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2001_CT_Hartford_Cap137CT -- Hartford -- State Capitol
2001_CT_Hartford_SSMA13CT -- Hartford -- Bushnell Park -- Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch
2001_CT_Weir26CT -- Weir Farm NHS
2001_DC_Botanic3DC -- U.S. Botanic Garden
2001_DC_Botanic_Bartholdi9DC -- U.S. Botanic Garden -- Bartholdi Park
2001_DC_CapitolX17DC -- U.S. Capitol Grounds -- Christmas Tree (2001)
2001 -- White Spruce -- 72 feet (22 m) -- Ottawa National Forest -- Michigan -- Known as "The Tree of Hope," the tree was lit by Dennis Hastert at 5 pm on December 11 in a ceremony on the West Front Lawn of the Capitol. The tree was hand picked by Architect of the Capitol landscape architect Matthew...
2001_DC_Capitol1DC -- U.S. Capitol (exterior)
2001_DC_Cherry92DC -- Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin (2001)
2001_DC_ClintonFB11DC -- Federal Triangle -- William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building
2001_DC_Const_Gardens2DC -- Mall -- Constitution Gardens (incl Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence)
2001_DC_DC9113DC -- 9/11 day after
On September 11, I was on leave from work, writing a long description of my just-completed three-week trip to New England. I had no idea what had happened until a friend called from California somewhere around 2pm. As a result, I always felt that I had missed a fair amount of the feeling of September 11...
2001_DC_DOC3DC -- Federal Triangle -- Dept of Commerce Building (Herbert C. Hoover Bldg)
2001_DC_DouglassI7DC -- Frederick Douglass NHS -- Interior images
2001_DC_DouglassVw10DC -- Frederick Douglass NHS -- Views from...
2001_DC_Douglass6DC -- Frederick Douglass NHS -- Exterior Images
2001_DC_Ericsson3DC -- John Ericsson Memorial
2001_DC_FDR13DC -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
2001_DC_Folklife5Smithsonian Folklife Festival (2001)
2001_DC_FPlaza91115DC -- Freedom Plaza (incl Pulaski statue)
Chalk drawings after 9/11 attacks.
2001_DC_Garfield_Mem4DC -- U.S. Capitol Grounds -- James A. Garfield Monument
2001_DC_Jap_AmerO_010629134DC -- Natl Japanese-American Monument -- Opening Ceremony (2001)
2001_DC_Jap_Amer156DC -- Natl Japanese-American Monument
Two visits: ...
2001_DC_Jeff_Mem8DC -- Thomas Jefferson Memorial
2001_DC_JSS_01011061James Smithson Society event -- American History (Glorious Burden exhibit)
2001_DC_JSS_01071791James Smithson Society lunch -- Natural History (Galapagos IMAX film)
2001_DC_JSS_01082264James Smithson Society lunch -- ?? what event ??
2001_DC_JSS_01091850James Smithson Society lunch -- Portrait Gallery (George Washington portrait)
From the NPG web site: In Spring 2001, the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery rescued its most treasured image, on long-term loan, from potential auction-the "Lansdowne" portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart. When the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation of Las Vegas, Nevada stepped in with a...
2001_DC_JSS_011109112James Smithson Society event -- Jazz masters
2001_DC_Liberty_Mall_0107019DC -- Mall -- Event: Liberty on the Mall (cannon firing)
Liberty on the Mall: A reenactor encampment June 30-July 1, 2001 on the National Mall. Done as part of the National Park Service in partnership with the George Washington University and the 2nd South Carolina Regiment.
2001_DC_Lincoln_Flannery4DC -- Judiciary Square -- Abraham Lincoln (Flannery) Statue
2001_DC_Lincoln_MemV2DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2001_DC_Lionel_01062846Ronald Reagan Bldg -- Performance: Lionel Richie
The Reagan Building puts on daily free concerts in their courtyard area. This was their season opener for 2001 to get people used to the idea.
2001_DC_Mall3DC -- Natl Mall area
2001_DC_Mem_Bridge4DC -- Arlington Memorial Bridge
2001_DC_MR_RRB_01062647DC -- Filming "Minority Report" @ Ronald Reagan Bldg
Tom Cruise's "Minority Report" movie had a few scenes filmed in DC. If you blink, you'll miss them. There's one scene, though, where Tom has just had an eye transplant and sneaks back into the tank to grab the "minority report" prescience person. You see him lurking after a face-changing drug takes...
2001_DC_MR_Will_0106279DC -- Filming "Minority Report" @ Willard Hotel
One of the places that they filmed some scenes for "Minority Report" was at the Willard Hotel. I went over there and people were getting set up in the make-up. I didn't see anything recognizable but it was still interesting.
2001_DC_Office_Wendling_01082471Office (STAT-USA) -- Bob Wendling's going-away party
Bob Wendling suffered some life-threatening physical conditions and decided that he'd rather retire than find himself dying doing STAT-USA-related work. He went off and did a lot of private consulting work.
2001_DC_SIAH_Bldg3DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exterior Shots
Including flags half-staff after 9/11
2001_DC_SIAH_Burden4DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Glorious Burden
When the National Portrait Gallery/Smithsonian American Art Museum building was being renovated, Gilbert Stuart's portrait of George Washington (the Lansdown Portrait) was on exhibit in American History's Presidential Gallery, which would eventually be called The American Presidency: A Glorius...
2001_DC_SIAH_Int4DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Miscellaneous Interior Shots
Some cancellations after 9/11.
2001_DC_SIAIR_25th_01070128Natl Air and Space Museum -- Event:25th Anniversary
The museum marked its 25th anniversary on July 1, 2001. Since opening in 1976, it has become the most popular museum in the world, attracting more than nine million people a year.
2001_DC_SINH_Bldg7DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History
2001_DC_SINZ_Cat26DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Big Cats
2001_DC_SINZ_Main13DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Parts not covered elsewhere
2001_DC_SINZ_Panda132DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Giant Pandas
They had put the two adults together trying to see if they'd mate. Not quite...
2001_DC_SINZ_Prairie1DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Prairie Dogs
2001_DC_SINZ_Primate24DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Primates
2001_DC_SINZ_Tile1DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Donor Tiles
2001_DC_SI_Castle5DC -- Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle)
Including flags half-staff after 9/11
2001_DC_Tidal11DC -- Tidal Basin
2001_DC_Union_StationI1DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2001_DC_Union_Station4DC -- Union Station (exterior)
2001_DC_Wash_Mon8DC -- Washington Monument -- Exterior
Including flags half-staff after 9/11
2001_DC_Zoofari_01051723DC -- FONZ Zoofari (2001)
Another visit with my friend Rita Hill.
2001_IN_Dunes54IN -- Indiana Dunes Natl Lakeshore
2001_MA_Adams29MA -- Quincy -- Adams NHP
2001_MA_Adams_Cem31MA -- Quincy -- Hancock Cemetery & United First Parish Church
2001_MA_Boston3MA -- Boston
2001_MA_Boston_Cap29MA -- Boston -- State Capitol
2001_MA_Boston_Common_Shaw14MA -- Boston -- Boston Common -- Shaw Memorial
2001_MA_Boston_Faneuil13MA -- Boston -- Faneuil Hall
2001_MA_Boston_GBG34MA -- Boston -- Granary Burying Ground @ Park Street Church
2001_MA_Boston_IFamine4MA -- Boston -- Boston Irish Famine Memorial
2001_MA_Boston_KingsCh6MA -- Boston -- King's Chapel & Burying Ground
2001_MA_Boston_OCH5MA -- Boston -- Old City Hall (incl Latin School mosaic)
2001_MA_Boston_ONC18MA -- Boston -- Old North Church and Complex
2001_MA_Boston_OSH33MA -- Boston -- Old State House
2001_MA_Boston_OSMH11MA -- Boston -- Old South Meeting House
2001_MA_Boston_PRevere10MA -- Boston -- Paul Revere House
2001_MA_Boston_St_Stephens1MA -- Boston -- St. Stephen's Church
2001_MA_Bunker_HillVw22MA -- Charlestown -- Bunker Hill -- Views from...
2001_MA_Bunker_Hill25MA -- Charlestown -- Bunker Hill / Bunker Hill Monument
I had always thought we had decent reasons to quit the British empire. Something to do with taxation and tea parties and spontaneous reactions to unprovoked British oppression. After being in Boston, my understanding of why the American Revolution shifted considerably. Britain was trying to pay debts...
2001_MA_Cape_Cod53MA -- Cape Cod Natl Seashore
2001_MA_CharlestownNY13MA -- Charlestown -- Charlestown Navy Yard
2001_MA_Copps_Hill_BG21MA -- Boston -- Copp's Hill Burying Ground
2001_MA_CTown_Winthrop_Sq10MA -- Charlestown -- Winthrop Square
2001_MA_Edson_Cemetery31MA -- Lowell -- Edson Cemetery (Jack Kerouac)
Jack Kerouac is buried in Edson Cemetery but I spent a bit of time there and never found it. Not that I object too much. I can't say I really know who Kerouac is and the cemetery was pretty without finding him at all. Some signs would have been nice though!
2001_MA_Lexington17MA -- Lexington
2001_MA_Lowell97MA -- Lowell NHP
2001_MA_Minute_Hartwell26MA -- Minute Man NHP -- Hartwell Tavern
2001_MA_Minute_North_Bridge26MA -- Minute Man NHP -- North Bridge
2001_MA_Minute_VCMain3MA -- Minute Man NHP -- Main Visitor Center
2001_MA_New_Bedford75MA -- New Bedford -- New Bedford Whaling NHP
2001_MA_PlymouthBH36MA -- Plymouth -- Burial Hill
2001_MA_Plymouth23MA -- Plymouth
2001_MA_Plymouth_Rock14MA -- Plymouth -- Plymouth Rock
2001_MA_Salem67MA -- Salem Maritime NHS
2001_MA_Saugus39MA -- Saugus Iron Works NHS
2001_MA_Sleepy_Hollow18MA -- Concord -- Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
Near Concord is a house the Ralph Waldo Emerson, who coined the phrase "The shot heard around the world" lived. There's also a house called The Wayside where Louisa May Alcott spent her childhood, and Nathaniel Hawthorne (the only house he ever owned) and Margaret Sidney ("Five Little Peppers") lived....
2001_MA_Springfield_Armory29MA -- Springfield Armory NHS
2001_MA_USS_Constitution33MA -- Charlestown -- USS Constitution
2001_MA_Whaling120MA -- Cape Cod -- Whale-watching trip off the coast
While I was bored silly in Cape Cod, some couple suggested that I take a whale-watching boat trip. I presumed that these things were mostly jokes--I mean, what chance do you actually have of seeing a whale?, but they said they had been on a trip the other day and several whales had come up next to the...
2001_MD_Antietam_Illumin_011202132MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Event: Illumination
2001_MD_Assateague47MD -- Assateague Island Natl Seashore
2001_MD_BARC10MD -- Beltsville -- Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
A tornado had hit the area a few days before. I was working in the office and heard about it afterward. At that point, there were no real emergency warning systems in the building other than the general evacuation ones. They said they didn't send those out because they didn't want people to go on the...
2001_MD_Beltsville_Rhodes21MD -- Beltsville -- Rhodes Tavern (Maryland) Site
A tornado had hit the area a few days before. I was working in the office and heard about it afterward. At that point, there were no real emergency warning systems in the building other than the general evacuation ones. They said they didn't send those out because they didn't want people to go on the...
2001_MD_Catoctin18MD -- Catoctin Mountain Park
2001_MD_CP_Market_Place7MD -- College Park Market Place (shopping center)
A tornado had hit the area a few days before. I was working in the office and heard about it afterward. At that point, there were no real emergency warning systems in the building other than the general evacuation ones. They said they didn't send those out because they didn't want people to go on the...
2001_MD_DebbieT4Personal -- Debbie Thompson
2001_MD_Fox_GapPD_01042813MD -- Fox's Gap (Reno Monument, South Mountain) -- Event: Park Day (2001)
Park Day is a once-a-year event when you volunteer to clean up a Civil War-related venue. Over the years, I've volunteered at Monocacy, Antietam, Fort McHenry, and the National Museum of Civil War Medicine (in Frederick). This particular time was at the South Mountain State Park, which is at Fox Gap...
2001_MD_Garber89MD -- Suitland -- Paul E Garber Preservation, Restoration, and Storage Facility
2001_MD_HamptonNHS67MD -- Hampton NHS
2001_MD_Havre_Bridge5MD -- Havre de Grace Amtrak bridge over Susquehanna River
2001_MD_JSS_01042868James Smithson Society event -- Garber Preservation, Restoration, and Storage Facility tour
2001_MD_Metro_SSVw16Metro Station -- Silver Spring -- View from platform
2001_MD_Metro_SS1Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2001_ME_Acadia112ME -- Acadia Natl Park
2001_ME_Augusta_Cap16ME -- Augusta -- State Capitol
2001_ME_Kennebunkport12ME -- Kennebunkport
This is where George Bush has a summer residence for his clan. I didn't see it. I thought it would be interesting to see what it was like. Pretty shore. Crowded streets. I see enough tourists in DC. I took a couple of pictures and went on my way.
2001_MI_GuthrieJ_HomeO11MI -- Okemos -- Joan Guthrie Home (1978-2014)
2001_MI_Lansing_Cap93MI -- Lansing -- State Capitol
2001_MI_Lansing_RiverT27MI -- Lansing -- River Walk
2001_NC_Alamance23NC -- Burlington -- Alamance Battleground State Historic Site (Burlington)
2001_NC_Bath58NC -- Bath -- Historic Bath State Historic Site
2001_NC_Beaufort44NC -- Beaufort
2001_NC_Bennett41NC -- Durham -- Bennett Place State Historic Site
2001_NC_Cape_Hatteras54NC -- Cape Hatteras Natl Seashore
2001_NC_Duke_Homestead22NC -- Durham -- Duke Homestead State Historic Site
2001_NC_Duke_Univ56NC -- Durham -- Duke University Chapel
2001_NC_Edenton96NC -- Edenton -- Historic Edenton State Historic Site
2001_NC_Eliz_Gardens53NC -- Manteo -- Elizabethan Gardens
The gardens are a privately-run section near Fort Raleigh. It's supposed to be a 16th century formal English garden. Very pretty.

One of the things that I got a kick out of was this statue that they had. It's an adult woman with Indian beads and clothing. The statue is supposed to be Virginia...
2001_NC_Ft_Fisher39NC -- Fort Fisher State Historic Site
2001_NC_Ft_Macon78NC -- Fort Macon State Park
2001_NC_Ft_Raleigh20NC -- Fort Raleigh NHS (Roanoke Island)
2001_NC_Halifax30NC -- Halifax -- Historic Halifax State Historic Site
2001_NC_Moores_Creek91NC -- Moores Creek Natl Battlefield
This visit included an unexpected arrival by Ed Bearss, the famous Civil War tour leader, who was showing a group around for battles of North Carolina, both American Revolution and Civil War.
2001_NC_Neuse17NC -- Kinston -- CSS Neuse and Richard Caswell Memorial State Historic Site
2001_NC_New_Bern81NC -- New Bern
2001_NC_Raleigh_Cap68NC -- Raleigh -- State Capitol
2001_NC_Refuge15NC -- Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge
2001_NC_Somerset_Place51NC -- Somerset Place State Historic Site
2001_NC_Tryon101NC -- New Bern -- Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens
2001_NC_Wright_Brothers75NC -- Kitty Hawk -- Wright Brothers Natl Memorial
2001_NH_Bretton9NH -- Bretton Woods -- Hotel
Bretton Woods is where world leaders met in the World Monetary Fund Conference in 1944 to set up a stable world currency after the war based on the US dollar. This was where the World Bank was created. The resort they met at was the Mount Washington Hotel, where single-person rooms run from $179 to $549...
2001_NH_Concord_Cap41NH -- Concord -- State Capitol
2001_NH_CrittersNH_Moose57NH -- Critters -- Moose in Crawford Notch area, NH
These moose, which I saw near the Bretton Woods hotel, were standing within forty feet of the roadway, one drinking from a puddle and the other eating some quality underbrush. There were a dozen cars parked on the side of the road with people standing around watching and photographing them. The moose...
2001_NH_Franconia85NH -- Franconia Notch and The Old Man Of The Mountain
2001_NH_Lake_Winnipesaukee7NH -- Lake Winnipesaukee
2001_NH_Pinkham8NH -- Pinkham Notch Scenic Area
2001_NH_Saint_Gaudens91NH -- Cornish -- Saint-Gaudens NHS
2001_NJ_Ellis22NJ -- Ellis Island Natl Monument
2001_NJ_Morristown57NJ -- Morristown NHP
2001_NJ_RailroadVwNJ1NJ -- Railroad trip -- View from Amtrak train to NYC
2001_NY_Albany_Cap85NY -- Albany -- State Capitol
After Saratoga, I hightailed it to Albany to tour the state capital. It was 4pm on Labor Day and I figured a tourist spot like this would still be open. Wrong. The building and everything else in the governmental complex including their state museum was completely closed. From the outside , however,...
2001_NY_Battery_Pk9NY -- NYC -- Battery Park City
2001_NY_Brooklyn_BridgeVw19NY -- NYC -- Brooklyn Bridge -- Views from...
2001_NY_Brooklyn_Bridge22NY -- NYC -- Brooklyn Bridge
2001_NY_Eleanor_NHS21NY -- Hyde Park -- Eleanor Roosevelt NHS
2001_NY_Emp_State_Plaza56NY -- Albany -- Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza
After Saratoga, I hightailed it to Albany to tour the state capital. It was 4pm on Labor Day and I figured a tourist spot like this would still be open. Wrong. The building and everything else in the governmental complex including their state museum was completely closed. From the outside , however,...
2001_NY_FDR_NHS44NY -- Hyde Park -- Home of Franklin D Roosevelt NHS
2001_NY_Federal_Hall22NY -- NYC -- Federal Hall Natl Memorial (26 Wall Street)
2001_NY_Foley_Sq1NY -- NYC -- Foley Square
2001_NY_Henny31Personal -- Lisa and Bob Keller-Decker
2001_NY_LibertyI24NY -- NYC -- Statue of Liberty Natl Memorial -- Interior Images
2001_NY_LibertyVw14NY -- NYC -- Statue of Liberty Natl Memorial -- Views from...
2001_NY_Liberty52NY -- NYC -- Statue of Liberty Natl Memorial
2001_NY_Liberty_Ferry36NY -- NYC -- Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ferry
2001_NY_Madison_SqPk5NY -- NYC -- Madison Square Park
2001_NY_Madison_SqPk_Taxi4NY -- NYC -- Public Art: I (heart) Taxi (by Navin Rawanchaikul) @ Madison Square Park
On View: May 31, 2001 – Sep 30, 2001
Navin Rawanchaikul, I (heart) Taxi
Navin Rawanchaikul's I (heart) Taxi project includes comic books, taxi tents, benches, and a food stand, all of which depict a collage of stories Rawanchaikul (b.1971, Chiang Mai, Thailand) collected from New York taxi drivers....
2001_NY_MVB38NY -- Martin Van Buren NHS
2001_NY_NMAI11NY -- NYC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian (Alexander Hamilton US Customs House)
2001_NY_NYC911102NY -- NYC -- Event: Scenes around town 12 days after the September 11 attacks
I went up to New York City to see the damage on September 23, 12 days after September 11. This description was written the day after I got back.


I decided to exorcise some personal demons today (Sunday) so I took the Amtrak up to New York City. The terrorist attack left me feeling both...
2001_NY_NYC14NY -- NYC -- Miscellaneous
2001_NY_NYC_Art_Charging6NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Charging Bull (by Arturo Di Modica)
2001_NY_NYC_Art_Red_Cube6NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Red Cube (by Isamu Noguchi) @ 140 Broadway
2001_NY_NYC_City_Hall15NY -- NYC -- City Hall/Park
2001_NY_NYC_Civic8NY -- NYC -- Civic Center (excl Manhattan BPO, City Hall, and Surrogate's Court)
2001_NY_NYC_EmpireX8NY -- NYC -- Empire State Building -- Exterior
2001_NY_NYC_Macys3NY -- NYC -- Macy's Herald Square
2001_NY_NYC_Muni16NY -- NYC -- David N. Dinkins Manhattan Municipal Building (1 Centre St.)
2001_NY_NYC_St_Paul7NY -- NYC -- St. Paul's Chapel (209 Broadway)
2001_NY_NYC_Surrogates15NY -- NYC -- Surrogate's Court, Hall of Records (31 Chambers St.)
2001_NY_NYPL_Jefferson_Mkt8NY -- NYC -- New York Public Library (Jefferson Market Library @ 425 Sixth Avenue)
2001_NY_Penn_Station4NY -- NYC -- Penn Station
Inlcuding "God Bless America" after 9/11 attacks.
2001_NY_Saratoga76NY -- Saratoga Natl Historical Park
2001_NY_Saratoga_Mon9NY -- Saratoga Natl Historical Park -- Saratoga Monument
2001_NY_Saratoga_Schuyler12NY -- Saratoga Natl Historical Park -- General Philip Schuyler House
2001_NY_Stonewall3NY -- NYC -- Stonewall Natl Monument / Christopher Park
2001_NY_Storm_King_SP15NY -- Storm King State Park
2001_NY_Trinity18NY -- NYC -- Trinity Church (74 Trinity Place)
2001_NY_Vanderbilt72NY -- Hyde Park -- Vanderbilt Mansion NHS
2001_NY_Wall_St7NY -- NYC -- Wall Street (incl NY Stock Exchange)
Including the flag after 9/11.
2001_NY_WP_Campus15NY -- West Point Military Academy -- Campus
2001_NY_WP_Cemetery68NY -- West Point Military Academy -- Cemetery
2001_NY_WP_Chapel17NY -- West Point Military Academy -- Chapel
2001_NY_WP_Trophy114NY -- West Point Military Academy -- Trophy Point
2001_NY_WP_Vw10NY -- West Point Military Academy -- Views from...
2001_NY_WTC911178NY -- NYC -- Event: World Trade Center site 12 days after the September 11 attacks
I went up to New York City to see the damage on September 23, 12 days after September 11. This description was written the day after I got back.


I decided to exorcise some personal demons today (Sunday) so I took the Amtrak up to New York City. The terrorist attack left me feeling both...
2001_PA_Friendship28PA -- Friendship Hill NHS
2001_PA_Ft_Necessity_BGrave15PA -- Fort Necessity Natl Battlefield -- Braddock Grave
2001_PA_Ft_Necessity_Fort23PA -- Fort Necessity Natl Battlefield -- Fort
2001_PA_Ft_Necessity_Glen17PA -- Fort Necessity Natl Battlefield -- Jumonville Glen
2001_PA_Ft_Necessity_Tavern7PA -- Fort Necessity Natl Battlefield -- Mt Washington Tavern
2001_PA_Natl_RoadPA9PA -- Historic National Road
2001_RI_Providence_Cap80RI -- Providence -- State Capitol
Yet another state capitol under construction. I almost got a guided tour this time but a busload of fourth graders came in and my expected tour guide suddenly was tied up.

It's a little tiny state but the capitol was, as always, impressive. They actually had the original King's charter for the...
2001_RI_Prov_Prospect17RI -- Providence -- Prospect Terrace -- Views from...
2001_RI_Prov_WilliamsM10RI -- Providence -- Prospect Terrace -- Roger Williams Monument
2001_VA_Arlington_Main14VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Not Covered Elsewhere
2001_VA_Arlington_Unk22VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
2001_VA_Arlington_VDay_011111159VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Event: Veterans Day (2001) @ Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Folks included Dick Cheney, Bo Derek, Bob Dole, and Norman Mineta.
2001_VA_Arlington_Views5VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Views from...
2001_VA_Canal_Walk29VA -- Richmond -- Canal Walk
2001_VA_Chatham34VA -- Fredericksburg Natl Battlefield -- Chatham
2001_VA_CrittersVA7VA -- Critters -- Baby bird @ Fredericksburg
2001_VA_CWPT_Breakfast_01050631CWPT Annual Conference (2001) in Washington, DC -- Breakfast: Closing and Q&A
The guy getting the award from Jim Lighthizer is in charge of a National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) project relating to Civil War records.
2001_VA_CWPT_Dinner_01050366CWPT Annual Conference (2001) in Washington, DC -- Dinner: Color Bearers
People photographed here include Gordon Rhea, James McPherson, Pat Furgurson, and Jim Lighthizer.
2001_VA_CWPT_Dinner_010505114CWPT Annual Conference (2001) in Washington, DC -- Banquet: Awards
This dinner was held on a cruise ship on the Potomac. Among others at this event were Ed Bearss who received the first Edwin C Bearss Lifetime Achievement Award from the group.

At its annual conference earlier this month, the Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) announced the winners of its 2001...
2001_VA_CWPT_Fred_01050458CWPT Annual Conference (2001) in Washington, DC -- Tour group: Fredericksburg
Tour guide: James McPherson
The tour of Chatham, Marye's Heights, and the Jackson front.
2001_VA_CWPT_Spots_01050541CWPT Annual Conference (2001) in Washington, DC -- Tour group: Spotsylvania Courthouse
Tour guide: Gordon Rhea
2001_VA_CWPT_Wilder_01050531CWPT Annual Conference (2001) in Washington, DC -- Tour group: Wilderness
Tour guide: Gordon Rhea
2001_VA_Fred_City8VA -- Fredericksburg
2001_VA_Fred_JF26VA -- Fredericksburg Natl Battlefield -- Jackson's Front
2001_VA_Fred_MH24VA -- Fredericksburg Natl Battlefield -- Marye's Heights
2001_VA_GWB32VA -- George Washington Birthplace Natl Monument
2001_VA_Huey_Lewis_0108053Wolf Trap -- Huey Lewis
I happened to have my camera with me because of the donor event and I decided to snap a shot at the end of the performance. This was the first concert at Wolf Trap I'd tried this with other than Vince Gill the previous year. In theory, you're never allowed to take pictures (Wolf Trap policy) but if...
2001_VA_Iwo_Jima23VA -- Arlington -- Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial)
2001_VA_James_River20VA -- Richmond -- James River views
2001_VA_Metro_ArlCem3Metro Station -- Arlington Cemetery
2001_VA_Metro_Rosslyn3Metro Station -- Rosslyn
2001_VA_NewseumVA_FPark10VA -- Rosslyn -- Newseum's Freedom Park
2001_VA_Pentagon911124VA -- Arlington -- Pentagon -- 9/11 damage
Two visits:

2001_VA_Richmond_Vistas16VA -- Richmond -- Vistas
2001_VA_Richmond_WarMem4VA -- Richmond -- Virginia's War Memorial
2001_VA_Rosslyn3VA -- Rosslyn
2001_VA_Spotsylvania32VA -- Spotsylvania Natl Battlefield
2001_VA_Thompsons42Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
2001_VA_TredegarVC2VA -- Richmond Natl Battlefield Park -- Tredegar Iron Works -- Visitor Center
2001_VA_Tredegar31VA -- Richmond Natl Battlefield Park -- Tredegar Iron Works -- Grounds
2001_VA_Wilderness20VA -- Wilderness Natl Battlefield
2001_VA_Wolf_Tour_01051055VA -- Vienna -- Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts -- backstage tour
2001_VA_Wolf_Tour_01080545VA -- Vienna -- Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts -- backstage tour
2001_VT_MBR41VT -- Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP
2001_WI_CrittersWI19Wi -- Critters -- Geese and squirrels on the Delavan golf course, birds in lake
2001_WI_Delavan16WI -- Delavan -- Circus Capital
According to the sign, Delavan Wisconsin was the "19th Century Circus Capitol of the Nation". It says,

Between 1878-1894, Delavan was home to 26 different circus companies. The Mabie Brothers US Olympic Circus, then the largest in America, arrived here in 1847, to become the first circus to...
2001_WI_Delavan_Lk11WI -- Delavan Lake
2001_WI_ReunionWI396Family -- Reunion in Wisconsin
Dad and Dixie rented out some rooms at a resort to get their immediate families together for events and a photo shoot. Included were my brothers Steve (wife Dawn and three kids including the newborn Nathan) and Kevin (wife Pam, daughter Evann, and newborn Zoe), and Dixie's son Doug (and his two kids)...
2001_WI_Yerkes45WI -- Yerkes Observatory
2001_WV_CWPT_Harper_01050336CWPT Annual Conference (2001) in Washington, DC -- Tour group: Schoolhouse Ridge (Harpers Ferry, WV)
Tour guide: Dennis Frye
2001_WV_Harpers_Bol17WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Bolivar Heights/Schoolhouse Ridge
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What's hot: The following pages have been the most popular ones over the last month or so:
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2024_05_17A1_GBF_Reception305Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Author Reception @ Gaithersburg Marriot Washingtonian Center
The Gaithersburg Book Festival Committee cordially invites you to our 2024 VIP Author Reception Gaithersburg Marriot Washingtonian Center Lakeside Ballroom Many thanks to our title sponsor: The Carnegie at Washingtonian Center Folks shown here include Jud Ashman, Fran Abrams, James Swanson, John Pat... (Partially reviewed)
2024_06_04C1_LOC_Brodner85Library of Congress -- Ceremony: Herblock Prize (2024): Steve Brodner -- Reception
The Herblock Prize Award Ceremony & Lecture Prize Winner: Steve Brodner, caricature artist, political cartoonist, educator, and author Finalist: Pedro X Molina, political cartoonist Lecturer: The Honorable Stephen Breyer Note: Photography was prohibited at the presentation itself. Folks shown here ... (Partially reviewed)
2024_05_23B4_USCHS_P349USCHS -- Annual Symposium 2024 "Native American Suffrage" -- Lunch Panel: Representation in National and Local Narratives (Cedar Hunt, Kevin Gover, Dawson Her Many Horses)
Native American Suffrage Symposium USCHS presents a special symposium to commemorate: The Centennial of Native American Suffrage Where: Kennedy Caucus Room Russell Senate Office Building You're invited to attend the U.S. Capitol Historical Society's Native American Suffrage Symposium on Thursday, Ma... (Partially reviewed)
2024_05_22C_Native_AmCitR123USCHS -- Centennial of Native American Citizenship Opening Reception
USCHS and partner organizations host an in-person reception for symposium panelists, partner organizations, VIP guests, and Members of Congress to open the commemorative activities. Guest Speaker: Chris Naylor, Executive for Research Services at the National Archives and Records Administration (Partially reviewed)
2024_05_04A1_WWC_M130Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Miscellaneous (Partially reviewed)
Contact: Bruce Guthrie