004_DC_SIMLRG40DC -- Smithsonian Gardens: Mary Livingston Ripley Garden (Between Hirshhorn & Arts and Industries Bldg)
2004_DC_SINH_African_Voices3DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Exhibit: African Voices
2004_DC_SINH_Bldg10DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History
2004_DC_SINH_Fossils13DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Exhibit: Fossil Mammals/Dinosaurs
2004_DC_SINH_Gems7DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Exhibit: Geology, Gems, and Minerals
2004_DC_SINH_Korea1DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Exhibit: Korea Gallery
2004_DC_SINH_Mammals65DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Hall of Mammals
2004_DC_SINH_Natures_Best7DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Exhibit: Nature's Best International Photography Awards (2004)
2004_DC_SINH_Orchids9DC -- Smithsonian Gardens & USBG -- Orchid Express @ Natural History Museum
The Orchid Express
December 4, 2004 – May 1, 2005
Until recently, orchids have been considered finicky, difficult, and prohibitively expensive; but with the new technologies, they have become ubiquitous, appearing in movies and TV shows, hotel lobbies and information desks, as well as windowsills and...
2004_DC_SINH_Rotunda6DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Rotunda
2004_DC_SINH_Skeletons11DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Exhibit: Osteology: Hall of Bones
2004_DC_SINZ_Art2DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2004_DC_SINZ_BV3DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- American Trail (formerly Beaver Valley) (sea lions, seals, pelicans, beavers, otters, bald eagles, ravens, and grey wolves)
2004_DC_SINZ_Cat60DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Big Cats
The National Zoo’s had three male Sumatran tiger cubs born on May 2, 2004. They went on public exhibit in August, 2004, weighing about 30 pounds.
They are the third generation of Sumatran tigers at the National Zoo. They join a multi-generational family at the National Zoo that includes their...
2004_DC_SINZ_Const11DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Construction Projects
2004_DC_SINZ_Elephant16DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Elephant House/Trail
2004_DC_SINZ_Farm17DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Kids' Farm
2004_DC_SINZ_Main10DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Parts not covered elsewhere
2004_DC_SINZ_Mammal16DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Small Mammal House (plus Lemurs)
2004_DC_SINZ_Panda10DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Giant Pandas
2004_DC_SINZ_Primate9DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Primates
2004_DC_SINZ_Reptile10DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Reptile House
2004_DC_SINZ_RPanda7DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Red Pandas
2004_DC_SINZ_Tile1DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Donor Tiles
2004_DC_SIRG_Bldg1DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Bldg
2004_DC_SIRG_Oct1DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Octagon Room (when not part of another exhibit)
2004_DC_SIRG_Perm50DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Permanent Galleries (Before 2015)
2004_DC_SIRG_Salon42DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Grand Salon (Before 2015)
2004_DC_SISG28DC -- Arthur M. Sackler Gallery -- Not Covered Elsewhere
2004_DC_SI_Castle1DC -- Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle)
2004_DC_SI_Castle_Commons4DC -- Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle) -- The Commons
2004_DC_SI_Castle_NMAAHC1DC -- Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle) -- Exhibit: Design Models: National Museum of African American History and Culture's Architectural Design Competition
Design Models: National Museum of African American History and Culture's Architectural Design Competition
March 27, 2009 – April 19, 2009
On view are six architectural design models submitted to the Smithsonian in a design competition for the new National Museum of African American History and Culture...
2004_DC_Southwest4DC -- Southwest neighborhood
2004_DC_Spirit_04091829DC -- Verizon Center -- Event: Spirit of America 2004
Spirit of America is an US Army-sponsored rah-rah event that both PR and a recruiting venture. The U.S. Army Military District of Washington (which some refer to as the Washington Military District or WMD) includes a large group of soldiers whose purpose is to entertain the public, troops, and foreign...
2004_DC_Supreme_Ct4DC -- Supreme Court Building -- Exterior
2004_DC_Takoma7DC -- Takoma neighborhood
2004_DC_Temperance2DC -- Penn Qtr -- Indiana Plaza -- Temperance Fountain
2004_DC_Thomas_Statue2DC -- Major General George Henry Thomas (Thomas Circle) Statue
2004_DC_Tidal3DC -- Tidal Basin
2004_DC_UHPrayerA1DC -- Anacostia -- United House of Prayer for All (1123 Howard St. SE)
2004_DC_Union_StationI4DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2004_DC_Union_Station1DC -- Union Station (exterior)
2004_DC_Uptown_Theater1DC -- Cleveland Park -- Uptown Theater
2004_DC_USDC2DC -- Judiciary Square -- US District Court for DC Bldg (E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse)
2004_DC_USTR1DC -- Foggy Bottom -- USTR Building (Winder Building) (604 17th St. NW)
2004_DC_U_Street8DC -- U Street Heritage neighborhood
2004_DC_Viet_Wall5DC -- Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Two visits, one on (040901) and the other (041018)
2004_DC_Wardman_Park3DC -- Woodley Park -- Wardman Park Hotel (2600 Woodley Rd, NW)
2004_DC_Wash_Harbor4DC -- Georgetown -- Washington Harbor
2004_DC_Wash_Mon23DC -- Washington Monument -- Exterior
2004_DC_WCCVw3DC -- Washington Convention Center -- Views from...
2004_DC_WCC5DC -- Washington Convention Center
2004_DC_WCC_Art13DC -- Washington Convention Center -- Art
2004_DC_WHouse_Penn4DC -- White House -- Pennsylvania Avenue section
2004_DC_WHouse_Tree7DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2004)
2004_DC_Wilson_Plaza5DC -- Woodrow Wilson Plaza (between Clinton and Reagan buildings)
2004_DC_Woodley6DC -- Woodley Park neighborhood
2004_DC_WTS_04120388Personal -- World Travel Service Christmas Party
2004_DC_WW2_Baseball_0405308WW2 -- World War II Veterans as Baseball Players: Bob Feller (Navy and Cleveland Indians), Monte Irvin (Army and New York Giants), and Buck O’Neil (Navy and Kansas City Monarchs). Moderated by Liane Hansen.
Bob Feller served four years in the U.S. Navy, earning eight battle stars as the chief of a gun crew on the battleship USS Alabama. Known for his fiery fastball, he holds the record as the pitcher with the most wins (266) in Cleveland Indians history. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962...
2004_DC_WW2_Blacks_0405286WW2 -- Experience of African Americans in World War II: Ossie Davis (Army) and William J. Powell (Army). Moderated by Linda Wertheimer.
Ossie Davis helped establish an African-American medical station in Liberia while serving in the U.S. Army during World War II. Ever since his acting debut in 1946, he has made numerous appearances on film, stage, and television. He and his wife, Ruby Dee, have received the National Medal of Arts and...
2004_DC_WW2_DDay_0405276WW2 -- Eyewitness to D-Day: Sam Gibbons. Moderated by Gary Rhay. Introduced by Beverly Lindsey.
Sam M. Gibbons began his military service in June 1941 as part of the 101st Airborne Division. He led Parachute Infantry forces in the pre-dawn invasion of Normandy on D-Day. Elected to the Florida State House of Representatives in 1953, he served there until 1958; and from 1959 to 1963 served in the...
2004_DC_WW2_Dedication_04052918DC -- Natl World War II Memorial -- Event: Dedication ceremony
2004_DC_WW2_Eagles_0405289WW2 -- Creating, Crafting, and Installing the Memorial’s Bronze Eagles: Raymond Kaskey (Sculptor, Kaskey Studio), Larry Welker, Owner (Laran Bronze), Patrick Oakes (Executive Vice-President, Apex Piping Systems, Inc.). Moderated by John Vlach.
Raymond Kaskey is a sculptor and architect, best known for his works of civic art, particularly the large allegorical figures he creates from bronze, copper, and stone. Kaskey designed the sculptures for the National World War II Memorial; and was assisted in the creation of these works by sculptors...
2004_DC_WW2_Film_0405308WW2 -- World War II Veterans as Film Performers: Jack Palance (Army Air Forces). Moderated by Thomas Doherty
Jack Palance flew surveillance planes for the Army Air Corps during World War II. Known for his tough persona on screen, Palance has made numerous films since his movie debut in 1950, including Shane, Attack, The Professionals, Bagdad Cafe, and Batman. He won an Academy Award for his performance in City...
2004_DC_WW2_Holocaust_04053011WW2 -- U.S. Army and the Holocaust John Dolibois (interrogator of Nazi War Criminals at Nuremberg) and John Withers (aided Holocaust survivors in Germany). Moderated by Jeff Anthony.
John Dolibois served as a captain in Military Intelligence, and was assigned to the International War Crimes Trial in Nuremberg, Germany. There he interrogated (among others) Hermann Goering, Julius Streicher, and Joachim von Ribbentrop. He served as the U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg from 1981 to 1985,...
2004_DC_WW2_Internment_04053012WW2 -- Internment of Japanese Americans in Wyoming: Norman Mineta (Secretary of Transportation) and Alan Simpson (former U.S. Senator from Wyoming). Moderated by Marc Pachter
Norman Mineta and his family were among the 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry forced from their homes and into internment camps during World War II. From 1975 to 1995, he was a member of U.S. House of Representatives, representing California’s Silicon Valley. Under President Bill Clinton, he served...
2004_DC_WW2_Journalists_04052829WW2 -- World War II Veterans as Journalists: Allen Neuharth (Army, USA Today) and Mike Wallace (Navy, CBS News), Moderated by Thomas Doherty
Allen Neuharth served with General George Patton’s Third Army in Europe. Following the war, he worked as a reporter for several newspapers in South Dakota, and then held management positions with the Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press, and Rochester Times-Union. As chairman and chief executive officer of...
2004_DC_WW2_Mall83WW2 -- Various pictures of the Mall during the Tribute to A Generation: Natl World War II Reunion
2004_DC_WW2_Monument_0405276WW2 -- Designing the Memorial: Architecture and Sculpture: Friedrich St. Florian (Design Architect, Natl World War II Memorial) and Raymond Kaskey (Sculptor, Kaskey Studio). Moderated by John Vlach.
Friedrich St. Florian, a distinguished professor and former dean of the Rhode Island School of Design, is the design architect for the National World War II Memorial. His design was selected from more than 400 entries in a nationwide competition conducted by the General Services Administration and the...
2004_DC_WW2_Navajo_04052811WW2 -- Navajo Code Talkers: Sam Billison, Keith Little, and Sam Smith. Moderated by Jeff Anthony
Sam Billison enlisted in the Marines in 1943, and landed on Iwo Jima on the second day of the battle. With other Code Talkers, he transmitted more than 800 error-free messages during the 36 days of fighting. Following the war, Billison served as a school principal for many years, and was elected to the...
2004_DC_WW2_Nissei_0405276WW2 -- Japanese Americans in World War II: Grant Ichikawa (Military Intelligence Service), Norman Ikari (442nd Regimental Combat Team), and Jean Kariya (Internment Camp Survivor). Moderated by Franklin Odo.
Grant Ichikawa volunteered to serve in the Military Intelligence Service in November 1942, and was later sent to Japan as a member of the Occupation Forces. He spent additional tours working as a civilian for an intelligence organization in Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Ichikawa is president of the...
2004_DC_WW2_Pres_04052712WW2 -- Veterans as Presidential Candidates: Bob Dole (Army, 10th Mountain Division) and George McGovern (Army Air Forces). Moderated by Marc Pachter
Bob Dole was a captain with the 10th Mountain Division in Italy, and was twice wounded in combat. He served as a U.S. Representative from Kansas from 1961 to 1969 and as a U.S. Senator until 1996. His terms as both Senate Minority Leader and Senate Majority Leader set a record as the nation’s longest...
2004_DC_WW2_Review_04052939WW2 -- "Tribute to a Generation" (@ MCI Center)
This was a freebie event that was done four times at the MCI Center. It featured some hammy folks acting out the history of World War II. The acting varied but the sets were well done -- you'd see submarine conning towers, ship bunks, invasion beaches, etc. Then there were some military bands playing...
2004_DC_WW2_Surigao_0405284WW2 -- Battle of Surigao Strait: Sen. John Warner and Adm. J. L. Holloway. Moderated by Dave Winkler
John W. Warner enlisted in the U.S. Navy at the age of 17 in 1945, serving as an electronic technician’s mate. He began a second tour of active military duty during the Korean War, serving as a ground officer with the First Marine Air Wing. He later became Secretary of the Navy, and has served...
2004_DC_WW2_Tuskegee_0405279WW2 -- Tuskegee Airmen: Lee Archer, Thomas Lowery, and Charles McGee. Moderated by Thomas Doherty.
Lee A. Archer, Jr. is the first and only confirmed “ace” of the Tuskegee Airmen, having earned the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with 18 clusters. As a fighter pilot in Europe, Archer flew 169 combat missions; and returned to combat during the Korean War. After retiring from the Air Force...
2004_DC_WWII236DC -- World War II Memorial
Quite a few visits.
The memorial opened to the public on April 29, 2004. On May 29, there was a dedication ceremony (which is covered separately).
While I was there on October 18, I ran into William “Barry” Owenby and had a chat with him. He is the project executive for the American Battle Monuments...
2004_DC_WWI3DC -- District of Columbia World War I Memorial
2004_DC_Zoofari_04052015DC -- FONZ Zoofari (2004)
People seen here include Clinton Fields, Tom LaRock and his wife, and Lucy Spelman.
2004_FL_BellW_HomeAL1FL -- Altoona -- Wayne and Dorothy Bell Home
2004_FL_Correia4Personal -- Joe and Lesley Correia
2004_FL_EPCOT22FL -- Lake Buena Vista -- Disney's EPCOT
2004_FL_GuthrieJ_HomeP9FL -- Palmetto -- Joan and Al Kollins Home (Winter)
With Max
2004_FL_LotusphereCS31FL -- Lotusphere 2004 (Common Sessions w/Patrick Stewart, Richard Jennings)
The Opening Session features Patrick Stewart. The Closing Session features stand-up comedian Richard Jennings who was quite funny.
2004_FL_Lotusphere49FL -- Lotusphere 2004 (Regular Sessions)
2004_FL_MGM30FL -- Lake Buena Vista -- Disney-MGM Theme Park
2004_FL_NeumannM_HomeP11FL -- Palmetto -- Melvin and Jean Neumann Home
2004_FL_UniversalS11FL -- Orlando -- Universal Orlando Resort -- Universal Studios -- Lotusphere 2004 reception
2004_FL_WDW_Hotel32FL -- Walt Disney World resort properties
Properties photographed here include: Pop Culture Resort, the Swan, the Dolphin, and All-Star Sports.
2004_GA_Bonaventure21GA -- Savannah -- Bonaventure Cemetery
2004_GA_Forsyth19GA -- Savannah -- Forsyth Park
2004_GA_Ft_Pulaski36GA -- Fort Pulaski Natl Monument
2004_GA_Savannah_City_Hall2GA -- Savannah -- City Hall
2004_GA_Savannah_Historic31GA -- Savannah -- Historic District
2004_GA_Savannah_River26GA -- Savannah -- River Street area
2004_GA_Savannah_Squares18GA -- Savannah -- Squares
2004_GA_Telfair_Academy2GA -- Savannah -- Telfair Museum -- Telfair Academy
2004_HI_AIM9HI -- Honolulu -- Art in Motion by Wayne
Wayne is a spraypaint artist who says he loves to dance and to paint. Using a variety of kitchen objects (like saucers, cups, etc), he creates unique artwork in about 15 minutes, all synchronized with loud dance music and an entertaining style. I watched the works initially and thought "these are going...
2004_HI_Arizona25HI -- Pearl Harbor -- USS Arizona Memorial
2004_HI_Bowfin8HI -- Honolulu -- USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park
This section commemorates the sailors who served in the "silent service". The centerpiece, which I didn't pay to tour, is the USS Bowfin. Commissioned in 1942, this 1,500-ton vessel was actually designed to spend most of its time above water, being able to submerge when it had to. Around the submarine...
2004_HI_CrittersHI32HI -- Critters -- Various on O'ahu, Hawaii
Several days' worth of animals. Highlighting some: ...
2004_HI_Diamond_Head12HI -- Diamond Head State Monument
2004_HI_Hanauma_Bay21HI -- Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve
2004_HI_Hawaii64HI -- O'ahu
Pictures from (041029) were from the airport (which includes the bathroom signs and the garden) but the others were taken all over the place.
2004_HI_HLA14Work (STAT-USA) -- Hawaii Library Association Conference 2004
2004_HI_Honolulu_Cap18HI -- Honolulu -- State Capitol
2004_HI_Honolulu_Main14HI -- Honolulu -- From street level
2004_HI_Honolulu_Night6HI -- Nighttime vistas from Pu'u Ualaka'a State Wayside
2004_HI_Honolulu_Vistas11HI -- Honolulu -- Vistas
Various happenings here: ...
2004_HI_Horses9HI -- Horses and horseback riders
These were available for rent for tourists. This was Terri's first horseback ride.
2004_HI_Missouri29HI -- Pearl Harbor -- Battleship Missouri Memorial
2004_HI_Pali14HI -- Nu'uanu Pali State Wayside
Another beautiful vantage point, this time of the eastern side of the island. From atop a 1,200-foot-high gap, you're blown by high winds that gust through the 2,000-to-3,000 foot-tall cliffs around you. Kamehameha the Great had a decisive victory here in his efforts to unite the island and a sign...
2004_HI_Pearl_Harbor4HI -- Pearl Harbor (excl Arizona, Missouri, and Bowfin)
2004_HI_Punchbowl_Main40HI -- Natl Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl Cemetery)
2004_HI_Punchbowl_Vistas20HI -- Natl Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl Cemetery): Vistas
2004_HI_Puu12HI -- Pu'u Ualaka'a State Wayside
2004_HI_St_Andrews3HI -- Honolulu -- St. Andrew's Cathedral
2004_HI_Surfing13HI -- Surfing
2004_HI_Turtle_Bay13HI -- Turtle Bay Resort
2004_HI_UH6Work (STAT-USA) -- University of Hawaii STAT-USA training
While we were in Honolulu, we did a training for members of the Hawaii Library Association, Federal Depository Librarians (including one from Guam), and the University of Hawaii at the Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. We were given a great deal of support from Gwen Sinclair at the...
2004_KY_Fayette_DC2KY -- Lexington -- Fayette District Court
2004_KY_Horse_Pk8KY -- Lexington -- Kentucky Horse Park
2004_KY_LexingtonKY2KY -- Lexington
2004_KY_LexingtonKY_HC13KY -- Lexington -- History Center (old Fayette County Courthouse)
2004_KY_LexingtonKY_LibVw3KY -- Lexington -- Lexington Library -- Views from...
2004_KY_LexingtonKY_Lib9KY -- Lexington -- Public Library
2004_KY_Phelan15Personal -- Joe and Elaine Phelan
2004_KY_Phoenix_Pk2KY -- Lexington -- Phoenix Park
2004_MD_AFI7MD -- Silver Spring -- AFI Silver Theatre
2004_MD_AmerInd_CRC68MD -- Suitland -- Natl Museum of the American Indian CRC
2004_MD_Annapolis_CapBJDK2MD -- Annapolis -- State Capitol -- Baron Johann de Kalb Statue
2004_MD_Annapolis_CapI6MD -- Annapolis -- State Capitol -- Interior Images
2004_MD_Annapolis_CapRT3MD -- Annapolis -- State Capitol -- Roger B. Taney Sculpture
2004_MD_Annapolis_CapTMM2MD -- Annapolis -- State Capitol -- Thurgood Marshall Memorial
2004_MD_Annapolis_Cap12MD -- Annapolis -- State Capitol -- Exterior Images
2004_MD_Annapolis_Cruise23MD -- Annapolis -- Cruise in harbor
2004_MD_Antietam_Lower18MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Lower Bridge (Burnside Bridge/Flank Attack)
2004_MD_Antietam_Middle15MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Middle Bridge (Sunken Road)
2004_MD_Antietam_Newcomer4MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Newcomer Farm
2004_MD_Antietam_Upper10MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Upper Bridge (Woods, Cornfield, Dunker Church, Mumma)
2004_MD_ASIM_04052210MD -- Autoshow in Motion @ FedEx Field
This was a fun event. GM sponsors a free event where you can test drive their cars as well as cars from their competitors. I drove some stupid ones (like the Hummer) as well as the newer Saturn cars. The test drives are very short (three or four minutes at a max) and you needed an escort to be in the...
2004_MD_Assateague32MD -- Assateague Island Natl Seashore
We visited the horses just after a fresh snow fall!
2004_MD_Baltimore2MD -- Baltimore
2004_MD_Baltimore_Aquarium8MD -- Baltimore -- Natl Aquarium
2004_MD_Baltimore_CWM3MD -- Baltimore -- Baltimore Civil War Museum
2004_MD_Baltimore_Holocaust5MD -- Baltimore -- Memorial: Holocaust
2004_MD_Baltimore_Katyn6MD -- Baltimore -- Memorial: Katyn
2004_MD_Baltimore_PWM12MD -- Baltimore -- Baltimore Public Works Museum
2004_MD_Barton27MD -- Clara Barton NHS
2004_MD_Block_04050727MD -- Laurel -- Montpelier Cultural Arts Center -- Tom Block art reception
This was an opening reception for my neighbor Tom Block's artworks at the Montpelier Cultural Arts Center. According to the brochure, the painting "are inspired by the spiritual passion of 14th Century mystic, Meister Eckhart. Working on raw, pitted, found wood as a support, the artist views the ensuing...
2004_MD_Block_Main14Neighbors -- Tom Block's family
Tom and Debbie Block, plus 4-year-old Dahlia and 10-day old Naomi.
2004_MD_Brookside280MD -- Wheaton -- Brookside Gardens
2004_MD_Constellation106MD -- Baltimore -- USS Constellation
2004_MD_CrittersMD55MD -- Critters -- BC, Monster, cicadas, raccoons, squirrels, and birds
Various things here, mostly around my house: ...
2004_MD_Disney_0405238AFI -- "Walt Disney Treasures – On The Front Lines" (w/John Canemaker)
-- John Canemaker and Dave Bossert.

This was my first-ever event at the AFI/Silver theatre which had opened the previous year. The event featured film from the new Walt Disney Treasures disc "On The Front Lines". It included a feature "Victory Through Air Power" and some other smaller...
2004_MD_Ellicott4MD -- Ellicott City and Oella
These pictures are of an old mill factory which has been turned into antique stores and artist work area.
2004_MD_FOTHOC_04122446Friends of the Homeless on Christmas (package preparation)
The official write-up of the event written by Victor Block with a preface by Tom Block:

Hi, everybody, here's the recap of this year's FOTHOC event that my Dad wrote up.

I might add a couple of things:
1) This was by far my worst year in terms of passing things out; people didn't want the bags;...
2004_MD_Fox_Gap6MD -- Fox's Gap (Reno Monument, South Mountain)
2004_MD_Ft_WashingtonVw10MD -- Fort Washington Park -- Views from...
2004_MD_Ft_Washington29MD -- Fort Washington Park
2004_MD_Fury9Personal -- Fury family on Eva's birthday
2004_MD_Gathland20MD -- Gathland State Park -- Correspondent's War Arch
2004_MD_Glen_Echo60MD -- Glen Echo Park
2004_MD_GuthrieB_HomeSS_Xmas2MD -- Silver Spring -- Bruce Home -- Christmas
2004_MD_HamptonNHS71MD -- Hampton NHS
2004_MD_Harbor17MD -- Baltimore -- Inner Harbor
2004_MD_Jesup_Blair1MD -- Silver Spring -- Jesup Blair Park & Blair Mansion
2004_MD_Kennedy_Farm6MD -- Kennedy Farm (John Brown Raid)
2004_MD_Lincoln_Other_04032722Abraham Lincoln 2004 Symposium @ National Archives II -- Other
The Abraham Lincoln Institute hosted its seventh annual symposium featuring "The Latest in Lincoln Scholarship" at the National Archives facility in College Park. This all-day event featured a number of speakers, good food, and wonderful conversation.
This page of photos consists of pictures from the...
2004_MD_Lincoln_Speakers_04032755Abraham Lincoln 2004 Symposium @ National Archives II -- Speakers
The Abraham Lincoln Institute hosted its seventh annual symposium featuring "The Latest in Lincoln Scholarship" at the National Archives facility in College Park. This all-day event featured a number of speakers, good food, and wonderful conversation.
* Brian R Dirck (speaking on "Lincoln the...
2004_MD_Metro_SS1Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2004_MD_Mono_Best6MD -- Monocacy Natl Battlefield -- Best Farm (incl NJ, UDC, and MD monuments)
2004_MD_MSC18MD -- Baltimore -- Maryland Science Center
2004_MD_Music23MD -- Annapolis -- Maryland Early Music Festival at Maryland State House
This was part of a three-day celebration of very early music in Annapolis the weekend we were there. Apparently, a Marylander named Thomas Bacon wrote the first opera penned in the United States (first played in public in 1751). The Towson University Early Music Ensemble played baroque compositions...
2004_MD_NCF27MD -- Piscataway Park / Natl Colonial Farm
2004_MD_NOAA1MD -- Silver Spring -- NOAA Building
2004_MD_Oxon27MD -- Oxon Hill Farm Park
2004_MD_Patapsco3MD -- Patapsco Valley State Park (and Thomas Viaduct)
2004_MD_Patuxent9MD -- Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
2004_MD_Paw_Paw42MD -- C&O Canal NHP -- Mile 155.2 -- Paw Paw Tunnel
2004_MD_Pt_LookCem6MD -- Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery
2004_MD_Pt_Lookout13MD -- Point Lookout State Park
2004_MD_RenFest_Acts10Maryland Renaissance Festival (2004) -- Acts: Other
Other acts including:
The Bloody Drama: Bob Garman, Jack Reda, Steve Heaton, Scott Grossman. We dare you to come and see our interactive comedy show. There are four different Bloody Dramas. One is totally improvised.
Shakespeare's Skum: Carolyn Spedden, director & writer; Liz Demery, Stephon Walker,...
2004_MD_RenFest_Barto12Maryland Renaissance Festival (2004) -- Acts: Barto The Human Pretzel
Barto The Human Pretzel:
Bart Van Dyck - Theatre Gili Gili, Inc. Barto is a comic fool who hangs his show on a slack rope and entraps his audiences with spellbinding contortionist routines. A gentle, crazed character, his show is a unique event that stirs the audience with its clowning antics and...
2004_MD_RenFest_Fox13Maryland Renaissance Festival (2004) -- Acts: Johnny Fox, Swordswallower Extraordinaire
Johnny Fox, Swordswallower Extraordinaire
John Fox. With sword swallowing, magic and a quick wit, the legendary Johnny Fox has thrilled audiences around the world and entertained at the Maryland Festival for more than 20 seasons.
2004_MD_RenFest_Hilby2Maryland Renaissance Festival (2004) -- Acts: Hilby, the Skinny German Juggle Boy
Hilby, the Skinny German Juggle Boy
Michael Hilby. Best described as a show without boundaries, Hilby is the living proof that being German doesn’t mean you can’t be funny. Hilby is an expert in juggling all sorts of objects and subjects. He also is amazing in countless circus and variety skills such...
2004_MD_RenFest_Joust18Maryland Renaissance Festival (2004) -- Acts: Joust Area (The Free Lancers)
The Free Lancers
Jousters. In the Middle Ages a "lance" was a group of soldiers consisting of a knight, his squire, a valet and twelve men at arms. If a knight’s lord was to die or if the knight had not sworn fealty to a lord, then he and his followers were called a "free lance" and entitled to be...
2004_MD_RenFest_Misc23Maryland Renaissance Festival (2004) -- Miscellaneous
2004_MD_Shaara_0411093Barnes & Noble -- Jeff Shaara ("To The Last Man")
Jeff was promoting his latest book, "To the Last Man", a novel about World War I. He also talked about some of his other books and his father, Michael, who 30 years before wrote the Pulitzer Prize winning "The Killer Angels" which became the movie "Gettysburg".
2004_MD_Shot_Tower2MD -- Baltimore -- Phoenix Shot Tower
2004_MD_Sligo4MD -- Sligo Creek Park
2004_MD_SSL5MD -- Silver Spring -- Library (900 Wayne Ave)
2004_MD_SSprung67MD -- Silver Spring -- Silver Sprung development (bound: Colesville Rd., Fenton St., Wayne Ave., Georgia Ave.)
2004_MD_SSV70MD -- Silver Spring -- Views from various parking lots
Various trips for vantage point views of the city: ...
2004_MD_SS_1stBaptist1MD -- Silver Spring -- First Baptist Church development (block: Wayne Ave. Fenton St., Bonifant St.)
2004_MD_SS_Acorn5MD -- Silver Spring -- Acorn Park
2004_MD_SS_Art_PRH4MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art: Penguin Rush Hour (mural by Sally Callmer) @ Silver Spring Metro station
2004_MD_SS_BDE3MD -- Silver Spring -- Business Section (East of Metro Line)
2004_MD_SS_Bonifant5MD -- Silver Spring -- Bonifant Street (not covered elsewhere)
2004_MD_SS_Courtyard3MD -- Silver Spring -- Marriott Courtyard Downtown (8506 Fenton St.)
2004_MD_SS_Crescent3MD -- Silver Spring -- Crescent development (930 Wayne Ave)
2004_MD_SS_EastWest13MD -- Silver Spring -- East West Highway
2004_MD_SS_Georgia2MD -- Silver Spring -- Georgia Avenue
2004_MD_SS_Loft2410MD -- Silver Spring -- Loft 24 apartments (8310 Fenton St.)
2004_MD_SS_Res3MD -- Silver Spring -- Residential section
2004_MD_SS_Wayne3MD -- Silver Spring -- Wayne Ave
2004_MD_St_Anne15MD -- Annapolis -- St Anne's Parish
2004_MD_St_Marys_City29MD -- St. Mary's City
2004_MD_Taney12MD -- Baltimore -- Coast Guard Cutter Taney (Baltimore Maritime Museum)
2004_MD_Torsk22MD -- Baltimore -- Submarine Torsk (Baltimore Maritime Museum)
2004_MD_TOWG10MD -- Baltimore -- Top of the World Gallery (not views from...)
2004_MD_TOWVw45MD -- Baltimore -- Top of the World -- Views from...
2004_MD_Wash_Mon_Boonsboro6MD -- Boonsboro -- Washington Monument
2004_MD_Wye7MD -- Wye Mills -- Wye Grist Mill and Wye Oak (remains)
2004_MI_GuthrieK_HomeWLP14MI -- Whitmore Lake -- Kevin Guthrie Home -- People
Post-reunion get-together at Kevin's w/Brian and Mandy and the kids and Margot
2004_MI_GuthrieK_HomeWL18MI -- Whitmore Lake -- Kevin Guthrie Home -- Things
Post-reunion get-together at Kevin's
2004_MI_ReunionMI92Family -- Reunion of Neumann clan -- People
2004_MI_ReunionMI_Pl18Family -- Reunion of Neumann clan -- Places
Kathy's house.
2004_NC_Aville_Grove_Park19NC -- Asheville -- Grove Park Inn
2004_NC_Biltmore_Gardens21NC -- Asheville -- Biltmore Estate -- Gardens
2004_NC_Biltmore_Home54NC -- Asheville -- Biltmore Estate -- Mansion (Exterior)
2004_NC_Biltmore_Other8NC -- Asheville -- Biltmore Estate -- Other
2004_NC_CrittersNC4NC -- Critters -- Birds at Dad and Dixie's
2004_NC_GuthrieG_HomeBR7NC -- Asheville -- Glenn and Dixie Guthrie home @ Beaverdam Run (1995-2005)
These were taken during the furniture trip, where Margot and I went down to pick up furniture for my living room.
2004_NC_GuthrieG_HomeGV3NC -- Asheville -- Glenn and Dixie Guthrie Home @ Givens Estates (2005-2023)
Dad and Dixie's next place was still under construction when he took me by to see it.
2004_NY_North_Shore10NY -- North Shore of Long Island
2004_NY_Sagamore_Hill25NY -- Sagamore Hill NHS
2004_NY_Youngs_Cemetery12NY -- Youngs Memorial Cemetery
Youngs Memorial Cemetery was first set aside as a burial ground in 1658, then was incorporated in 1900. It includes the remains of Teddy Roosevelt and a number of his descendants.
2004_NY_Young38Personal -- Guy and Anne Young's household for Thanksgiving
2004_SCO_Auchterarder12Scotland -- Auchterarder
2004_SCO_Castle16Scotland -- Blair Castle
2004_SCO_Costco_Edinburgh1Scotland -- Costco @ Edinburgh
2004_SCO_Drive32Scotland -- Country drive
There are a couple of days' worth of driving here
2004_SCO_Edinburgh105Scotland -- Edinburgh
2004_SCO_GE66Scotland -- Gleneagles Resort -- Various pictures
2004_SCO_Pook31Personal -- Graeme Pook and family (Scotland)
2004_SC_Charleston_Aquarium17SC -- Charleston -- South Carolina Aquarium
2004_SC_Charleston_Battery65SC -- Charleston -- West Point Gardens (Battery Park) and nearby homes
2004_SC_Charleston_Harbor3SC -- Charleston -- Harbor and coastal views
2004_SC_Ft_Sumter25SC -- Charleston -- Fort Sumter Natl Monument
2004_SC_Ft_Sumter_Boat19SC -- Charleston -- Fort Sumter Natl Monument -- Boatride to...
2004_SC_Harbour_Town21SC -- Hilton Head -- Harbour Town and sunset cruise
2004_SC_Hilton_Beach27SC -- Hilton Head -- Beach
Hilton Head, which measures 12 miles in length and up to 5 miles wise, is the largest island between New Jersey and Florida. It is named for Captain William Hilton who described it in 1663. During the Civil War, it was occupied by Union forces who used to island to shut down Confederate ports. In 1956,...
2004_SC_Santee_Canal14SC -- Moncks Corner -- Old Santee Canal Park
2004_SC_Sheldon19SC -- Old Sheldon Church Ruins
2004_SC_TimeshareSC8Personal -- Timeshare in Hilton Head, SC
Palmetto Dunes resort -- 5/9/2004 to 5/15/2004
2004_TN_Fan_Fair_04061072TN -- Nashville -- CMA Music Festival 2004 -- Performers at Riverfront Day 1
Performers pictured in this segment: Jo Dee Messina, Brian McComas, Lee Greenwood, Jessi Alexander, Andy Griggs, Joe Diffie, Daniel Lee Martin, the Oak Ridge Boys, Jolie Edwards, the Wilkinsons, Jeff Bates, Sherie Austin, Ty Herndon, Tanya Tucker, King Wilkie, and Eric Heatherly.
2004_TN_Fan_Fair_04061156TN -- Nashville -- CMA Music Festival 2004 -- Performers at Riverfront Day 2
Performers pictured in this segment: Neal McCoy, Sugarland, Suzy Bogguss, Colt Prather, Pajama Party (Michelle Wright, Deborah Allen, and the Kinleys), Dan and Jim Seals, Steve Azar, Lynn Anderson (with husband Mentor Williams), Scotty Emerick, and Trent Willmon.
2004_TN_Fan_Fair_04061231TN -- Nashville -- CMA Music Festival 2004 -- Performers at Riverfront Day 3
Performers pictured in this segment: The Players, Thom Bresh, Lane Brody, Lila McCann, Lane Turner, Mel Tillis, Mel McDaniel, Royal Wade Kimes, Gretchen Wilson, and Jamie O'Neal (she got to do a song or two before the thunder storms closed her out).
2004_TN_Fan_Fair_04061372TN -- Nashville -- CMA Music Festival 2004 -- Performers at Riverfront Day 4
Performers pictured in this segment: Stonewall Jackson, Jimmy Fortune, Bellamy Brothers, John Berry, J Michael Harter, Mountain Heart, BR549, Sisters Wade. A songwriting award was given to Brian Winter, his song was sung by Christopher Wayne Morris, and CMA head Ed Benson announced some other awards....
2004_TN_Fan_Fair_Auto122TN -- Nashville -- CMA Music Festival 2004 -- Autograph Area
Performers pictured in this segment: ...
2004_TN_Fan_Fair_General34TN -- Nashville -- CMA Music Festival 2004 -- General
2004_TN_Fan_Fair_Night102TN -- Nashville -- CMA Music Festival 2004 -- Performers at Coliseum
Performers pictured in this segment: ...
2004_TN_Ft_DonelsonNC10TN -- Fort Donelson Natl Battlefield -- Natl Cemetery
2004_TN_Ft_DonelsonVC2TN -- Fort Donelson Natl Battlefield -- Visitor Center
2004_TN_Ft_Donelson18TN -- Fort Donelson Natl Battlefield
2004_TN_Ft_Donelson_Dover8TN -- Fort Donelson Natl Battlefield -- Dover
2004_TN_Nashville31TN -- Nashville -- Miscellaneous
Pictures include a view of the city as the storm comes rolling in.
2004_TN_Nashville_Cap33TN -- Nashville -- State Capitol
2004_TN_Opryland21TN -- Nashville -- Gaylord Opryland
2004_TN_Ryman8TN -- Nashville -- Ryman Auditorium
2004_TN_SLA60Work (STAT-USA) -- Special Libraries Association 2004 conference in Nashville, TN
The Special Libraries Association 2004 meeting was held in the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville Tennessee. It's an annual convention of special libraries -- including corporate and niche ones -- that STAT-USA had a booth at. It was my first conference in... well, forever!
2004_VA_Aldie5VA -- Aldie -- Aldie Mill and 1st Mass Memorial
2004_VA_Balls_Bluff12VA -- Ball's Bluff Battlefield Regional Park
2004_VA_Barry_04091511Olsson's -- Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson ("Peter and the Starcatchers")
Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson together: does it get any better? Join us as they read from their fast-paced, impossible-to-put-down adventure novel, "Peter and the Starcatchers," a 'prequel' to Peter Pan. Young orphan Peter and his mates are dispatched to an island ruled by the evil King Zarboff. They...
2004_VA_Blue_Moon25Personal -- Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville
2004_VA_Buchanan_0409133Olsson's -- Patrick Buchanan ("Where the Right Went Wrong")
Patrick Buchanan, senior advisor to three former American presidents and candidate for President three times discusses his new book. "Where the Right Went Wrong: How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency," in which Buchanan claims the Bush Administration and...
2004_VA_Charlottesville_LC2VA -- Charlottesville -- Lewis and Clark Memorial(s)
2004_VA_Charlottesville_PM4VA -- Charlottesville -- Pedestrian Mall
2004_VA_Cokie_0405267Rosslyn Ren -- Cokie Roberts ("Founding Mothers")
From the event description: Cokie Roberts, co-anchor of the ABC news program "This Week" and an ABC special correspondent covering politics, Congress, and public policy discusses her new book, "Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation, as part of the Rosslyn Renaissance Rooms With a View...
2004_VA_CRC27VA -- Front Royal -- Smithsonian Conservation Research Center (CRC)
2004_VA_CrittersVA1VA -- Critters -- Margot's cat
2004_VA_DCA11VA -- National Airport (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport) (DCA)
2004_VA_DCA_History20VA -- National Airport (DCA) -- Exhibit: History Gallery
2004_VA_Delaplane7VA -- Delaplane
2004_VA_FlightP4Personal -- Margot Lebow's friends along the flight to Manchester and back again
2004_VA_FONZ_CF_04100325VA -- FONZ Autumn Conservation Festival (2004) @ Conservation Research Center (CRC)
2004_VA_FONZ_CF_Cav_04100319VA -- FONZ Autumn Conservation Festival (2004) @ Conservaton Research Center (CRC) -- Cavalry Reenactment
2004_VA_Goose_Creek2VA -- Goose Creek Stone Bridge
2004_VA_Gore_0409144Olsson's -- Kristin Gore ("Sammy's Hill")
Emmy-nominated comedy writer Kristin Gore, daughter of Al and Tipper Gore, is best known for her work as a writer on television shows such as Saturday Night Live and the Fox animated series Futurama. She reads from her fun, fast-paced debut novel, "Sammy's Hill," about the likeable, idealistic Samantha...
2004_VA_Great_FallsVA42VA -- McLean -- Great Falls Park
2004_VA_Hamiltons5VA -- Charlottesville -- Hamilton's Restaurant
2004_VA_Kernstown6VA -- Kernstown
2004_VA_Lee_0412068Olsson's -- Alan Lee ("Lord of the Rings")
Celebrate fifty years of "The Lord of The Rings" with illustrator Alan Lee. Renowned illustrator of J.R.R. Tolkien's books and Academy Award-winning conceptual designer of "The Lord of the Rings" film trilogy, Alan Lee presents his illustrated "The Lord of the Rings" books by J.R.R. Tolkien. This fall...
2004_VA_Margot56Personal -- Margot Lebow, Gigi, etc
Pictures here include a number of things: ...
2004_VA_Mark25Personal -- Mark and Amy visits
Three visits here: ...
2004_VA_Marlo_0411193Olsson's -- Marlo Thomas ("Thanks & Giving")
Marlo Thomas: Meet the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning actor and author Marlo Thomas in a special bookstore appearance. Creator of the best-selling classic, "Free To Be...You and Me," Marlo Thomas has once again produced a joyful volume for children and the grown-ups in their lives. "Thanks & Giving:...
2004_VA_Mt_Zion4VA -- Aldie -- Mt. Zion Church
2004_VA_Plains3VA -- The Plains
2004_VA_Ralph_04021539Personal -- Ralph's 49th birthday party
2004_VA_SIAIRVA_Bldg11VA -- Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center -- Building
2004_VA_SIAIRVA_Cases13VA -- Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center -- Exhibit Cases
2004_VA_SIAIRVA_Close8VA -- Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center -- Exhibit: Close Encounters Mother Ship Model
2004_VA_SIAIRVA_Main199VA -- Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center -- Main Hangar
2004_VA_SIAIRVA_Space25VA -- Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center -- Space Hangar
2004_VA_SIAIRVA_Tower5VA -- Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center -- Donald Engen Observation Tower
2004_VA_Skyline16VA -- Shenandoah Natl Park (Skyline Drive)
2004_VA_St_Clair_04052286Personal -- Tom and Elaine St Clair's going-away event
2004_VA_Thompsons29Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
A few meetings here: ...
2004_VA_Thoroughfare8VA -- Thoroughfare Gap -- Chapman's Mill
2004_VA_Winch_SMP5VA -- Winchester -- Shenandoah Memorial Park
Fall colors and Patsy Cline's grave
2004_VA_Wolf_Trap14VA -- Vienna -- Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts
Two events here: ...
2004_WV_Harpers_Church10WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Churches (Some Private)
2004_WV_Harpers_Ext31WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Exterior Shots
2004_WV_Harpers_HHouse3WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Exhibit: Harper House
2004_WV_Harpers_JeffR6WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Jefferson Rock
2004_WV_Harpers_Tavern1WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Exhibit: White Hall Tavern
2004_XX_Flight145Flights (Various) 2004
Included here are: ...
2004_XX_Sunset20Nature -- Sunset
Some sunset shots from:
* My office window at main Commerce
* Harbour Town, SC
* Nashville, TN
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An invitation to tea from the General Federation of Women’s Clubs to the Former and Present Miss America. They were here in DC for the opening of an exhibit on the history of Miss America at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Hosted by GFWC DC club: * Mohra Gavankar, GFWC Presid... (Partially reviewed)
2024_02_04C2_Miss_AmericaP89Miss America High Tea Event (2 of 2) Program @ GFWC
An invitation to tea from the General Federation of Women’s Clubs to the Former and Present Miss America. They were here in DC for the opening of an exhibit on the history of Miss America at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Hosted by GFWC DC club: * Mohra Gavankar, GFWC Presid... (Partially reviewed)
2024_01_14B1_Gonna_Take286Labor Heritage Foundation @ McGinty's Public House -- MLK "Gonna Take Us All Ball" (1 of 2)
MLK "Gonna Take Us All Ball" Recommit to Dr. King’s dream of equality and justice for all and celebrate Elise Bryant’s well-deserved retirement from LHF! By Labor Heritage Foundation Tickets are now FREE! Thanks to the Maryland State and DC AFL-CIO, AFSCME 112, the International Association of Heat ... (Partially reviewed)
2024_01_14B2_Gonna_Take2337Labor Heritage Foundation @ McGinty's Public House -- MLK "Gonna Take Us All Ball" (2 of 2)
MLK "Gonna Take Us All Ball" Recommit to Dr. King’s dream of equality and justice for all and celebrate Elise Bryant’s well-deserved retirement from LHF! By Labor Heritage Foundation Tickets are now FREE! Thanks to the Maryland State and DC AFL-CIO, AFSCME 112, the International Association of Heat ... (Partially reviewed)
2024_02_10C_KatzenO163DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2024A Opening Reception
Come celebrate our seven new spring ’24 exhibitions! Mix and mingle with many of this season’s artists and curators … arrive early for light refreshments! Folks seen here include (pretty much in order): Jack Rasmussen, Dana Hart-Stone, Lisa Montag Brotman, Sondra N. Arkin, Ellyn Weiss, Laura Roulet,... (Partially reviewed)
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