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2000_AZ_Canyon_De_Chelly81AZ -- Canyon de Chelly Natl Memorial
2000_AZ_GRC_S_Animals16AZ -- Grand Canyon Natl Park -- South Rim -- Animals
2000_AZ_GRC_S_Manmade23AZ -- Grand Canyon Natl Park -- South Rim -- Man-made Structures
2000_AZ_GRC_S_Scenery281AZ -- Grand Canyon Natl Park -- South Rim -- Scenery
After seeing so many national parks, I didn't expect much from the Grand Canyon but I was blown away by it. I don't think the pictures will be all that impressive but I was certainly impressed. The canyons, the dirty Colorado River (they had jacked up the water flow at the dam above the canyon to help...
2000_AZ_Petrified211AZ -- Petrified Forest Natl Park
2000_AZ_Walnut_Canyon29AZ -- Walnut Canyon Natl Monument
2000_AZ_Wupatki58AZ -- Wupatki Natl Monument
The end of the trip evolved into seeing a lot of old Indian ruins. In part, this was inspired by the X-Files television show where they talk about the Anasazi and cliff dwellers. In part, it came about because there are just so many old Indian ruins in this area. Most of them are 700 to 800 years...
2000_Can_Alberta10Canada -- Alberta -- just across the border
This was a weird experience. While I was at Glacier, I popped over into Canada (Alberta) just to say I'd been there. The Canadian customs guy was friendly enough. I drove across the border, stopped 200 feet into it, took some pictures, and came back. It was the American customs guys who were tough. Two...
2000_CA_Alcatraz238CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate NRA -- Alcatraz Island
2000_CA_Coit_Tower10CA -- San Francisco -- Coit Tower
2000_CA_Coit_Vistas7CA -- San Francisco -- Coit Tower -- Views from...
2000_CA_Death_Valley97CA -- Death Valley Natl Park
I visited this park four days after being snowed on at Crater Lake. It was 106 degrees in the valley.

Despite worries about my car (which did just fine), this was a fascinating place to visit. You can see the lowest place in the western hemisphere, which is 282 feet below sea level, and feel the...
2000_CA_Ft_Point32CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate NRA -- Fort Point NHS
2000_CA_GGate_Bridge_N10CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate Bridge (North Side)
2000_CA_GGate_Bridge_S17CA -- San Francisco -- Golden Gate Bridge (South Side)
2000_CA_GuthrieE_HomeRB2CA -- Rancho Bernardo -- Ed and Ruth Guthrie Home (1991-2000)
2000_CA_Lombard19CA -- San Francisco -- Lombard Street
2000_CA_Manzanar52CA -- Independence -- Manzanar NHS
The new Secretary of Commerce -- Norman Mineta -- is a Japanese-American who was held in an internment ("relocation") camp in Colorado during much of World War II. I ran across the Manzanar site, located ironically near the town of "Independence", in the book and decided to stop by. This is a site "in...
2000_CA_Sacramento7CA -- Sacramento
2000_CA_Sacramento_CapI50CA -- Sacramento -- State Capitol -- Interior
2000_CA_Sacramento_CapPkCW5CA -- Sacramento -- Capitol Park -- Civil War Memorial Grove
2000_CA_Sacramento_CapPkPOM5CA -- Sacramento -- Capitol Park -- Peace Officers Memorial
2000_CA_Sacramento_CapPkVet5CA -- Sacramento -- Capitol Park -- California Veterans Memorial
2000_CA_Sacramento_CapPk4CA -- Sacramento -- Capitol Park
2000_CA_Sacramento_CapX63CA -- Sacramento -- State Capitol -- Exterior
2000_CA_Sac_Cath_of_BS14CA -- Sacramento -- Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
2000_CA_San_Fran113CA -- San Francisco
San Francisco wasn't exactly cheap. I passed a Travel Lodge motel which advertised "special walk-in rates" of just $119. (I never paid more than $59 for a room on this trip; one of the advantages of going late in the season.) I paid over $20 just in parking. Having said that, it's still something you...
2000_CA_SF_Ncem12CA -- San Francisco -- Presidio -- Natl Cemetery
2000_CA_Yosemite87CA -- Yosemite Natl Park
2000_CO_Mesa_Verde178CO -- Mesa Verde Natl Park
2000_DC_AIDS_Quilt5DC -- Exhibit: AIDS Quilt (2000) @ Mall
2000_DC_Arboretum73DC -- U.S. Natl Arboretum
2000_DC_Arboretum_Big_Bugs100DC -- U.S. Natl Arboretum -- Exhibit: Big Bugs
This was a very cool exhibit. "Big Bugs" creator David H.G. Rogers fashions giant garden sculptures of insects and spiders from whole trees, cut green saplings, and other found forest materials. Huge sculptures were placed in strategic locations around the Arboretum grounds.
2000_DC_Arboretum_CapCols25DC -- U.S. Natl Arboretum -- National Capitol Columns
2000_DC_Capitol43DC -- U.S. Capitol (exterior)
2000_DC_Cherry80DC -- Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin (2000)
2000_DC_CrittersDC23DC -- Critters -- Squirrels, duck
Mostly squirrels. Also a duck at the Hirshhorn Sculpture garden
2000_DC_Cronkite_00111525Natl Air and Space Museum -- Event: Walter Cronkite
2000_DC_DOC4DC -- Federal Triangle -- Dept of Commerce Building (Herbert C. Hoover Bldg)
2000_DC_Earth_Day_000422312DC -- Rally: Earth Day rally (2000) (During a more earth-friendly administration) @ National Mall
Participants included Peter, Paul and Mary, David Crosby, BET's Urban Nations Choir, Mayor Anthony Williams, Leo Di Caprio (the only speaker who needed the TeleprompTer), Denis Hayes ("Mr. Earth Day"), Al Gore, Chevy Chase, Gaylord Nelson, John Sweeney (AFL-CIO President), Peter Yarrow, Robert F....
2000_DC_Equality_Rocks_00042927DC -- Event: Equality Rocks concert @ RFK Stadium
Equality Rocks

The Millennium March on Washington was an event to raise awareness and visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and issues of LGBT rights in the US, it was held April 28 through April 30, 2000 in Washington, DC. The Millennium Pride Festival was held prior to...
2000_DC_Exorcist11DC -- Georgetown -- Exorcist Steps (Prospect and 36th St NW)
2000_DC_FDR75DC -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
2000_DC_Foggy_Bottom3DC -- Foggy Bottom neighborhood
2000_DC_Fords9DC -- Ford's Theatre NHS (Theatre, Lobby)
2000_DC_FP_Tartans_00040810DC -- Freedom Plaza -- Tartan event
2000_DC_GeorgetownC24DC -- Georgetown -- C&O Canal NHP
2000_DC_GeorgetownU12DC -- Georgetown University
2000_DC_Grant_Mem6DC -- U.S. Capitol Grounds -- Ulysses S. Grant Memorial
2000_DC_Jeff_Mem3DC -- Thomas Jefferson Memorial
2000_DC_JSS_00022450James Smithson Society event -- Folklife Festival briefing
2000_DC_JSS_00071958James Smithson Society lunch -- Natural History (Vikings)
2000_DC_JSS_00081664James Smithson Society event -- Portrait Gallery (Pre-Reopening tour)
2000_DC_JSS_00110950James Smithson Society event -- Natural History (Gems)
2000_DC_KWar50_00062593DC -- Mall -- Event: Korean War 50th Anniversary (2000)
The commemoration ceremonies for the 50th anniversary of the Korean War were conducted June 25 in Seoul, South Korea, and Washington, D.C. They are the first of many commemorative events scheduled during the next three years in the United States and the Republic of Korea marking the history of the...
2000_DC_KWar50_Clinton_00062535DC -- Mall -- Event: Korean War 50th Anniversary (2000) -- Bill Clinton
This was very cool! After the Korean War event, President Clinton came out and shook hands with the public. I stood on some chairs taking pictures and finally reached over and shook his hand. Previously, I had met and spoken to Jimmy Carter but Clinton was more of a thrill for me.
2000_DC_Lafayette_Square15DC -- Lafayette Square (by White House) area
2000_DC_LOC200_000424256Library of Congress -- Ceremony: Living Legends Bicentennial Ceremony
This was the 200th anniversary of the Library of Congress. During the celebration, they honored 78 "Living Legends." As their press release ( ) said:

"During its year-long celebration of its Bicentennial, the Library of Congress is recognizing a number of...
2000_DC_Million_Mom_00051485DC -- Rally: Million Mom March @ National Mall
Million Mom March
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Million Mom March was a rally held on Mother's Day, May 14, 2000 in the Washington D.C. National Mall by the Million Mom March organization to call for stricter gun control.[1] The march reportedly drew an estimated attendance of 500,000 to...
2000_DC_Murals1DC -- Public Art: Murals (not shown by artist)
2000_DC_NCath_BT_00050610DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Event: Bell-tower Tour
2000_DC_NCath_Glass18DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Stained glass
2000_DC_NCath_O15DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Outside Images
2000_DC_NCath_Views37DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Views from...
2000_DC_NGAEW_Bldg3DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- East Wing -- Building and Public Space
2000_DC_NGA_Bldg4DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Building
2000_DC_NGA_Shaw4DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Exhibit: Shaw Memorial
2000_DC_Office_STAT1Office (STAT-USA) -- Photo with Secretary of Commerce William Daley
Daley was leaving to work on Al Gore's presidential campaign and they took photos of him with anyone at the department who wanted to a keepsake photo.
2000_DC_Old_Stone41DC -- Georgetown -- Old Stone House (part of Rock Creek Park)
2000_DC_Penn2DC -- Pennsylvania Avenue area
2000_DC_Penn_Qtr7DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2000_DC_Petersen_House20DC -- Penn Qtr -- Petersen House (House Where Lincoln Died) (516 10th St NW)
2000_DC_Race4Cure_00060347DC -- Run: Race for the Cure (2000)
2000_DC_Sherman4DC -- Sherman Memorial
2000_DC_SIHIRO2DC -- Hirshhorn Museum (Outside)
2000_DC_SIHIRO_SG5DC -- Hirshhorn Museum (Outside) -- Sculpture Garden
2000_DC_SINH_Gems8DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Exhibit: Geology, Gems, and Minerals
2000_DC_SINH_View3DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- View from...
2000_DC_SINZ_Art13DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2000_DC_SINZ_Bear24DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Bears
2000_DC_SINZ_Bird15DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Bird House
2000_DC_SINZ_Cat10DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Big Cats
2000_DC_SINZ_Elephant2DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Elephant House/Trail
2000_DC_SINZ_Main49DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Parts not covered elsewhere
2000_DC_SINZ_Mammal21DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Small Mammal House (plus Lemurs)
2000_DC_SINZ_Panda3DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Giant Pandas
Condolence poster for Hsing-Hsing.
2000_DC_SINZ_Prairie41DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Prairie Dogs
2000_DC_SINZ_Primate1DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Primates
2000_DC_SINZ_Reptile17DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Reptile House
2000_DC_SINZ_Tile1DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Donor Tiles
2000_DC_SIPG_Bldg12DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center -- Building
2000_DC_SI_Castle1DC -- Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle)
2000_DC_Supreme_Ct1DC -- Supreme Court Building -- Exterior
2000_DC_Tidal43DC -- Tidal Basin
Nighttime shots includes some pictures of the Washington Monument as scaffolding is removed.
2000_DC_Truth_Tobacco3DC -- Public Art: "Truth" Tobacco Memorial
February 2001, Vol. 91, No. 2 American Journal of Public Health 195
The “truth” Tobacco Memorial
William H. Helfand, Jan Lazarus, and Paul Theerman

On July 27, 2000, a city lot was filled with 1200 body bags, representing the daily toll from tobacco use in the United States. Constructed on vacant...
2000_DC_Wash_MonV102DC -- Washington Monument -- Views from...
2000_DC_Wash_Mon59DC -- Washington Monument -- Exterior
The year the scaffolding came down.
2000_DC_Whouse_Garden108DC -- White House Garden Tour (2000)
2000_DC_WW2_Gbreak_001111254DC -- Natl World War II Memorial -- Event: Ground breaking ceremony
2000_DC_Zoofari_00051815DC -- FONZ Zoofari (2000)
2000_GA_Chick_Other44GA -- Chickamauga Natl Military Park -- Other items
2000_GA_Chick_State17GA -- Chickamauga Natl Military Park -- State monuments
2000_LA_Metairie6LA -- New Orleans -- Metairie Cemetery
Mom sent me these prints from her trip with Al because of my Civil War interest.
2000_MD_AntietamNC4MD -- Antietam National Cemetery
2000_MD_Antietam_Middle26MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Middle Bridge (Sunken Road)
2000_MD_Antietam_Upper48MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Upper Bridge (Woods, Cornfield, Dunker Church, Mumma)
2000_MD_Barton41MD -- Clara Barton NHS
2000_MD_Bay_Walk_00050766MD -- Annapolis -- Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk (2000)
2000_MD_CrittersMD57MD -- Critters -- Elsie, Opossum, Canadian geese, ducks, and a snake
A number of sitings:
* Elsie my cat
* An opposum on the porch
* Canadian geese, ducks and a snake in Great Falls, MD
2000_MD_CumberlandC4MD -- C&O Canal NHP -- Cumberland (Canal and River)
2000_MD_CumberlandFCT5MD -- Cumberland -- Fort Cumberland Trail (including GW Cabin)
2000_MD_Cumberland6MD -- Cumberland
2000_MD_CWPT_Antietam_000917142CWPT Color Bearers (2000) in Antietam -- Tour group: Antietam (w/Gary Gallagher)
This was a special tour of Antietam National Battlefield done by Gary Gallagher for the Civil War Preservation Trust. The park superintendent came with us. It was preceded by a catered lunch that was on a privately-owned home in the area of the battlefield.
2000_MD_Ft_McHenry_Exh4MD -- Fort McHenry Natl Monument -- Exhibit Rooms Inside Fort
2000_MD_Ft_McHenry_I40MD -- Fort McHenry Natl Monument -- Pictures From Inside Fort
2000_MD_Ft_McHenry_O17MD -- Fort McHenry Natl Monument -- Pictures From Outside Fort
2000_MD_Glen_Echo6MD -- Glen Echo Park
2000_MD_Great_Falls120MD -- C&O Canal NHP -- Mile 14.4 -- Great Falls (Maryland)
2000_MD_GuthrieB_HomeSS26MD -- Silver Spring -- Bruce Guthrie Home (1984- )
2000_MD_GuthrieB_HomeSS_Car10MD -- Silver Spring -- Bruce Home -- Car damage
This sorry thing is my car which had been totalled by a woman (either crazy or on drugs) who was running stop lights and smashed into it at 4:30 in the morning while I was on my way to check on files at work. I was making a turn the next thing I knew I saw a deflated airbag in front of me. She got out...
2000_MD_GuthrieB_HomeSS_HWeen34MD -- Silver Spring -- Bruce Home -- Halloween
Halloween with Debbie
2000_MD_JSS_000318257James Smithson Society event -- Natl Museum of the American Indian CRC
2000_MD_Lock_7512MD -- C&O Canal NHP -- Mile 175.6 -- Lock 75
2000_MD_Metro_SSVw4Metro Station -- Silver Spring -- View from platform
2000_MD_Mono_Gambrill19MD -- Monocacy Natl Battlefield -- Gambrill's Mill
2000_MD_Paw_Paw16MD -- C&O Canal NHP -- Mile 155.2 -- Paw Paw Tunnel
2000_MD_Pt_Lookout37MD -- Point Lookout State Park
2000_MD_Sideling8MD -- Sideling Hill Exhibit Center, now Rest Area
2000_MD_SSV41MD -- Silver Spring -- Views from ...
Some images from:
* Town Square Garage (City Place)
Including construction as Fresh Fields and Baja Fresh are being put in.
2000_MD_St_Marys_City16MD -- St. Mary's City
2000_MI_GuthrieJ_HomeO6MI -- Okemos -- Joan Guthrie Home (1978-2014)
2000_MI_GuthrieK_HomeWL1MI -- Whitmore Lake -- Kevin and Pam Guthrie Home
2000_MI_ReunionMI56Family -- Reunion of Neumann clan and mom
Including Aunt Dorothy, Max, Steve and his family, and Al.
2000_MS_VicksburgCW3MS -- Vicksburg Natl Military Park -- Other
Mom sent me these prints from her trip with Al because of my Civil War interest.
2000_MS_VicksburgCW_Cairo1MS -- Vicksburg Natl Military Park -- Cairo Exhibit
Mom sent me these prints from her trip with Al because of my Civil War interest.
2000_MS_VicksburgCW_MonS2MS -- Vicksburg Natl Military Park -- Monuments (State)
Mom sent me these prints from her trip with Al because of my Civil War interest.
2000_MS_VicksburgNC1MS -- Vicksburg National Cemetery
Mom sent me these prints from her trip with Al because of my Civil War interest.
2000_MT_Big_Horn112MT -- Little Big Horn Battlefield Natl Memorial
2000_MT_Glacier229MT -- Glacier Natl Park
2000_NM_Aztec52NM -- Aztec Ruins Natl Memorial
2000_NM_Mesa_Views13NM -- Mesa views
2000_NV_Hoover56NV -- Lake Mead NRA -- Hoover Dam (Exterior)
2000_NV_Hoover_Display9NV -- Lake Mead NRA -- Hoover Dam -- Interior Displays
2000_NV_Hoover_Tour85NV -- Lake Mead NRA -- Hoover Dam -- Tour: Hard Hat
2000_NV_LV_Ballys5NV -- Las Vegas -- Ballys
2000_NV_LV_Barbary9NV -- Las Vegas -- Barbary Coast
2000_NV_LV_BellagioS20NV -- Las Vegas -- Bellagio -- Water show
2000_NV_LV_Bellagio5NV -- Las Vegas -- Bellagio
2000_NV_LV_Caesars19NV -- Las Vegas -- Caesars Palace
2000_NV_LV_Circus5NV -- Las Vegas -- Circus Circus
2000_NV_LV_Excalibur35NV -- Las Vegas -- Excalibur
2000_NV_LV_Flamingo4NV -- Las Vegas -- Flamingo
2000_NV_LV_Luxor25NV -- Las Vegas -- Luxor Las Vegas
2000_NV_LV_Mandalay_Bay8NV -- Las Vegas -- Mandalay Bay
2000_NV_LV_MGM_Grand7NV -- Las Vegas -- MGM Grand Las Vegas
2000_NV_LV_Monte_Carlo7NV -- Las Vegas -- Monte Carlo
2000_NV_LV_NYNY41NV -- Las Vegas -- New York, New York
2000_NV_LV_Paris16NV -- Las Vegas -- Paris Las Vegas
2000_NV_LV_Riviera2NV -- Las Vegas -- Riviera
2000_NV_LV_Stardust5NV -- Las Vegas -- Stardust (demolished 2007)
2000_NV_LV_Strip13NV -- Las Vegas -- Strip
2000_NY_Herald_Sq5NY -- NYC -- Herald Square
2000_NY_INR_000704301NY -- July 4th in New York for International Naval Review (OpSail)
This was very cool. Someone I knew from a joke list that I had put together -- Bud Cunnaly -- invited my girlfriend and I to go aboard an aircraft carrier in New York harbor to see the 4th of July parade of tall ships. It was the largest flotilla of vessels ever assembled in New York Harbor, with a...
2000_NY_NYC3NY -- NYC -- Miscellaneous
When we were up in New York City for the parade of ships, we endured a very long day that started by being in line for a transport ship by 5:30am. After the aircraft carrier, we trudged uptown to the Hard Rock Cafe -- too afraid to try the subway system. By the end, we thought about traffic and...
2000_NY_NYC_EmpireI16NY -- NYC -- Empire State Building -- Interior
2000_NY_NYC_Hard_RockTS9NY -- NYC -- Hard Rock Cafe (Times Square)
2000_NY_NYC_Macys12NY -- NYC -- Macy's Herald Square
2000_NY_NYC_Main_PO3NY -- NYC -- Main Post Office (James A. Farley Post Office Building) (421 Eighth Avenue)
2000_NY_NYC_Signs2NY -- NYC -- Temporary Signs
2000_NY_Penn_Station4NY -- NYC -- Penn Station
2000_NY_Times_Square21NY -- NYC -- Times Square
2000_OK_GuthrieOK37OK -- Guthrie
2000_OK_OKCity_Cap35OK -- Oklahoma City -- State Capitol
2000_OK_OKCity_Memorial102OK -- Oklahoma City Natl Memorial
2000_OR_Crater_Lake63OR -- Crater Lake Natl Park
2000_PA_Bell10PA -- Philadelphia -- Independence NHP -- Liberty Bell
2000_PA_Franklin_Ct3PA -- Philadelphia -- Independence NHP -- Franklin Court
2000_PA_Getty_Tower_00070361PA -- Gettysburg Natl Battlefield -- Event: National Tower demolition
After years of being an eyesore in the park, the Gettysburg National Tower was finally demolished in July 2000. I was told that the huge tower, which you had to carefully frame photos to avoid, was basically snuck into the middle of the Gettysburg National Battlefield. Not actually part of the park, the...
2000_PA_IndependenceI33PA -- Philadelphia -- Independence NHP -- Independence Square (interiors)
2000_PA_Independence21PA -- Philadelphia -- Independence NHP -- Independence Square (exteriors)
2000_PA_Philadelphia10PA -- Philadelphia
2000_PA_Philly_Art5PA -- Philadelphia -- Public Art
2000_PA_Philly_CityHall8PA -- Philadelphia -- City Hall Bldg
2000_PA_St_Peters7PA -- Philadelphia -- St Peter's Church
2000_SD_Badlands69SD -- Badlands Natl Park
2000_SD_Corn_Palace22SD -- Mitchell -- Corn Palace
2000_SD_Crazy_Horse5SD -- Custer -- Crazy Horse Memorial
2000_SD_Custer69SD -- Custer -- Custer State Park
2000_SD_Mt_Rushmore79SD -- Mt. Rushmore Natl Memorial
Including a visit during the day and then again at night.
2000_TN_Carnton22TN -- Franklin -- Carnton Plantation
2000_TN_Chat_Cravens63TN -- Chattanooga Natl Military Park -- Cravens House
2000_TN_Chat_Lookout61TN -- Chattanooga Natl Military Park -- Lookout Mountain
2000_TN_Fan_Fair_000612338TN -- Nashville -- Fan Fair 2000 -- Day 1 of 4
Included here are Neal McCoy, the Wilkinsons, John Michael Montgomery, Sammy Kershaw, Chad Brock, Anita Cochran, Danni Leigh, Ty Herndon, Billy Gillman, the Kinleys, Joe Diffie, Billy Ray Cyrus, John Anderson, Montgomery Gentry, Collin Raye and numerous others.
2000_TN_Fan_Fair_000613407TN -- Nashville -- Fan Fair 2000 -- Day 2 of 4
Included here are LeAnn Rimes, Michelle Poe, Steve Holy, Jo Dee Messina, Sawyer Brown, Tim McGraw, Trini Triggs, Vince Gill, Naomi Judd, Terri Clark, Eric Heatherly, Kathy Mattea, Mark Wills, the Oak Ridge Boys, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Gary Allen, Chely Wright, Lee Ann Womack, and others.
2000_TN_Fan_Fair_000614421TN -- Nashville -- Fan Fair 2000 -- Day 3 of 4
Included here are Rascal Flatts, SheDaisy, Aaron Tippin, Darryl Worley, Toby Keith, Montgomery Gentry, Brooks and Dunn, Diamond Rio, Phil Vassar, Pam Tillis, Brad Paisley, Chely Wright, Alan Jackson, Bill Engvall, Andy Griggs, Sara Evans, Kenny Chesney, Lonestar and others.
2000_TN_Fan_Fair_00061599TN -- Nashville -- Fan Fair 2000 -- Day 4 of 4
Included here are Ronnie Milsap, Julie Reeves, Chad Austin, Doug Stone, and others.
2000_TN_FranklinTN15TN -- Franklin
2000_TN_McGavock10TN -- Franklin -- McGavock Cemetery
2000_TN_Murfreesboro98TN -- Murfreesboro
Two visits to Murfreesboro: (000611) and (000616).
2000_TN_Ozone18TN -- Crossville -- Ozone Falls Recreational State Natural Area
2000_TN_Stones_River36TN -- Murfreesboro -- Stones River Natl Battlefield
2000_TN_Stones_River_FR10TN -- Murfreesboro -- Stones River Natl Battlefield -- Fortress Rosecrans
2000_TN_Winstead23TN -- Franklin -- Winstead Hill
2000_TX_Amarillo3TX -- Amarillo
2000_VA_Arlington_Kennedy14VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Kennedy Gravesites
2000_VA_Arlington_Lee1VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Robert E. Lee Memorial
2000_VA_Arlington_Main24VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Not Covered Elsewhere
2000_VA_Arlington_Unk58VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
2000_VA_Arlington_Views17VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Views from...
2000_VA_Arlington_Womens6VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Women's Memorial
2000_VA_Boundary_South3VA -- Boundary Stone South (Jones Point Park)
2000_VA_CRC33VA -- Front Royal -- Smithsonian Conservation Research Center (CRC)
2000_VA_DebbieT1Personal -- Debbie Thompson
2000_VA_DebbieT_Tree_00031140Personal -- Debbie Thompson and cutting down a sick tree
Debbie's tree had started to sag during a storm and she had friends come in with chain saws to take it out.
2000_VA_FONZ_CF_Cav_001007102VA -- FONZ Autumn Conservation Festival (2000) @ Conservaton Research Center (CRC) -- Cavalry Reenactment
2000_VA_Jones_Pt9VA -- Alexandria -- Jones Point Park, Virginia
2000_VA_Lee_Chapel32VA -- Lexington -- Lee Chapel
2000_VA_Lex_Cemetery9VA -- Lexington -- Stonewall Jackson Cemetery
2000_VA_Metro_ArlCem2Metro Station -- Arlington Cemetery
2000_VA_VMI11VA -- Lexington -- Virginia Military Institute campus
2000_VA_VMI_JMH6VA -- Lexington -- Virginia Military Institute -- Jackson Memorial Hall
2000_VA_Wolf_Tour_000512118VA -- Vienna -- Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts -- backstage tour
2000_VA_Xmas_VBeach_00121122Personal -- Debbie Thompson at Christmas party w/Rudy Boesch
We were all dressed up for an office party for Debbie. While there, we met "Rudy" from the "Survivor" series. No pictures of that though. Rudy was the Marine who competed in the first "Survivor" installment. He finished third. He served in area where Debbie's office Christmas party was so he was the...
2000_WA_Darice32Personal -- Debbie Thompson's daughter Darice and family
2000_WA_Olympia_Cap73WA -- Olympia -- State Capitol
Scenes here from two times: (000902) Nighttime visit and (000903) Daytime visit.
2000_WA_Rainier110WA -- Mt. Rainier Natl Park
2000_WA_Seattle5WA -- Seattle
All that I had time to see was the Space Needle.
2000_WA_St_Helens66WA -- Mt. St. Helens Natl Volcanic Monument
2000_WV_Harpers_Ext42WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Exterior Shots
2000_WV_Harpers_MH47WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Maryland Heights Trail and Vista
2000_WY_Devils_Tower51WY -- Devils Tower Natl Memorial
2000_WY_Grand_Teton56WY -- Grand Teton Natl Park
2000_WY_Yellowstone436WY -- Yellowstone Natl Park
Two days here: (000830) and (000831).
2000_XX_Rainbow9Nature -- Rainbow
This was taken Roanoke, Virgina and was the last of the pictures -- 125 rolls total -- that I took on my way home from the three-week cross-country trip.
2000_XX_Sunset12Nature -- Sunset
Sunset along the road in Montana and the National Mall in DC
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2024_05_17A1_GBF_Reception305Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Author Reception @ Gaithersburg Marriot Washingtonian Center
The Gaithersburg Book Festival Committee cordially invites you to our 2024 VIP Author Reception Gaithersburg Marriot Washingtonian Center Lakeside Ballroom Many thanks to our title sponsor: The Carnegie at Washingtonian Center Folks shown here include Jud Ashman, Fran Abrams, James Swanson, John Pat... (Partially reviewed)
2024_06_04C1_LOC_Brodner85Library of Congress -- Ceremony: Herblock Prize (2024): Steve Brodner -- Reception
The Herblock Prize Award Ceremony & Lecture Prize Winner: Steve Brodner, caricature artist, political cartoonist, educator, and author Finalist: Pedro X Molina, political cartoonist Lecturer: The Honorable Stephen Breyer Note: Photography was prohibited at the presentation itself. Folks shown here ... (Partially reviewed)
2024_05_22C_Native_AmCitR123USCHS -- Centennial of Native American Citizenship Opening Reception
USCHS and partner organizations host an in-person reception for symposium panelists, partner organizations, VIP guests, and Members of Congress to open the commemorative activities. Guest Speaker: Chris Naylor, Executive for Research Services at the National Archives and Records Administration (Partially reviewed)
2024_05_04A1_WWC_M130Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Miscellaneous (Partially reviewed)
2024_05_23B4_USCHS_P349USCHS -- Annual Symposium 2024 "Native American Suffrage" -- Lunch Panel: Representation in National and Local Narratives (Cedar Hunt, Kevin Gover, Dawson Her Many Horses)
Native American Suffrage Symposium USCHS presents a special symposium to commemorate: The Centennial of Native American Suffrage Where: Kennedy Caucus Room Russell Senate Office Building You're invited to attend the U.S. Capitol Historical Society's Native American Suffrage Symposium on Thursday, Ma... (Partially reviewed)
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