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2002_AL_Horseshoe_Bend12AL -- Horseshoe Bend Natl Military Park
2002_AL_Tuskegee_Airmen19AL -- Tuskegee Airmen's NHS
2002_AL_Tuskegee_Inst25AL -- Tuskegee Institute NHS
2002_AZ_GRC_N_Scenery93AZ -- Grand Canyon Natl Park -- North Rim -- Scenery
Two years before, my visit to the Grand Canyon had been one of the highlights of the trip. I decided to repeat the visit on this trip. Then, I had visited the South Rim of the canyon. It had been beautiful weather then and visibility had been incredible. This time, I opted for the much less visited...
2002_AZ_Pipe_Spring28AZ -- Pipe Spring Natl Monument
2002_CA_Cabrillo35CA -- San Diego -- Cabrillo Natl Monument
During the entire drive from my time-share in the Mojave Desert, I'd been sitting in smog. There was smog in the valleys, smog at Mt Palomar, smog in the San Diego suburbs and finally, I got to Cabrillo and... the entire area was awash in fog from the ocean. While this meant that my pictures of San...
2002_CA_CrittersCA_Death30CA -- Critters -- Coyote @ Death Valley
2002_CA_CrittersCA_Joshua10CA -- Critters -- Coyote @ Joshua Tree
2002_CA_Death_Valley5CA -- Death Valley Natl Park
2002_CA_Dust_Storm2Nature -- Dust storm, CA
2002_CA_Forever115CA -- Hollywood -- Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Pictures here include three visits to the cemetery:
2002_CA_GlendaleC36CA -- Glendale -- Forest Lawn Memorial Park
2002_CA_Griffith62CA -- Los Angeles -- Griffith Park
Two visits to the park. One on 6/2/2002 and one on 6/7/2002.
2002_CA_Helendale3CA -- Helendale
Silver Lakes Vacation Club -- 6/1/2002 to 6/8/2002
This was a total mistake. I can't handle sales people and they said I "won" a free timeshare which cost me thousands of dollars to get rid of.
2002_CA_HHills65CA -- Hollywood Hills -- Forest Lawn Memorial Park
2002_CA_Joshua_Tree39CA -- Joshua Tree Natl Park
I'm not sure what I thought the attraction of Joshua Tree would be. At this point, I was pretty tired of deserts. I think the main reason I wanted to go there was because of a the title of the "Joshua Tree" U2 album.

The park is mostly known for its groves a Joshua trees (surprise!). I asked the...
2002_CA_LA_City_Hall9CA -- Los Angeles -- City Hall
2002_CA_LA_DWP1CA -- Los Angeles -- Department of Water & Power
2002_CA_LA_El_Pueblo4CA -- Los Angeles -- El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument
2002_CA_LA_LTokyo8CA -- Los Angeles -- Little Tokyo
2002_CA_LA_Music_Center15CA -- Los Angeles -- Music Center (Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Walt Disney Concert Hall, etc)
2002_CA_LA_UStation12CA -- Los Angeles -- Union Station
2002_CA_LA_Walking29CA -- Los Angeles -- AAA downtown walking tour
2002_CA_Manzanar34CA -- Independence -- Manzanar NHS
Manzanar is still a work in progress. The site was established in Owens Valley (see next item) in 1992 to protect and interpret the Manzanar War Relocation Center, the first of ten permanent internment camps that were set up out west to intern Japanese-Americans during World War II. On February 19,...
2002_CA_Owens_Valley19CA -- Owens Valley
2002_CA_Palomar15CA -- Palomar Mountain -- Palomar Observatory
2002_CA_Rogers_SHP25CA -- Pacific Palisades -- Will Rogers State Historical Park
2002_CA_Scotty63CA -- Death Valley Natl Park -- Scotty's Castle
2002_CA_SD_NCem9CA -- San Diego -- Fort Rosecrans Natl Cemetery
2002_CA_Shasta10CA -- Mt. Shasta
2002_CA_WB_Studio10CA -- Burbank -- Warner Brothers Studio
While some would consider that I have a morbid interest in cemeteries (personally, I love the histories of the people buried there, the frequent beauty of the places, and the fact that they're easy to photograph), I entered this cemetery almost by accident. I had gotten lost in LA and found myself...
2002_CA_Yosemite118CA -- Yosemite Natl Park
2002_CT_Old_Hartford14CT -- Hartford -- Old State House
2002_CT_Twain19CT -- Hartford -- Mark Twain House
2002_DC_1445NY2DC -- Downtown -- National Savings Trust (SunTrust) (1445 New York Ave NW)
2002_DC_1stDiv3DC -- Ellipse -- First Division Monument
2002_DC_2ndDiv2DC -- Ellipse -- Second Division Memorial
2002_DC_AmerInd6DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Outside Areas
Under construction.
2002_DC_AquariumDC38DC -- Natl Aquarium
2002_DC_Archives4DC -- Natl Archives -- Exterior
2002_DC_Band_02110924WW2 -- Band of Brothers tour
The Veteran's Day Tribute 2002 was a military convention held in Washington DC. Sponsored by World War II Magazine and the Primedia group, it honored the 82nd, 101st, and 17th Airborne divisions in World War II. While sparsely attended, it offered a chance to meet and talk to a number of participants...
2002_DC_Block_02040968AFL-CIO Headquarters -- Tom Block's art show reception
My neighbor, Tom Block, is a painter. He had an exhibition at the AFL-CIO headquarters near the White House that I went to and took some pictures from. In these pre-digital days, the photos were a crap shoot and they didn't turn out that well. Tom immediately, however, said that he was really glad I was...
2002_DC_Botanic105DC -- U.S. Botanic Garden
2002_DC_Botanic_Garden2DC -- U.S. Botanic Garden -- The National Garden
2002_DC_Brentwood1DC -- Brentwood neighborhood
2002_DC_BSM2DC -- Ellipse -- Boy Scout Memorial
2002_DC_Buchwald_0211156Borders -- Art Buchwald
Art Buchwald, the Washington Post humorist, was doing a book-signing locally so I trudged up to the Dupont Circle area to see him. He's certainly an interesting looking person and he radiates warmth and cheer. While I was there, he pointed over to a shelf with best sellers and said "Death and decay....
2002_DC_BuildingC_02020846NBM -- Architectural competition 2002
This was a competition that architecture students could enter to design the "interim security facility" that would be outside of the Washington Monument until a more permanent box could be build there. The Park Service wasn't obliged to use the design but there was a prize and it looked good on...
2002_DC_Building20DC -- Natl Building Museum
2002_DC_Cameron_02120647Smithsonian Associates -- James Cameron ("Bismarck")
This was a really cool event. The Smithsonian Associates had director James Cameron ("Terminator", "Titanic", etc) introducing his new research piece on the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck, which had he explored for the Discovery Channel. We got to see a good chunk of the undersea and...
2002_DC_CapitolV10DC -- U.S. Capitol -- Views from...
2002_DC_CapitolX16DC -- U.S. Capitol Grounds -- Christmas Tree (2002)
2002 -- Douglas Fir -- 70 feet (21 m) -- Umpqua National Forest -- Oregon -- The tree was lit by Dennis Hastert on December 12 in a ceremony including performances by the United States Navy Band, the Umpqua Singers from Umpqua Community College, and the Congressional Chorus. Decorated with 6,000...
2002_DC_Capitol41DC -- U.S. Capitol (exterior)
The view of the Capitol from the Mall is still largely unobstructed. The opposite side, however, is cluttered by the construction of the Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) which was pushed along after that idiot shot his way into the building in the 1990's. The CVC will end up being a below-ground facility so...
2002_DC_Capitol_Models8DC -- U.S. Capitol (interior) -- Capitol Grounds Models
2002_DC_Capitol_NSH11DC -- U.S. Capitol (interior) -- National Statuary Hall
2002_DC_Capitol_R27DC -- U.S. Capitol (interior) -- Rotunda
2002_DC_Capitol_SC2DC -- U.S. Capitol (interior) -- Old Supreme Court Chamber (1810-1860)
2002_DC_Cherry274DC -- Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin (2002)
Two trips around the Tidal Basin during cherry blossom season.
2002_DC_Cleese_0206116Smithsonian Associates -- John Cleese
While it was a thrill to see John Cleese, his presentation didn't go so well. There was a moderator who decided it would be appropriate to spend more time discussing his own feelings than John's. And there was a long retrospective film of John's ventures (including Monty Python of course but including a...
2002_DC_Const_Gardens2DC -- Mall -- Constitution Gardens (incl Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence)
2002_DC_Corcoran1DC -- Corcoran Gallery of Art (Through 2014)
2002_DC_CrittersDC4DC -- Critters -- Plucky squirrel
2002_DC_Crossfire24DC -- GWU -- "Crossfire" filming
This show is filmed at George Washington University every weekday night. I attended a number of shows, originally to see what it was like and then to see who was on. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to actually film during broadcasting so all of the shots I have are before or after. BTW, some of the...
2002_DC_CWPT_Endangered_02022681CWPT's "America's Most Endangered Battlefields" presentation (2002) w/Brian Pohanka
The CWPT announced its list of most endangered battlefields for the year in a conference at the National Press Club. Joining CWPT president James Lighthizer was Civil War author and preservationist Brian Pohanka. The top 10 list this year were the following: ...
2002_DC_Darlington2DC -- Judiciary Square -- Darlington Memorial Fountain
2002_DC_DOC911_0209115Dept of Commerce -- Event: 9/11 Anniversary ceremony
Pictures here were taken during the one-year anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Secretary Donald Evans, a good friend of "W", was the main speaker at the event labeled "Patriot Day". He was introduced by Deputy Secretary Bodman.
2002_DC_DOCSF_02121626Dept of Commerce -- Event: Secretary's Forum: Children of the Twilight Struggle
The Secretary's Forum is a periodic event that Commerce sponsors. This particular one was called "Children of the Twilight Struggle: Reflections From The Cold War & Its Relevance To The War On Terrorism". This event, introduced by Secretary of Commerce Don Evans, featured Sergei Khrushchev (Soviet...
2002_DC_DOC6DC -- Dept of Commerce Building (Herbert C. Hoover Bldg)
2002_DC_DOC_XMas_0212136Dept of Commerce -- Event: Christmas show
Why they hold events in the Commerce lobby is beyond me. The acoustics are horrible, in large part because of the metal ceiling which reflects everything, and if you move outside of a very small radius, the background noise drowns out everything.
2002_DC_Edgewood1DC -- Edgewood neighborhood (incl Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center)
2002_DC_Einstein11DC -- National Academy of Sciences Bldg -- Albert Einstein Memorial
2002_DC_Ellipse8DC -- Ellipse (President's Park South)
2002_DC_Farragut1DC -- Downtown -- Farragut Square and David G. Farragut Statue
2002_DC_FBI3DC -- Penn Qtr -- FBI Building (J. Edgar Hoover Bldg) (935 Penn Ave NW)
2002_DC_FDR87DC -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
2002_DC_FDR_Archives2DC -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (Original one outside of National Archives)
2002_DC_FONZ_AM_02101851DC -- FONZ Annual Meeting (2002)
This was the 44th Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) Annual Meeting. They meet once a year to announce the new board of directors and let us know what's going on in the zoo. I'd never actually been to one of these so it was rather fun. This particular year had seen the deaths of several animals at the...
2002_DC_Fords1DC -- Ford's Theatre NHS (Theatre, Lobby)
2002_DC_FPlaza4DC -- Freedom Plaza (incl Pulaski statue)
2002_DC_Friendship_Arch2DC -- Chinatown -- Friendship Arch
2002_DC_FTC4DC -- Federal Trade Commission building (600 Penn Ave NW)
2002_DC_Grant_Mem7DC -- U.S. Capitol Grounds -- Ulysses S. Grant Memorial
2002_DC_Hains27DC -- Hains Point (incl "The Awakening" until 2007)
2002_DC_Holocaust5DC -- U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
2002_DC_Hottelet_02101014Smithsonian Associates -- Richard C Hottelet
Richard C Hottelet was one of Edward R Murrow's reporters. Together, the "Murrow Boys" provided radio commentary during World War II which kept the American public informed about what was going on over there. Hottelet himself was temporarily imprisoned by the Nazis, watched the invasion of D-Day, and a...
2002_DC_Jap_Amer32DC -- Natl Japanese-American Monument
2002_DC_JAWilson10DC -- John A. Wilson Building
Including winter scenes where the building was lighted.
2002_DC_Jeff_Mem57DC -- Thomas Jefferson Memorial
2002_DC_JSS_02022157James Smithson Society event -- Hirshhorn
2002_DC_JSS_02051526James Smithson Society event -- American History (An Odyssey in Print)
This was a reception for a new exhibit put out by the National Museum of American History Library called "An Odyssey in Print: Adventures in the Smithsonian Libraries." On hand were the curator Mary Augusta Thomas and the author of the book ....
2002_DC_JSS_02052146James Smithson Society event -- American History (An Odyssey in Print)
This event also included Mary Augusta Thomas and Michael Dirda (senior editor of Washington Post Book World) who signed copies of the exhibition catalog. I'm not sure why I went to it on both nights but I did.
2002_DC_JSS_02072980James Smithson Society lunch -- Postal Museum
Don't Send a Word of Sorrow: Letters and Letter Writing
This was a presentation by National Postal Museum curator Nancy Pope and her boss Jim Bruns. The session discussed some of the items in the Postal Museum's collection. They also talked about some of the things they were doing to document the...
2002_DC_JSS_02081092James Smithson Society lunch -- American History (9/11)
Collecting a National Tragedy:
This discussion described a new exhibit that was about to open in the National Museum of American History, Behring Center. Using artifacts, images, and stories, the exhibit bears witness to the attack. The presentation was by Dr. Jim Gardner, Associate Director for...
2002_DC_JSS_02091927James Smithson Society lunch -- Portrait Gallery (American Women)
American Women: This lunch was with Marc Pachter, the National Portrait Gallery director. He talked at length about the American Women exhibit which collects images of 65 groundbreaking women. He said that most portraiture in the past has always centered around political and military leaders, who...
2002_DC_JSS_0211158James Smithson Society event -- American History (Invention night)
The Smithsonian sponsored an adults-only event at an exhibit they had dealing with inventions. Beverages--milk and cookies--were provided. Frankly, I've never been a creative person so I really couldn't relate to much of what was there. It was interesting playing the game with the blocks on the...
2002_DC_Kennedy_Center2DC -- John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
2002_DC_Korean_War81DC -- Korean War Veterans Memorial
2002_DC_Lafayette_Square40DC -- Lafayette Square (by White House) area
2002_DC_Lincoln_Flannery3DC -- Judiciary Square -- Abraham Lincoln (Flannery) Statue
2002_DC_Lincoln_MemV2DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2002_DC_Lincoln_Mem33DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2002_DC_LOC_GH12DC -- Library of Congress -- Room: The Great Hall
2002_DC_LOC_MRR2DC -- Library of Congress -- Room: Main Reading Room (room itself)
2002_DC_Mall23DC -- Natl Mall area
2002_DC_Mason7DC -- George Mason Memorial
2002_DC_Mem_Bridge1DC -- Arlington Memorial Bridge
2002_DC_Metro_MC3Metro Station -- Metro Center
2002_DC_Metro_US2Metro Station -- Union Station
2002_DC_Morris_02020528Capitol Hill History Project -- Edmund and Sylvia Morris ("Theodore Rex")
This was the inaugural lecture of the Capitol Hill History Project. Edmund Morris had recently published his second book on Theodore Roosevelt, called "Theodore Rex". He had also written the first in that series, called "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" as well as "Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan." His...
2002_DC_Naval_Memorial31DC -- U.S. Navy Memorial
2002_DC_NCath_CSA2DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Stained Glass -- Confederate Windows
2002_DC_NCath_Glass10DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Stained glass
2002_DC_NCath_I17DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Interior Images (except stained glass)
2002_DC_NCath_O33DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Outside Images
2002_DC_NCath_Views35DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Views from...
Two visits: 12/17/2002 and 12/21/2002.
2002_DC_Newhart_02102928DC -- Kennedy Center -- Mark Twain Prize (2002 -- Bob Newhart)
Bob Newhart was the fifth recipient of the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize. While you weren't allowed to take photos during the event, I hung around to see the comings and goings and took a variety of backs of heads, hand shots, etc... People you'll see here are Tim Conway, the Smothers Brothers, Jane...
2002_DC_Newseum7DC -- Newseum
The foundation of the new Newseum journalism museum was being laid this year.
2002_DC_NGAEW_Bldg4DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- East Wing -- Building and Public Space
2002_DC_NGAEW_Concourse1DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- East Wing -- Concourse (incl Leo Villareal's Multiverse LED installation)
2002_DC_NGAEW_Galleries9DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- East Wing -- Permanent Galleries
2002_DC_NGAP10DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Paintings
2002_DC_NGASG11DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- Sculpture Garden
2002_DC_NGAS22DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Sculpture
2002_DC_NGA_Bldg2DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Building
2002_DC_NGA_Shaw9DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Exhibit: Shaw Memorial
2002_DC_NGS_Garden3DC -- Downtown -- Natl Geographic Society -- Outdoor Sculpture Garden
2002_DC_NPC_BookFair_02111447NPC -- 25th Annual Book Fair & Authors' Night (2002)
This was an amazing event! I'd never been to this but there were authors out the wazoo here. Very cool!

Authors here: Phyllis George, George Will, Kenneth Starr, Dick Morris, Jeff Shaara, David Roosevelt, C. Brian Kelly, Lisa Beamer, Carlo D'Este, Chris Matthews, Tom Shales, Robert Guillaume,...
2002_DC_OEOB13DC -- Downtown -- Eisenhower Executive Office Building (Old Executive Office Building) (1650 Penn Ave NW)
2002_DC_Office_Brumm_02102239Office (STAT-USA) -- Cheryl Brumm's going-away event
2002_DC_Office_Brumm_02103086Office (STAT-USA) -- Cheryl Brumm's second going-away event
2002_DC_Office_Correia_020625149Office (STAT-USA) -- Joe Correia's retirement event
2002_DC_Office_ITC1Office (USITC) -- Pat Augustine
Pat Augustine (ex-ITC co-worker) and I @ the Ronald Reagan Building
2002_DC_Office_Melvin_02040590Office (STAT-USA) -- Kay Melvin's going-away event
2002_DC_Office_Nimmons_02030829Office (STAT-USA) -- Mike Nimmons' wife and new kid visit the office
2002_DC_Office_Pitts_020516103Office (STAT-USA) -- Lorraine Pitts' going-away event
2002_DC_Office_Showalter_020618134Office (STAT-USA) -- Claude Showalter's baby shower
2002_DC_Office_Smythe_02082241Office (STAT-USA) -- Shannon Smythe's going-away event
2002_DC_Office_STAT59Office (STAT-USA) -- Various office shots
Various days:
(020521) Last pictures of Mondo Lopez
(020828) Shannon Smythe's last day, Joe Correia's vist, and Cathie Tynan's birthday -- NOTE: Major disaster processing the pictures this day. I wiped out the first 26 full-sized images by accidentally creating the thumbnail versions in the same...
2002_DC_Office_XMas_02121915Office (STAT-USA) -- OCIO/STAT-USA Christmas Party
2002_DC_Old_PostI5DC -- Old Post Office -- Inside (Pavilion / Hotel)
2002_DC_Old_PostV44DC -- Old Post Office -- Views from tower
2002_DC_Old_Post2DC -- Old Post Office / Trump Finger -- Outside
2002_DC_OStraus_Mem5DC -- Oscar Straus Memorial @ Ronald Reagan Bldg
2002_DC_Party_Animals21DC -- Public Art: Party Animals
2002_DC_Penn7DC -- Pennsylvania Avenue area
2002_DC_Penn_Qtr1DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2002_DC_Perfect_0210308DC -- GWU -- Debra Trione presenting "A Perfect World" exhibit
After a filming of the CNN show "Crossfire" at George Washington University, they announced that there was an opening upstairs for a new traveling art exhibit. The exhibit was by Debra Trione who had spent five years collecting views of a "perfect world" from over fifty powerful leaders in the United...
2002_DC_Pershing10DC -- Pershing Park (became National World War I Memorial in 2021)
2002_DC_Red_Cross2DC -- Foggy Bottom -- American Red Cross Natl Headquarters
2002_DC_Rooney_0212109Smithsonian Associates -- Andy Rooney
Andy was promoting his new book "Common Nonsense". The 60 Minutes commentator was interesting to listen to as he talked about his life as a reporter during World War II and his impressions of George W. He couldn't understand why the President was so popular given how the Iraqi situation was going--the...
2002_DC_RRB5DC -- Ronald Reagan Building (Exterior Images)
2002_DC_RRB_I12DC -- Ronald Reagan Building (Interior Images)
2002_DC_Sewall_Belmont10DC -- Capitol Hill -- Sewall-Belmont House and Museum
2002_DC_Sherman18DC -- Sherman Memorial
2002_DC_SIAH_91117DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: September 11: Bearing Witness to History
September 11: Bearing Witness to History
September 11, 2002 – July 6, 2003
The personal stories, photographs, and artifacts from the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, and the Flight 93 crash site in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, commemorate the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The exhibition is...
2002_DC_SIAH_Ahead3DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Looking Ahead
2002_DC_SIAH_Armed2DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Armed Forces History
Armed Forces History
July 3, 1965 – January 12, 2004
Through displays of uniforms, weapons, and flags, the Armed Forces History Hall traces the development of the U.S. armed forces beginning with the early Colonial period. A selection of patent models by such notable American inventors as Samuel Colt,...
2002_DC_SIAH_Bldg1DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exterior Shots
2002_DC_SIAH_Burden16DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Glorious Burden
2002_DC_SIAH_Ceremonial1DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Ceremonial Court
2002_DC_SIAH_Fast_Attack4DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Fast Attacks and Boomers: Submarines in the Cold War
Fast Attacks and Boomers: Submarines in the Cold War
April 12, 2000 – June 1, 2003
This exhibition reviews the early history of submarines and their radical transformation after World War II. It shows how submarines are built, how they work, and what they do. It also tells the story of submariners and...
2002_DC_SIAH_Gunboat3DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Gunboat Philadelphia
2002_DC_SIAH_GWStatue3DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Landmark Object: George Washington Statue, 1841
2002_DC_SIAH_Julia2DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Julia Child’s Kitchen
2002_DC_SIAH_July19423DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: July 1942: United We Stand
July 1942: United We Stand
March 22, 2002 – October 27, 2002
Of the original 500 magazines printed July 1942 that featured the American flag, this exhibition reunites 60 years later nearly 100 of these covers. Intended as a show of patriotism, national strength, and unity in a time of crisis, the 1942...
2002_DC_SIAH_More_Perfect2DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution
A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution
October 1, 1987 – January 11, 2004
The Constitutional process is examined by considering the experiences of Americans of Japanese ancestry before, during, and after World War II. During World War II almost 120,000 Japanese Americans,...
2002_DC_SIAH_PopCult8DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Pop Culture
2002_DC_SIAIR_Bldg1DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- General
Part of the area was being closed off for a black-tie event that night (which I obviously wasn't invited to).
2002_DC_SIAIR_Gall100A15DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- Gallery 100: (a) Milestones of Flight
2002_DC_SIAIR_Gall102A5DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- Gallery 102: America by Air
2002_DC_SIAIR_Gall112A1DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- Gallery 112: (a) Lunar Exploration Vehicles
2002_DC_SIAIR_Gall114A6DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- Gallery 114: (a) Space Race
2002_DC_SIFG30DC -- Freer Gallery of Art -- Not Covered Elsewhere
2002_DC_SIFG_Courtyard2DC -- Freer Gallery of Art -- Exhibit: Inner Courtyard
2002_DC_SIHG13DC -- Smithsonian Gardens: Enid A. Haupt Garden @ Smithsonian Castle
2002_DC_SIHIRO18DC -- Hirshhorn Museum (Outside)
2002_DC_SIHIRO_SG23DC -- Hirshhorn Museum (Outside) -- Sculpture Garden
2002_DC_SIHIR23DC -- Hirshhorn Museum (Inside)
The collection of five people standing in various stages of distress is a story about a town in Europe that was threatened with destruction unless they came up with five human sacrifices.
2002_DC_SINH_Bldg3DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History
2002_DC_SINH_Fossils10DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Exhibit: Fossil Mammals/Dinosaurs
2002_DC_SINH_Gems8DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Exhibit: Geology, Gems, and Minerals
2002_DC_SINH_Rotunda7DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Rotunda
2002_DC_SINZ_Amazonia3DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Amazonia
2002_DC_SINZ_Art9DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2002_DC_SINZ_Bear8DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Bears
2002_DC_SINZ_Bird3DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Bird House
2002_DC_SINZ_BV32DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- American Trail (formerly Beaver Valley) (sea lions, seals, pelicans, beavers, otters, bald eagles, ravens, and grey wolves)
2002_DC_SINZ_Cat62DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Big Cats
2002_DC_SINZ_Elephant110DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Elephant House/Trail
2002_DC_SINZ_Invert12DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Invertebrates
2002_DC_SINZ_Main18DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Parts not covered elsewhere
2002_DC_SINZ_Mammal85DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Small Mammal House (plus Lemurs)
2002_DC_SINZ_PandaVC1DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Giant Panda Visitor Areas (David M. Rubenstein Family Giant Panda Habitat)
2002_DC_SINZ_Panda195DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Giant Pandas
2002_DC_SINZ_Prairie40DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Prairie Dogs
2002_DC_SINZ_Primate15DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Primates
2002_DC_SIPM12DC -- Natl Postal Museum -- Not Covered Elsewhere
2002_DC_SIPM_Communities8DC -- Natl Postal Museum -- Exhibit (MIA Galleries 3): Customers and Communities
2002_DC_SIPM_Moving1DC -- Natl Postal Museum -- Exhibit (MIA Galleries 1): Moving the Mail
2002_DC_SIRG_Bldg2DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Bldg
2002_DC_SIRG_Oct3DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Octagon Room (when not part of another exhibit)
2002_DC_SIRG_Perm22DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Permanent Galleries (Before 2015)
2002_DC_SIRG_Salon19DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Grand Salon (Before 2015)
2002_DC_SI_Castle5DC -- Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle)
2002_DC_SI_Ripley_Women75DC -- S. Dillon Ripley Center -- Exhibit: American Women
American Women: A Selection from the National Portrait Gallery
June 7, 2002 – December 1, 2002
On view are 65 images of women who have made significant contributions to the history, development, and culture of the United States. Highlights include a 17th-century portrait of Pocahontas, the Gallery's...
2002_DC_Smith_0209107Capitol Hill History Project -- Edward C Smith (Capitol Hill During the Civil War)
This meeting was held at the Masonic Naval Lodge Hall. Introduced by John Franzen (chairman of the Ruth Ann Overbeck Capitol Hill History Project) and then Lucinda Janke (Kiplinger Washington Collection), Professor Edward C Smith from American University gave a talk about "Capitol Hill During the Civil...
2002_DC_Smith_02111221Capitol Hill History Project -- Sam and Kathryn Smith
This session of the CHHP was a lively discussion by Sam and Kathy Smith, who've been activists on the Hill for years. They discussed life on the Hill from the 1960's forward. Sam was the editor of the Capital East Gazette, a founder of the DC Statehood Party, and the national Green Party. (As John...
2002_DC_SMPA9DC -- GWU -- School of Media & Public Affairs
A historic display they had in the lobby.
2002_DC_St_Johns1DC -- Downtown -- St John's Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square (1525 H St., NW)
2002_DC_Supreme_Ct8DC -- Supreme Court Building -- Exterior
2002_DC_Surratt_Boarding1DC -- Chinatown -- Surratt Boarding House (604 H St NW)
2002_DC_TechWorld1DC -- Chinatown -- TechWorld
2002_DC_ThompsonsNZ_02012725Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ National Zoo
I was visiting the Zoo on my own and ran into the Thompsons there. So we hung out. I took several pictures including the only ones I'd taken of Amy's mother who died shortly thereafter.
2002_DC_ThompsonsNZ_02110339Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ National Zoo (box-lunch for 8)
This was my box-lunch for eight benefit from the Friends of the National Zoo. The Thompsons were my first choice and they brought friends (Amy Bell, Julie, Janet, Janet's dad) and family and we had a great time.
2002_DC_Tidal30DC -- Tidal Basin
Two nighttime trips to the Tidal Basin.
2002_DC_Treasury12DC -- Dept of Treasury building
2002_DC_Union_Columbus6DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Fountain
2002_DC_Union_StationI5DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2002_DC_Union_Station1DC -- Union Station (exterior)
2002_DC_USDC3DC -- Judiciary Square -- US District Court for DC Bldg (E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse)
2002_DC_USTR1DC -- Foggy Bottom -- USTR Building (Winder Building) (604 17th St. NW)
2002_DC_Viet_Wall118DC -- Vietnam Veterans Memorial
2002_DC_Walker_0203199DC -- FOSE (Federal Office Systems Expo) -- Mort Walker ("Beetle Bailey")
Mort Walker was at the computer conference to promote a new IT-based character who was going to start appearing in the Beetle Bailey strip later in the year. The character was unnamed at the time of the show and there was a contest to name him. Spec. Chip Gizmo debuted in the strip on July 4.
Mort was...
2002_DC_Warner_Bldg1DC -- Penn Qtr -- Warner Building (1299 Penn Ave NW)
2002_DC_Wash_MonI4DC -- Washington Monument -- Interior
2002_DC_Wash_MonV112DC -- Washington Monument -- Views from...
2002_DC_Wash_Mon62DC -- Washington Monument -- Exterior
2002_DC_White_House24DC -- White House
2002_DC_WHouse_Penn3DC -- White House -- Pennsylvania Avenue section
2002_DC_WHouse_Tree50DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2002)
2002_DC_Willard6DC -- Penn Qtr -- Willard InterContinental Washington (1401 Penn Ave NW)
2002_DC_Wilson_Plaza1DC -- Woodrow Wilson Plaza (between Clinton and Reagan buildings)
2002_DC_WWII3DC -- World War II Memorial -- Under construction
Under construction.
2002_FL_DeSoto14FL -- De Soto Natl Memorial
2002_FL_Everglades116FL -- Everglades Natl Park
2002_FL_Ft_DeSoto8FL -- Fort De Soto Park
2002_FL_GuthrieJ_HomeP13FL -- Palmetto -- Joan and Al Kollins Home (Winter)
2002_FL_NeumannM_HomeP19FL -- Palmetto -- Melvin and Jean Neumann Home
2002_FL_St_Petersburg30FL -- St. Petersburg
2002_GA_Andersonville78GA -- Andersonville NHS
2002_GA_CarterNHS47GA -- Plains -- Jimmy Carter NHS
2002_MA_Boston12MA -- Boston
After visiting the JFK historic site, I considered visiting the Longfellow National Historic Site across the river in Cambridge. A park ranger checked with the site and asked about parking. Nope. Not really. Directions? Half turns here, 120-degree angles there... Nope. I decided that wasn't...
2002_MA_Boston_Cap2MA -- Boston -- State Capitol
2002_MA_Boston_Common4MA -- Boston -- Boston Common
2002_MA_Boston_Common_Shaw2MA -- Boston -- Boston Common -- Shaw Memorial
2002_MA_Boston_Faneuil2MA -- Boston -- Faneuil Hall
2002_MA_Boston_OSH3MA -- Boston -- Old State House
2002_MA_Guthrie_Center3MA -- Great Barrington -- Guthrie Center at the Old Trinity Church (Alice's Restaurant Church)
2002_MA_JFK_Birthplace12MA -- Brookline -- John F. Kennedy NHS
2002_MA_Olmsted4MA -- Brookline -- Frederick Law Olmstead NHS
2002_MA_Springfield_Armory16MA -- Springfield Armory NHS
Most of this trip was plagued with overcast days and rain forecasts. September 3 was no different. I sat around in the time-share until mid-way through the day and finally decided the weather was better than forecasted so I might as well get out an do something.

Springfield was only 40 miles away...
2002_MD_Antietam_Lower7MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Lower Bridge (Burnside Bridge/Flank Attack)
2002_MD_Antietam_Middle9MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Middle Bridge (Sunken Road)
2002_MD_Antietam_Newcomer1MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Newcomer Farm
2002_MD_Antietam_Upper11MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Upper Bridge (Woods, Cornfield, Dunker Church, Mumma)
2002_MD_Assateague23MD -- Assateague Island Natl Seashore
The trip was quite nice and I saw a half dozen deer and three horses.
2002_MD_Baltimore_Aquarium24MD -- Baltimore -- Natl Aquarium
2002_MD_Baltimore_Katyn1MD -- Baltimore -- Memorial: Katyn
2002_MD_Comm_Bridge36MD -- Frederick -- Public Art: Community Bridge ("Mural Bridge") @ Carroll Creek Park
2002_MD_Costco_Beltsville401Personal -- Costco @ Beltsville -- Staff
I'm a Costco junkie. I go there three or four times a week. Since they're like my third family, I thought it would be nice to give them presents.But then I thought if I gave some of them presents and not others, that might be bad. Finally, I decided that being a photo fanatic, maybe it would be nice to...
2002_MD_CrittersMD29MD -- Critters -- BC, Mr Rhymes, and Squirrel
Several pictures here: ...
2002_MD_CWPT_Dinner_02092128CWPT Grand Review (2002) in Antietam -- Dinner: Antietam Visitor Center (w/Jim Lehrer)
This was the first ever "Grand Review" Civil War Preservation Trust dinner. This one was held at the Antietam battlefield. It included talks by the CWPT President Jim Lighthizer, the commentator Jim Lehrer, and the Antietam superintendent JW Howard.
2002_MD_Fed_Hill20MD -- Baltimore -- Federal Hill incl views from
2002_MD_Fred_Fireworks_0212214Fireworks -- Frederick, MD Christmas fireworks
This was a surprise! I popped up to Frederick to look for pre-Christmas sales at the Costco there and as I'm about ready to pull into the parking lot, I hear explosions going off next to me. Frederick was having their annual Christmas fireworks display. I parked quickly and whipped out the...
2002_MD_Ft_McHenry_I25MD -- Fort McHenry Natl Monument -- Pictures From Inside Fort
2002_MD_Ft_McHenry_O5MD -- Fort McHenry Natl Monument -- Pictures From Outside Fort
2002_MD_Ft_WashingtonVw11MD -- Fort Washington Park -- Views from...
2002_MD_Ft_Washington40MD -- Fort Washington Park
One thing that I did in this section was keep a number of the input photos which made up the stitched photographs just so you can see how one leads to the other.
2002_MD_Fury27Personal -- Fury family
Mr Fury is my cat-sitter. Several visits to their house: (021009) Including the neurotic cat Jessie, (021128) Including their daughter Cathie, (021225) Pictures of their son-in-law and his family on Christmas day.
2002_MD_GuthrieB_HomeSS23MD -- Silver Spring -- Bruce Guthrie Home (1984- )
Including a visit from Mom, Al, and Max
2002_MD_Harbor5MD -- Baltimore -- Inner Harbor
2002_MD_Metro_SSVw24Metro Station -- Silver Spring -- View from platform
2002_MD_Metro_SS13Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2002_MD_Mormon5MD -- Kensington -- Mormon Temple
2002_MD_Mormon_Lights12MD -- Kensington -- Mormon Temple at Christmas
Every year, the grounds of the public visitors center at the Mormon Temple gets decorated up for Christmas. A million lights, re-enactments in a manger, lots of friendly smiling faces. It's very pretty. Unfortunately, of course, they consider it to be a good time to convert the heathens. So this...
2002_MD_NCF22MD -- Piscataway Park / Natl Colonial Farm
2002_MD_Neighbors2Neighbors -- Debbie Spielberg and Carlene Roberts
2002_MD_NOAAVw41MD -- Silver Spring -- NOAA Building 2 -- Views from...
2002_MD_NOAA3MD -- Silver Spring -- NOAA Building
2002_MD_Oxon20MD -- Oxon Hill Farm Park
2002_MD_SSprung4MD -- Silver Spring -- Silver Sprung development (bound: Colesville Rd., Fenton St., Wayne Ave., Georgia Ave.)
2002_MD_SS_Parade_02112351MD -- Silver Spring -- Thanksgiving Day Parade (2002) and Day of Remembrance w/Charles Moose
This was the Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade: A Salute to Law Enforcement. This had been the year of the sniper and the parade was dedicated "to honor the victims of the recent shootings in the region and to salute the law enforcement officers who worked so diligently on all fronts during the...
2002_MD_SS_Res7MD -- Silver Spring -- Residential section
2002_MD_SS_St_Michaels1MD -- Silver Spring -- St. Michael's Catholic Church (805 Wayne Ave.)
2002_MD_SS_Wayne1MD -- Silver Spring -- Wayne Ave
2002_NC_Aville_TWolfe_House5NC -- Asheville -- Thomas Wolfe House (Memorial)
2002_NC_Aville_Vance_Birth5NC -- Gov. Zebulon Vance Birthplace State Historic Park
2002_NC_CrittersNC6NC -- Critters -- Birds @ Dad's bird feeder
2002_NC_Dupont_SF22NC -- Dupont State Forest
2002_NC_GuthrieG_HomeBR7NC -- Asheville -- Glenn and Dixie Guthrie home @ Beaverdam Run (1995-2005)
2002_NV_LV_MGM_Grand37NV -- Las Vegas -- MGM Grand Las Vegas
2002_NV_LV_NYNY13NV -- Las Vegas -- New York, New York
2002_NV_LV_Strat56NV -- Las Vegas -- Stratosphere -- Views from...
2002_NV_LV_Strip2NV -- Las Vegas -- Strip
2002_NV_LV_Treasure12NV -- Las Vegas -- Treasure Island
2002_NV_Stacy7Family -- Stacy Kollins and Anthony (Las Vegas)
2002_NY_BenningtonB4NY -- Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site
2002_NY_Cave_Winds18NY -- Niagara Falls -- Cave of the Winds Trip
2002_NY_Central_Park31NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Not covered elsewhere
2002_NY_CP_Dancing_Goat4NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Dancing Goat (sculpture) (by zoo)
2002_NY_CP_Delacorte_Clock3NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Delacorte Music Clock (sculpture) (by zoo)
2002_NY_CP_Lehman_Gates2NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Lehman Gates (by zoo)
2002_NY_CP_Maine7NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- USS Maine Natl Monument
2002_NY_CP_Sherman5NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Sherman Monument
2002_NY_CP_Strawberry6NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Strawberry Fields (memorial)
2002_NY_Eleanor_NHS11NY -- Hyde Park -- Eleanor Roosevelt NHS
Short digression --

The word "kill" is Dutch for "channel". Hyde Park (located in Dutchess County) as well as New York as a whole was originally settled by the ethnic Dutch. As a result, you run into streams called "Arthur Kill" and "Fish Kill". Until I figured out the word "kill", I had some...
2002_NY_Emp_State_Plaza17NY -- Albany -- Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza at night
I was coming back from Utica and Rome and decided, what the heck, it's a nice night. Let me see how well my digital camera takes nighttime pictures. I didn't bother with a tripod or anything. I just parked the car (after getting lost), strode up to the plaza, and started taking pictures. This was really...
2002_NY_FDR_NHS40NY -- Hyde Park -- Home of Franklin D Roosevelt NHS
2002_NY_Ft_Stanwix15NY -- Fort Stanwix Natl Memorial
2002_NY_Grand_Central11NY -- NYC -- Grand Central Terminal
2002_NY_Henny19Personal -- Lisa and Bob Keller-Decker
2002_NY_Niagara_FallsNY26NY -- Niagara Falls (from US side)
Including daytime and nighttime visits.
2002_NY_Niagara_Vista8NY -- Niagara Falls -- Niagara Power Vista
2002_NY_NYC24NY -- NYC -- Miscellaneous
2002_NY_NYC_Chrysler8NY -- NYC -- Chysler Building (405 Lexington Avenue)
2002_NY_NYC_Crown_Bldg3NY -- NYC -- Crown Building (730 Fifth Avenue)
2002_NY_NYC_EmpireI1NY -- NYC -- Empire State Building -- Interior
2002_NY_NYC_EmpireVw119NY -- NYC -- Empire State Building -- Views from...
2002_NY_NYC_EmpireX3NY -- NYC -- Empire State Building -- Exterior
2002_NY_NYC_MetLife_Bldg4NY -- NYC -- MetLife (formerly PanAm) (200 Park Avenue)
2002_NY_NYC_Plaza_Hotel3NY -- NYC -- Plaza Hotel (768 Fifth Avenue)
2002_NY_NYC_Radio_City2NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center -- Radio City Music Hall
2002_NY_NYC_St_Patricks14NY -- NYC -- St. Patrick's Cathedral (Fifth Avenue)
2002_NY_NYC_Trump_Tower8NY -- NYC -- Trump Tower (721 Fifth Avenue)
2002_NY_Oriskany9NY -- Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site
2002_NY_Rock_Center23NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center
2002_NY_Steuben4NY -- Steuben Memorial State Historic Site
2002_NY_Times_Square21NY -- NYC -- Times Square
2002_NY_Union_Sq2NY -- NYC -- Union Square Park
2002_NY_UN_Art_Golden7NY -- NYC -- United Nations headquarters -- Art (Inside): Golden Rule (Norman Rockwell)
2002_NY_UN_Disarmament3NY -- NYC -- United Nations headquarters -- Exhibit: Disarmament (incl Hiroshima)
2002_NY_UN_GA2NY -- NYC -- United Nations headquarters -- Chamber: General Assembly
2002_NY_UN_Inside_Art7NY -- NYC -- United Nations headquarters -- Art: Indoors
2002_NY_UN_Outside9NY -- NYC -- United Nations headquarters -- Outside images
2002_NY_UN_Outside_Art30NY -- NYC -- United Nations headquarters -- Art: Outdoors
2002_NY_UN_SC5NY -- NYC -- United Nations headquarters -- Chamber: Security Council
2002_NY_UN_TC4NY -- NYC -- United Nations headquarters -- Chamber: Trusteeship Council
2002_NY_Vanderbilt11NY -- Hyde Park -- Vanderbilt Mansion NHS
I'd done the inside tour of the Vanderbilt Mansion last year so I just walked around the grounds a bit this time. (It's a beautiful house though. See it if you can.) This is where I ran into a ranger who was in the mood to talk.

Mostly, she talked about how much she hated Hillary Rodman Clinton....
2002_NY_WTC1NY -- NYC -- World Trade Center site
This was about the only picture I took in New York this day that didn't crap out. I was using a new digital camera and didn't realize that the camera's lens would completely lose focus if the camera was bumped and not properly turned off and on afterward. I told lots of pictures but all but this one...
2002_OR_Astoria29OR -- Astoria -- Astoria Column
2002_OR_Crater_Lake45OR -- Crater Lake Natl Park
2002_OR_Drapers43Personal -- Dean Draper and his family
2002_OR_Ft_Clatsup11OR -- Lewis and Clark NHP -- Fort Clatsup Natl Memorial
2002_OR_Oregon_Caves23OR -- Oregon Caves Natl Monument
2002_OR_Oregon_Coast29OR -- Oregon coast
At work, people had recommended that I take the coastal highway in California. I wasn't going to have the time to do that. People at the party said I should take in the coastal highway in Oregon if I could. I figured, what the heck.

Keep in mind that coastal highways have a trade-off. They...
2002_PA_Flight9323PA -- Shanksville -- Flight 93 National Memorial
2002_PA_Getty_Hancock5PA -- Gettysburg Natl Battlefield -- Day 2/3 -- Hancock Avenue
2002_PA_Getty_HighWater47PA -- Gettysburg Natl Battlefield -- Day 3 -- High Water Mark (Copse of Trees)
2002_PA_Getty_RoundTops7PA -- Gettysburg Natl Battlefield -- Day 2 -- Round Tops
2002_PA_Getty_WConfAve12PA -- Gettysburg Natl Battlefield -- Day 2/3 -- West Confederate Ave
2002_SC_Congaree30SC -- Congaree Swamp Natl Monument
2002_SC_Ninetysix27SC -- Ninety Six NHS
2002_UT_Arches41UT -- Arches Natl Park
2002_UT_Bryce108UT -- Bryce Canyon Natl Park
2002_UT_Dust14Nature -- Dust storm, UT
Lack of water throughout the area combined with high winds gave me lots of dust storms.
2002_UT_Great_Salt_Lake16UT -- Salt Lake City -- The Great Salt Lake
2002_UT_Red_Canyon14UT -- Red Canyon (Dixie Natl Forest)
2002_UT_Zion93UT -- Zion Natl Park
2002_UT_Zion_Kolob39UT -- Zion Natl Park -- Kolob Canyons
2002_VA_Aldie2VA -- Aldie -- Aldie Mill and 1st Mass Memorial
2002_VA_Arlington_Kennedy13VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Kennedy Gravesites
2002_VA_Arlington_Lee2VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Robert E. Lee Memorial
2002_VA_Arlington_Main46VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Not Covered Elsewhere
2002_VA_Arlington_Mem_Ave7VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Memorial Avenue
2002_VA_Arlington_Mem_Gate2VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Memorial Gate entrance
2002_VA_Arlington_Unk17VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
2002_VA_Arlington_Views39VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Views from...
2002_VA_CWPT_Dinner_02092716CWPT Color Bearers weekend (2002) in Middleburg, VA -- Dinner: Middleburg
This was an annual Civil War Preservation Trust dinner for "Color Bearers" which was held in Middleburg Virginia. This series was later merged with the Grand Review events.
2002_VA_CWPT_Middle_02092845CWPT Color Bearers weekend (2002) in Middleburg, VA -- Tour group: Middleburg
The day after the Middleburg dinner, the Civil War Preservation Trust sponsored a guided tour of Civil War battlefields in the Middleburg area. This area was the center of John Mosby's operations plus there were a number of cavalry-based battles fought here in 1863 as Union forces tried to penetrate the...
2002_VA_Generous_Georges2VA -- Alexandria -- Generous Georgia's Positive Pizza & Pasta Place
This location on Duke Street closed in 2009 as the roads were widened and they were wiped out.
2002_VA_Iwo_Jima25VA -- Arlington -- Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial)
It was after Christmas. I had been downtown filming most of the night, using my handy tripod. I figured I should catch Iwo Jima at night as well. I pulled in about 12:15am, only to find that you weren't allowed to park after midnight. Quickly, I ran around the monument taking pictures and left...
2002_VA_KBurns_0212076Costco @ Pentagon City -- Ken Burns ("Civil War" DVD)
Ken Burns was at the Costco in Pentagon City to promote the DVD version of the "Civil War" documentary series that he did for PBS. I thought it would be crowded but it wasn't--I guess $85 items aren't exactly impulse buys. As he sat signing next to a drip from a leak in the ceiling, he said he was...
2002_VA_Key_BridgeV5VA -- Rosslyn -- Key Bridge -- Views from...
2002_VA_Manassas_Bridge7VA -- Manassas Natl Battlefield -- Stone Bridge
2002_VA_Manassas_Hills32VA -- Manassas Natl Battlefield -- Henry, Matthews, Buck Hills
2002_VA_Metro_ArlCem1Metro Station -- Arlington Cemetery
2002_VA_Middleburg3VA -- Middleburg
2002_VA_Mt_Zion2VA -- Aldie -- Mt. Zion Church
2002_VA_Thompsons53Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
A couple of visits to the Thompson homestead including one right before Christmas.
2002_VT_BenningtonM7VT -- Bennington -- Bennington Battle Monument
2002_WA_CrittersWA15WA -- Critters -- Bald eagle nesting on coastal thing
2002_WA_OlympicNP72WA -- Olympic Natl Park
2002_WA_Orca_Whaling49Nature -- Orca whale site-seeing trip, WA
A highlight of my trip to New England right before the September 11 attack in 2001 had been a whaling trip outside of Cape Cod where I got to watch minke whales jumping out of the water. It was great. That was the major reason I decided to go back to Massachusetts at the same time this year and it was...
2002_WA_Port_Townsend12WA -- Port Townsend
2002_WV_Harpers_Cem4WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Cemetery (Private)
2002_WV_Harpers_Church12WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Churches (Some Private)
2002_WV_Harpers_Ext33WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Exterior Shots
2002_WV_Harpers_JeffR8WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Jefferson Rock
2002_XX_Flight45Flights (Various) 2002
(020522) The flight out to Las Vegas. I got some nice shots of the Pentagon and Arlington Cemetery.
(020611) The flight back from Las Vegas. I got some bad pictures of DC.
2002_XX_Sunset14Nature -- Sunset in California
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